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    Baka; here's a quick overview of the technology successfully built into the SU-122-54 - many of the identified issues/problems associated with previous Soviet assault guns and 122mm-armed tanks were solved: First Soviet production tank or assault gun fitted with a main gun bore evacuator (advantage over all previous Soviet assault guns and tanks) Vertically stabilized main gun (advantage over T-10, same level as T-10A) Two (human) loaders (advantage over all other Soviet 122mm-armed assault guns and tanks) Mechanical rigid-chain rammer (advantage over all IS-series of tanks) First and only Soviet production assault gun or tank fitted with a stereoscopic rangefinder (advantage over all previous Soviet assault guns and tanks until the fielding of the T-64) From my perspective, the combination of lessons-learned from WWII and new (at the time) technology, make the SU-122-54 very interesting. We also need to remember that the Soviets thought it was interesting as well...the SU-122-54 was approved both for mass production and upgrading by fitting the M62-T2 122mm main gun (with its 3BM11 APDS ammo)...the upgraded vehicle was designated SU-122L. Also, just to clarify, I said that the D-49 made the D-25 (series) 122mm main gun what it was meant to be...which doesn't include the M62-T2. The T-10M had a more powerful main gun to be sure...but it was less accurate and had a lower rate of fire. Finally, while Kubinka is full of interesting prototypes, the SU-122-54 was produced, deployed, and would have seen combat had things gone differently in Czechoslovakia.
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    Nammo could deliver its 155mm extreme range ramjet-powered artillery round as soon as 2023, according to the company. Testing is currently ongoing for the round, which has a range of up to 100km, and the company is expecting to carry out a live firing of the projectile in 2019/2020.
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    Yeah but that's mostly because of the timing of the SU-122-54 more than anything. Omsk didn't trail blaze on anything mentioned. The IS-7 has everything you mentioned and more and that came in 1947. They didn't which is why only 77 were made. The problem is that a 122mm spg is fundamentally nonsensical after 1944. Come on, the SU-100P is more relevant to Soviet tank technology development than the SU-122-54.
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    For only $350 you can ride in one! That's Canadian dollars, so probably like five bucks for you guys.
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    photo from DTR's twitter: from this link https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/landwarfareintl/eurosatory-2018-rheinmetall-unveil-new-lynx-family/ photo: and 2 minute long video with interview about Lynx and (from posts in twitter and instagram) more photos of command post variant:
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    Lynx KF41 has been reconfigured from IFV to the command post variant:
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    WoT v WT effort-thread

    So, a hidden feature in WT 1.79 patch is a top attack munition, disguised as a 165mm demolition shell. This combines the effects of auto-bounce angles and fuse delay to rain down retarded amounts of shrapnel through weak turret roof and engine deck armor. This is repeatable as well. And if for some reason you mess up this trick shot, you stand a decent chance of just fusing on the turret roof itself, with the most catastrophic of results. Fools who use this tank will try to go for upper glacis shots, but that will generally limit the shrapnel to the drivers compartment. The correct place to aim is turret faces and roofs, or side hull. Don't worry about fusing on tracks or skirting, the results will be the same.
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    In this scenario, is there any meaningful difference between a 12/13-man USMC squad with one SAW-equipped fire team and a 9-man Army squad with an attached 3-man MG team? The only one I can think of is that the USMC platoon commander knows that that the de facto MG teams are “his” and not toys that the company commander is passing around. IMHO, instituting a more flexible platoon organization and arms room concept would address these deficiencies way better than merely throwing gear at the squads. If I were SecDef Mattis for a day, I'd change the TO&Es such that the infantry platoons, Army and USMC, include at least a couple 5-man MG teams and at least a couple 5-man CG/Mortar teams. I like 5-man building blocks because they make it easier to go all Generation Kill and have each squad roll around the AO in a couple of humvees or together in a single 10 + 2 APC. My notional 60-man infantry platoon that might look something like this: (3) x 10-man Infantry squads including: (1) x squad leader (1) x assistant squad leader (4) x riflemen (2) x grenadiers (2) x assault gunners (2) x 5-man MG Teams including: (1) x team leader (1) x machine gunner (1) x assistant gunner (1) x ammo bearer (1) x marksman/spotter (2) x 5-man CG/Mortar Teams including: (1) x team leader (1) x CG/Mortar gunner (1) x assistant gunner (1) x ammo bearer (1) x marksman/spotter (1) x 10-man Platoon Command Section (1) x platoon commander (1) x platoon sergeant (2) x RTOs (2) x drone operators (2) x medics (2) x runners/drivers I’d give the platoon commanders and/or squad leaders a good bit of flexibility to decide how they want to organize their squads at the fireteam level. In close terrain (e.g., urban environments), they could organize each squad into two balanced 5-man fireteams with the squad leader leading one fireteam and the assistant leading the other fireteam (team leaders might be designated on an ad-hoc basis or based on experience). In more open terrain (e.g., Afghanistan), they could organize into a 5-man fireteam including both assault gunners and another 5-man fireteam including both grenadiers. The “arms room” concept would be desirable because the assault gunners and grenadiers could be equipped differently in each scenario. In the balanced fireteam scenario, each assault gunner could carry something like a Knight’s LAMG or M27 IAR and each grenadier could carry M320s on their hips. In open terrain, the assault gunners could draw a GPMG from the armory, with one assault gunner acting as the assistant gunner, and the grenadiers could similarly draw a CG or 60mm mortar from the armory. I figure the GPMG would probably be used as an LMG on a bipod and the 60mm as a “commando" mortar. On top of flexibility at the fireteam level, the platoon commander would also know that he can count on having at least a couple of MG teams and a couple CG teams to play with. Like the grenadiers, I’d give the CG teams the option of drawing CGs or 60mm mortars from the armory but employing the 60s off the tripods were possible. I'd put a couple of gunnery sergeants at company level to oversee training of the MG and CG/Mortar teams, essentially acting as respective MG and CG/Mortar platoon leaders on training evolutions.
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    The Leopard 2 Thread

