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    I think it should be Chrysler's XM1 entry
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    PDF was found from 21st Russian scientific-practical conference "Problems of defence and security", speaking about combat robotics - projects, Uran-9 perfomance in Syria (will cover that in separate post), integration and so on. https://ppt-online.org/361075 List of R&Ds another slide with pics of some of those vehicles: R&D Tachanka-B - creation/project of heavy chassis for creation of heavy assault robots, using T-14 as basis. Probably this: Second slide notes versions with 125 and 152 mm guns. Armata project - vehicles on universal heavy chassis that can work as basis for other R&Ds. R&D Gruppirovka (Grouping) - research of autonomous movement and control of groups of medium and heavy class robots R&D "Shturm" (Assault) - automated system of coordination of robots during execution of tasks of ground forces, including assault operations Medium class of robots from that presentation: Slides also notes 2 versions - with 57 mm autocannon or 30 mm. Command vehicle:
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    I believe the top is the air filtration system the bottom is the engine cooling system.
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    That presentation also speak about Uran-9 combat use in Syria. Well, not that surprising taking into account that company behind Uran-9 have no experience with robots and combat vehicles. Uran-9 is kind of POS. Conclusions
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    https://novynarnia.com/2018/06/15/a-yakbi-v-boyu-chesne-interv-yu-komandira-naykrashhogo-tankovogo-vzvodu-zsu-yakiy-znovu-ostanniy-na-zmagannyah-nato/ Article (an interview) about Ukrainian team bad perfomance at European tank competition. In short - those old "repaied" T-84 Oplots are POS. @Collimatrix @Bronezhilet Autoloader jam, video from Ukrainian team leader (Roman Bogaev, participated as leader during this year and previous competition): A lot of swearing in Russian - problem with FCS More swearing towards factory and about their speaches that tankers don't know how to shoot. Problems with wiring. Sparked, almost caught fire. Part of indicators don't work at all: Well, at least engine works and rollers don't fly off 5th tank was used for spares (as there were no spare parts), problem with fuel system, and so on.
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    Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV

    Maybe. Elbit has a wealth of capabilities to offer even in ground systems, but is not nearly as big as some other participating companies, and was in the process of buying IMI, so the reported losses of tens of millions of dollars for participants, were a bit above its weight.
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    I agree with Walt, I think it's best if everyone took a little break.
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    We should coin a fallacy called "whataboutismism" where when anyone points out a comparison in how two sides were handled they get accused of whataboutism, and then compared to Soviet propagandists for some reason.
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    Tanks guns and ammunition.

    Thank you for making me double check, I was going by memory of a misleading Janes article. The MK44 BUSHMASTER Chain Gun has been fielded in 20 countries and has been integrated on multiple land, naval and air platforms. While about 1,600 30/40mm Standard Mk44s are in service, the legacy system is evolving under the 30/40mm Programmable Airburst Munition (PABM) Mk44 STRETCH project. While PABM hardware will be fitted as standard in the new product, Orbital ATK is planning to have 82% parts commonality with the legacy Mk44 (linked variant). Series production of the Mk44 STRETCH has started with three production orders for unidentified customers are in place. It can be configured for 40mm, but Stretch refers to being able to use programmable airburst.
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    North Korea, you so crazy!

    Posting without comment
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    LoooSeR; good question...first of all, it was right in the middle of the two most significant Soviet Army events of the 1960s: exercise Dnepr in 1967 and Operation Danube (the invasion of Czechoslovakia), in 1968. These two events shaped the Soviet Army of the Cold War and provided very real rehearsals for WWIII. You're correct, the SU-122-54 was the product of the Soviet Army experience in WWII...especially during the Manchuria campaign against the Japanese. The Soviets developed tactics for combined-arms organizations known as "Assault Groups," "Storm Teams," and "Forward Detachments," with assault guns/tank destroyers at their core. After the war, the SU-122-54 (probably known as the SU-122 (M1954) by the Soviets), was secretly fielded in companies/batteries that were organic to select/high-priority MRRs and TRs. As mentioned above, the SU-122-54 was deployed for both Dnepr and Operation Danube. Since it wasn't forward deployed in the Groups, it was almost missed by Western intelligence through it's development, short life, and death (at Khrushchev's hand...guns bad, missiles good). The first mention of the SU-122-54 in an official US military reference manual was in a USMC MCIA manual in 1996...that's 41 years after it was fielded by the Soviet Army. There was limited intel available on this vehicle as early as 1958 but most of it was Top Secret so it didn't reach many folks in the field. The CIA gave it the designation SU-100 (M1968). I could go on...the SU-122-54 truly made the D-25 122mm main gun (versioned for the SU-122-54 as the D-49), what it was meant to be...etc.
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    More footage of Iraqi T-90S. The Iraqi 35th Brigade of the 9th Division is rearmed from the M1A1M Abrams tanks to the T-90S tanks
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    At football world cup, part of which is held here, in St.Petersburg (thanks for problems with subway and station closing, assholes) Saudi Arabia lost to Russia 5:0. I want to point out that Russian footbal team is made 50% out of fail and 50% out of hack frauds, currently it is number 70 ranked football team, which is fucking terrible (below Saudi Arabia, Côte d'Ivoire, Honduras, etc). Joke pics: After the match
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