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    Jim Warford

    General AFV Thread

    The ELKE test bed like many of its experimental cousins mounted the ARES "Super 75" 75mm main gun. This was an impressive gun with performance above and beyond what was expected from it's size. Here are a few pics of the Super 75 APFSDS round being live-fire tested against a fully loaded T-54...
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    There are technologies available today that can greatly simplify most of the information coming in to the TC in a way that even when assigned with also gunnery, the overall load is reduced. Location of friends & foes (works on formation coordination and combat orientation), mission assignment, firing tenders, optimal route finding, autonomous (limited or not) driving, semi-autonomous engagement. With all these, a commander in a 2-man crew will actually be able to perform his core tasks with LESS burden from other tasks. The only one who gains more burden from this, is the driver who now serves as a secondary gunner as well, as all controls within the vehicle become dual - every station has the same UI. Of course, it will take about a decade before we will see the fruits of that concept, which currently gets massive funding in both Israel and the USA, as well as private companies like BAE and Elbit that are pushing for certain pieces of this concept at least. And we should see parts of it becoming operational in the next 2-3 years.
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    That Type 59 is fitted with an unusual British 105mm main gun (along with other new components), as part of a British-Chinese upgrade project. Here's a better pic from Tankfest 2018 last week...
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    North Korea, you so crazy!

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    Jim Warford

    General AFV Thread

    Well, you're right to a point...the IMI 60mm gun was a capable gun as well. The Super 75, however, fired a DU SABOT round that enabled these light platforms to knockout MBTs from the front, at normal combat ranges...there was no need to close to 500-1000 meters. These formerly classified pics show the result of such a hit with a penetrator the size of a standard pencil. The T-54 burned for three days...
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    European Union common defense thread

    Probably the best place for this, the letter from Mattis to Williamson. Seems to be quite a bit different than what the Sun reported.
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    Future submarine concepts from 2002 (twitter thread)
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    David Moyes

    Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV

    You seem to be under the impression that I'm claiming that ASCOD 2/42 is a British invention? I'm not. Nor am I denying Spanish, Austrian or any other foreign companies involvement. My point is Ajax/Scout SV started off as a modified version of ASCOD 2/42, where the UK would hold IP rights over that specific platform. As development went on the design had to deviate further from the standard ASCOD 2 to meet requirements. The other major part of Ajax/Scout SV is the UK specific software package (GVA) and data-sharing integration which I imagine is why GD would base their Australia/US offers on it rather than a conventional ASCOD 2/42 like they have with Poland/Czech Rep. Right, but they called it ASCOD SV: http://www.army-guide.com/eng/article/article.php?forumID=1566&printmode=1 Once again, not claiming that ASCOD 42 is exclusive to UK just that GD seemingly never made a non-Ajax related example until the MMBT. I suspect that GD thought the Czechs would want a lighter IFV then when they found out otherwise it was too late to make a 42t. version so simply claimed the already built ASCOD 35 was a 42 but restricted by the rubber band tracks. Not true. The hulls were meant to be made and vehicles assembled in the UK at a Defence Support Group facility however when the Government sold the company GD were left without a UK manufacturing base. The Gov/MOD then told GD to build them in Spain to save money. When this news broke the MOD blamed GD and EU competition laws claiming they had nothing to do with it (a story they still persist with). It was GD who came back with a new offer (as part of a larger maintenance contract) where all the Hulls and first 100 vehicles would be made in Spain but they would establish (largely at their own cost) a new plant in Wales to assemble the other 489 vehicles. They did this with the belief that it would secure them the MIV and MRV-P contracts. http://www.cookdefencesystems.co.uk/images/pdf/SCOUT SV TR40 407 Double Pin.pdf https://www.contracts.mod.uk/do-features-and-articles/ajax-boosting-uk-land-capabilities/ Sure but I still believe that later ASCODs are at least longer. Supposed measurements for Pizarro/Ulan: ASCOD 35: "The IFV’s hull, in its basic variant, has the following dimensions: length - 6430 mm, width - 2990 mm, height - 1970 mm (without the turret), ground clearance - 512 mm." https://www.defence24.com/ascod-vehicle-presented-in-kielce Ajax: "6.6m" https://des.mod.uk/what-we-do/navy-procurement-support/ajax/?portfolioCats=119 ThinkDefence lists it as 7.62m (I assume this includes rear storage) In the case of Ajax the engine can be uprated to 800kw. It's also worth remembering that Australia just selected the Type-26 as their new frigate, so UK-AUS defence relations are quite high at the moment. Both have recently chosen Boxer, GD could play up interoperability between the two militaries.
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    The president’s doctor getting drunk and wrecking a car would be scandalous. Strange that no one seemed to care during the Obama admin.
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    Hey, remember that part where the Dems always accuse their enemies of the very things they are guilty of themselves?
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    Go fucking die already McCain.
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    It doesn't involve putting people in jail for tweets or denouncing sexual violence victims as racist so it's outside their expertise.
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    This is just too funny not to share:
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    North Korea, you so crazy!

    It's a Mike Pence cover
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    General AFV Thread

    The Kurds will blow one up, and then they will say "Alas, poor Yoruk!"
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    The Hippie Hate Thread

    Sidebar ads from a hippie site: "Harnessing Energy Lines and Geocosmos in Ancient and Modern Quito" "Alchemy and Generating Lifeforce —Global Temples Made in the Shape of Lingams: Shaivite Bull Cult Part II" I came here for info about kurgans and this is what I find?
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    "Rep. Joe Crowley (D., N.Y.) on Wednesday argued that President Donald Trump made his immigration deal more unacceptable by offering to legalize a greater number of illegal immigrants. "I think the president continues to take additional hostages," Crowley said. " So, the Dems getting more of what they want and what they've been asking for is viewed by them as a bad thing? I just can't get the image out of my mind where Trump is sitting on them, repeatedly punching them in the face with their own clenched fist while imploring them to stop hitting themselves. I guess that's not quite accurate, though. It's more that Trump just has to suggest to them that hitting themselves in the face is a bad idea, and they reflexively do it just to spite him.
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    I wish I could shitpost as well as Trump does:
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