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    What? No, that's a ridiculous oversimplification. Real power structures are filled with ambiguity, intrigue, and realities that don't line up with paper org structures. So, sure, on paper the President is in charge of the Executive Branch and therefore everyone in the US Department of State should click their heels and do exactly what he says all the time because that's what the org chart says. Meanwhile, in the real world, it hasn't worked that way since 1883. Or maybe even 1867. Ask yourself this; if the President has absolute power over all Executive departments, then why hasn't Trump fired absolutely everyone and replaced them all with his toadies? The US government did work that way at one point. It was a terrible way for the government to work because every election cycle that a new party took power, every government employee was replaced with some toady of the new president. So the Republican Party changed it in 1883 to make the vast majority of Executive departmental workers untouchable by politicians with the conspicuous exception of the cabinet-level heads of the departments, who are a vestigial remnant of the old spoils system.
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    If The King in Orange wants to gaslight the Republican Party, I'm fine with that. Fuck those people too. Honestly, the back and forth in this thread seems to break down like so: A:"Guys, I'm worried that Trump appears to be exhibiting a repeated pattern of trying to damage institutions and traditions, embarrass officials, and glibly dismissing any criticism with a series of baffling and nonsensical one-liners that he clearly improvised." B:"FUCK YES THAT'S WHAT I VOTED FOR! IA IA, TRUMP FHTAGN! HAIL THE ALL-CONSUMING MADNESS AND MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!"
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    More simply : every battle day life. You can work efficiently during a short period of time with a tinny crew, but you work better over long period with a 4 men crew. In France, we are lucky because of our specific troop organization. But, it’s simply crazy to think it’s possible to work with a 2 men crew tank, whatever the technology considered. I can’t imagine a 8 or 6 men troop (cost effective BTW). If doctrine makers are only considering borders patrol duty, it’s ok. But, this is not the real life.
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    A pair of interesting photographs posted by Damian from @Walter_Sobchak's blog, not (just) because they show an Abrams testing hydropneumatic suspension but because they appear to show the glacis is thicker than it is around the driver's hatch.
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    Couple of options here: It's a third charge for extra penetration It's a reactive liner charge It's something else 1. Third charge for extra penetration Could be simple an extra charge crammed in the shell go get a little bit of extra penetration of the whole package. All other Soviet/Russian HEAT shells have quite a bit of empty room behind the main charge, they could have just simply thrown in an extra charge. It's a low angle (or high, depending on how you look at it) shaped charge to fit through the hole the main charge made. Point against this option is that it has to penetrate (part of) the slug the main charge left behind, so the added penetration is anyone's guess. 2. Reactive liner charge It could also be a reactive liner shaped charge for extra after-armour effect (and a little bit of extra fuck you in case of an incomplete penetration). Main charge penetrates armour, reactive liner flies through, goes boom inside a vehicle. It's basically like a Bunkerfaust, but instead of a fragmentation warhead you have a reactive liner exploding inside whatever you shoot at. A fragmentation warhead doesn't work because the hole an anti-tank HEAT jet leaves isn't big enough for a proper warhead. But it is big enough for a HEAT yet. It's a low angle shaped charge so that the jet can fly through the hole the main jet made without having to penetrate anything so it'll end up behind the armour in time. 3. It's something else It's also possible that it acts as a super high velocity precursor designed to smash through all (N)ERA sandwiches before they can react properly. It's basically an un-interceptable due to its speed. But it still has to penetrate all the (N)ERA layers and I don't know how long the jet from this charge is. The reason it's behind the main charge is weight distribution. While shape stabilisation is quite nifty, you still have to pay attention to a whole bunch of things. Oh, and the main jet still has to actually form properly, which needs a certain amount of area (and doesn't need a charge in front of it fucking it up). Point for this setup is that it looks like the main fuse is behind the auxiliary charge, with a booster going to the main charge. Keywords here being "looks like". It's also a low angled charge so that the jet will pass through the hole in the main charge before the main jet forms. Huge point against this: ...they could just make the whole main charge at a lower angle. It's also interesting to note that the auxiliary charge has a constant explosive layer thickness. I don't have my papers handy so I can't check, but it should result in a more even jet velocity (Gurney equations and all that). More things to note about the shell in general: Russians still don't know how to shape stabilise It has a telescoping nose, probably so it fits in the autoloader. I wonder how/when they'll extend the nose Shorter fins More boattail-y than previous shells What's the bit in front of the main charge? What's in there? Looks like the precursor has 2 types of explosive. No idea why.
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    You assume I didn’t already have autism from being a member of this forum
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    Israeli AFVs