    You could make that work, but that's not a particularly efficient approach.
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    Got to see two Canadian M4A2E8s in action over the weekend.
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    North Korea, you so crazy!

    Honest question here. Let's say Kim is totally on board with getting rid of his nukes. Considering the huge investment that NK has made in developing and building these weapons, would his own generals actually let him do it or would he fall victim to a coup? How secure is his hold on power?
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    French flair

    Some Leclerc crews having fun in Lithuania and setting positions in the woods :
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    Active Protection System (APS) for tanks

    Denel is testing improved interceptors against heavy ATGMs and KE penetrators. Previously the cooperated with SAAB (delivering the interceptors for the LEDS-150 APS), but it was canceled after nobody wanted to fund it.
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    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    What ? Leclerc MBT are not last ! Makes my day.
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    CV-90, why so much love ?

    Not sure what to say about this muzzle brake.
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    the m240 ran out of ammo so i wouldnt exactly call it going tits up. and the m249 is supposed to be able to change barrels so you can actually keep cyclic up longer but for some reason it wasnt done here.
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    Israeli AFVs

    Nimda posted their brochure in a recent magazine which shows a few interesting details: Eitan uses an Allison SP4800 transmission. You can read about it here. Also produces complete powerpacks for the T-72 and Indian FRCV program. Offers the Achzarit APC based on the T-72 (existing Achzarit are redesigned captured T-55). Acquisition updates: 401st brigade prepares to receive new Merkava 4 tanks with improved FCS. Note: The 401st was the first brigade to receive Merkava 4 tanks in 2003, and was also the first to get the Trophy system in 2009. 179th brigade will get new Keshet mortars, probably on the basis of HMMWV instead of M113 but that's not confirmed. Preparations being made to phase out the 105mm gun, as there are only 2 and a half brigades remaining with that gun, and will soon be replaced with Merkava 4 tanks. Replacement may be completed within 7-8 years.
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    Syrian conflict.

    ANNA news footage about whole operation to clear militants pockets near Damascus.
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    T-72 Adra with Sarab-2 jammer (on the background) Probably same T-72 is in this fresh ANNA news video about Yarmouk operation (you can see Sarab-2 on the right when they show GoPro footage from the tank)
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    Also, since it is now established that they Rebels have bombers, does that mean they have been conducting bombing raids on First Order cities? I want to see the Mon Calamari version of Curtis LeMay.
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    I saw it last night. My biggest complaint is that it needed a re-edit. Many of the scenes were quite strong, and there were a lot of complex and compelling characters, but the editing made it kind of plod along at a really slow pace that felt boring at times. The beginning was atrocious, and made it hard to like the whole movie. Many of the tactics and weapons didn't make sense, although that has never really been a strong point of Star Wars in general (trench run in space lol). Overall, it wasn't the disaster many fans act like it was. I really, really liked a lot of the movie. But it's dragged down by pacing that made it difficult for me to get invested in the action.
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    Like always, the internet has too much time on its hands.