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    APC/IFV armor in details

    Well known APC Rosomak in Afgan. version armour: Orginally it was israeli but after that it was produced by polish company "Mikanit": http://www.mikanit.com.pl/produkty/oslony-balistyczne.html Now, we know patent draws and description: Composition: 2 mm HHS + air + 6,7 mm HHS + 5 mm composite + 5 mm composite + 5 mm composite + 3,5 mm HHS + 35 mm air gap + 3,5 mm HHS + 5 mm composite + 5 mm composite + 3,5 mm HHS + 35 mm air gap + 20 mm aluminium + 5 mm aluminium. There is possibility that layout could be 4+3 (composite) and single composite layer can have up to 6mm thick and single HHS layer can have 4mm thickness. Layers can be separate up to 45mm. Accoding to manufacurer this armour can protect against ATGM and RPG's up to 500mm RHA penetration. Whole armour is combat proven in Afganistan - there are known some "Rosomak" whit 3x RPG's hits diretly in to this armour - no penetration at all, no engine damage.
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    Cloudy future for Iron Curtain APS on US Army Strykers Bradley gets stereo vision system
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    David Moyes

    General AFV Thread

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    If The King in Orange wants to gaslight the Republican Party, I'm fine with that. Fuck those people too. Honestly, the back and forth in this thread seems to break down like so: A:"Guys, I'm worried that Trump appears to be exhibiting a repeated pattern of trying to damage institutions and traditions, embarrass officials, and glibly dismissing any criticism with a series of baffling and nonsensical one-liners that he clearly improvised." B:"FUCK YES THAT'S WHAT I VOTED FOR! IA IA, TRUMP FHTAGN! HAIL THE ALL-CONSUMING MADNESS AND MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"
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    This is an absolutely groundbreaking revelation. We've known this all along of course. But to have it finally proven simply shatters whatever is left the Special Counsel's credibility. Jeff Sessions and the Justice Department needs to begin investigating this, questioning every member of the Special Counsel under oath along with previous members of the Obama Administration.
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    Britons are in trouble

    Now that we know the Challenger 2's Life Extension Program won't include a new gun, there's news coming in that the Warrior's modernization program is highly likely to be cancelled: Axe Hangs Over UK Warrior Upgrade.
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    I Learned Something Today

    Chuck Tingle has a Humble Bundle
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    General AFV Thread

    The Kurds will blow one up, and then they will say "Alas, poor Yoruk!"
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    Democrats handed golden opportunity, respond by owning selves. Nothing ever changes.