    That is correct, although the armored cover is rarely seen in retracted position as it is usually completely removed when the tank's not parked.
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    Either Trump is in charge, or he isn't. To quote Harry Truman... Anyhow, I have a hard time imagining that issues pertaining to UN resolutions are left to people below the "serve at the pleasure of the President" level. Also, the NYT's article notes that "The intensity of the administration’s opposition to the breast-feeding resolution stunned public health officials and foreign diplomats, who described it as a marked contrast to the Obama administration, which largely supported W.H.O.’s longstanding policy of encouraging breast-feeding." If foreign diplomats are noting that this marks a change in policy, then it is clearly a directive from the Trump administration and not some lasting legacy from the previous administration.
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    Which seems to be exactly what BAE is doing with their "Dispensing" charge. There's barely any room for explosives anyway Things might get more interesting with larger bore rail and coil guns due to the scaling factors of the various components. This paper contemplates a 12" coilgun firing projectiles 155mm in diameter, excluding the fixed control fins. The guidance package volume fraction isn't nearly so bad.
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    BMP turret as a module found in southern Syria, near Deraa city
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    So it is beginning. Germany will be starting its Pistol Trials sometime this year. -No requirment for 9x19 so the .45 or 10mm memedream can still live on -Its still open if it will need to be Optics ready or not or if it can be optional -LLM also not sure if required -No manual safety because P8 is already mostly carried with the safety of and decocked So every modern Pistol is in the race probably. P30 of the KSK could be also replaced soon. KSK also uses the Glock 17 4.Gen as the P9A1 And another confirmation that the last two companies in the System Sturmgewehr Trials are Haenel and H&K. The AWM/G22 will be upgraded to the G22A2 standard which is basically a G22 in a AX chassis in .300 with a Steiner 5-25x56 Source: ESUT 01.07.18 "Handwaffen der Bundeswehr" by Andre Forkert. They are the biggest monthly defence magazine in Germany with good contact to Industry and Goverment/Bundeswehr
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    Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    More British propaganda about the Challenger 2 having better armor than the Leopard 2A6 or M1A2 SEP. Nationalistic/biased publications do not help much. I wonder what they were thinking writing this stuff.
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    Israeli AFVs

    @Marsh Re-uploaded:
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    Reading the previous 24 hours of comments, the clear answer is for God Emperor Trump to train these refugee kids as the cadre of his new Space Marine force. Win-Win.
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    We all know who Trump really is... .... a burger.
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    The Improvised Weapons Thread

    So Houthis released some info on their high caliber "sniper rifles". http://imp-navigator.livejournal.com/653281.html Yemen’s Ansarullah movement unveils its advanced sniper rifles 1) 30-mm Qasem, weighing 75 kg and a maximum range of up to 5000 meters. 2) 23-mm "Zulfiqar-1" and "Zulfiqar-2", one has a range of up to 2000 m and a weight of 25 kg, the second has a 4000 m and a weight of 62 kg 3) 20-mm Hasem weighing 28 kg and a range of up to 2500 m 4) 14.5-mm Ashtar weighing 14 kg and a range of up to 3000 m 5) 12,7-mm Khatef weighing 14 kg and a range of 1500 m @Sturgeon, @Collimatrix
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    Different direction for today; 1:1 Replica of Nagato made for Tora! Tora! Tora!
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    USS Massachusetts firing a broadside. Note outbound 16" shells in the upper left hand part of the picture.
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    Infographic of USSR Navy at end of cold war vs Russian Navy today.
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    What are we playing?

    Speaking about SC: Conviction. @EnsignExpendable Enjoy I can't translate what is wrong with it. In Russian language words have different forms to match other words and meaning of sentence. Everything on this placard is broken - conjugation and matching of words. It should have said "Accept only victory!" but it is broken and phrase "get only victorious" can describe how wrong this is. And all others are the same. Adolf Lenin It says "COUNTRY". "Fight! for benefit of our country" "Citizens Work [Noun]" Uhh? Truck of "Truck" brand of trucks. Probably named by Captain Obvious.
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    Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect

    General news thread

    Do you have a permit for that graph??
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    Took over 2 weeks of my spare time to get through this thread, but it was worth it fun read. … … … Also, the entire legislative, executive, and judiciary branches (along with the FBI/NSA/other alphabet soup agencies) need a good purging; its been to long.
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    Now that's just ridiculous. I mean, come on! They drew Japan-tan as having enormous tits! Yeah, as if!