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    If The King in Orange wants to gaslight the Republican Party, I'm fine with that. Fuck those people too. Honestly, the back and forth in this thread seems to break down like so: A:"Guys, I'm worried that Trump appears to be exhibiting a repeated pattern of trying to damage institutions and traditions, embarrass officials, and glibly dismissing any criticism with a series of baffling and nonsensical one-liners that he clearly improvised." B:"FUCK YES THAT'S WHAT I VOTED FOR! IA IA, TRUMP FHTAGN! HAIL THE ALL-CONSUMING MADNESS AND MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"
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    North Korea, you so crazy!

    Glen Greenwald has some things to say:
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    Syrian conflict.

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    General AFV Thread

    Mexican M8 Greyhounds
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    Future submarine concepts from 2002 (twitter thread)
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    And it makes me question those cheering for the Leopard.
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    US Presidents shake hands with scumbags all the time. It's part of the job description. The one who looks like he's trying not to cry at the terrible visage of John Kerry is Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, to give his full, made-up Africanized name: Teodoro Nguema is not a nice man. The only good thing anyone can say about him is that he's a much nicer person than his uncle, whom he killed to take power in Equatorial Guinea. While Francisco Nguema was a flamboyant supervillain who ordered men dressed as Santa Claus to machine-gun his opponents in a sports stadium while Mary Hopkin's Those Were The Days played on loudspeakers, his nephew, after he pulled a Hamlet, proved to be a boring, run-of-the-mill corrupt autocrat. Teodoro Nguema personally steals the majority of his nation's GDP. The people of his country suffer from diseases that are trivially preventable like polio. The country isn't poor; it has a miniscule population and produces almost as much oil as Libya. The government is just laughably corrupt and awful. In a right and just world, Equatorial Guinea would be invaded by a stronger, somewhat less corrupt neighbor and have its entire government fed to sharks feet-first on live TV. But if you do that sort of thing there would be gigantic hue and cry in the UN defending the rights of Equatorial Guineans to be arbitrarily jailed and tortured by a man who steals all their mineral wealth. Here is Teodoro Nguema looking upset to be shorter than Michelle Obama, who could probably kick his ass: And here he is again with Secretary of State Rice: Here is President Obama with Gurbanguly Mälikgulyýewiç Berdimuhamedow: Berdimuhamedow is a megalamaniac, but he's got goddamn nothing on the previous president of Turkmenistan. Saparmurat Niyazov, who ruled until 2006, named the month of January after himself, and had a golden statue of himself that rotates to face the sun built, was definitely setting the standard for eccentric despots. Again, his successor is just sort of run of the mill oppressive and corrupt, but the US plays nice with him because it needs bases in Turkmenistan to support operations in Afghanistan. Here's Nixon meeting with Mobutu: Most won't remember, but Mobutu was a darling of the Western press early in his reign. Presumably this is because journalists were just as fucking stupid back then as they are now, although their writing was considerably more polished at that time. The man on the left is Robert Mugabe, who was when this picture was taken already notorious for using child soldiers. The man on the right who looks like he wants to get on his knees and gag himself unconscious is of course, the Peanut Farmer. Three years after this picture was taken Mugabe was ordering mass rapes and ethnic cleansing. Here's the shrub with Islam Karimov: Karimov is notable, among other things, for having people executed by boiling them to death. I could go on. My point is, Ruhollah Khomeini called the USA the Great Satan, and the USSR the Lesser Satan. And we fucking earn it. So suck it Russia! We're the biggest Satan in the world!
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    IIRC Canada and Australia are two of the countries with the biggest uranium reserves, and we're cool with them. Aside from the climate change aspects, we should phase out fossil fuels just because not burning a fuckload of hydrocarbons will reduce air pollution. Also, I'd have to crunch the numbers, but the environmental footprint of uranium mining is almost certainly less than that oil drilling (it's no contest against coal). (Inherently more energy dense fuel = less shit getting dug out of the ground).
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    Even if global warming isn't even real (it is fwiw), I'd still be for replacing fossil fuels with nuclear. The less money falling into the hands of the Saudis, the better. Fuck them.
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    General news thread

    https://popularmilitary.com/veteran-blows-live-broadcast-protest-va/ Oh wow. That's terrible.
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