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    By that standard the world has been laughing at us for some time before Trump became president.
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    Since we don't have a thread for British and Commonwealth tanks of WWII, I thought I would start one. Check out this manufacturers instructional video on the Crusader.
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    Chinese team arrived to Alabino
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    https://news.sky.com/story/trump-angry-baby-blimp-is-going-to-america-11438499 @Sturgeon I just bet yours will be bigger! Meanwhile: https://news.sky.com/story/donald-trump-praises-strong-vladimir-putin-amid-outrage-over-defence-of-russia-11439199 Errrr..... This whole Russia thing just has you all tied up in knots doesn't it.....Welcome to the Great Game motherfuckers!
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    what is this crap? Anyhow, it's a well documented historical fact that the Southern Dixiecrats largely switched allegiance to the Republican party in the civil rights era. Here is the electoral map during the election of 1920 Here is the electoral map in 1964 I'm pretty sure this complete reversal didn't happen by accident.
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    Drone wars soon. The US Army, witnessing the expanding use of commercial and light miltiary drones around the world, has bought Raytheon’s tube-launched Coyote drone to find, target and destroy them. The contract includes Raytheon’s KRFS radar. The Army is deploying the system.
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    Is it weird that the more he acts contrarian about traditional US foreign policy, the more I like him? Maybe he can tell Israel and the Saudis to fuck off, then start a tradition of treating every nation as having its own national interest rather than being divided into the immaculately good and the irredeemably bad.
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    Name that AFV: The New Tank ID thread

    Okay, this is a obscure one. Well done. TARDEC AReS - "Advanced Reconfigurable Spaceframe", modular electric hybrid IFV testbed - built 2008. Head to tear through tons of various documents as I don't have the book you got that from. (The TARDEC Story)
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    Thai VT-4's, quite a bit of internal video too including the autoloader in operation.
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    FSA gave up this one
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    UK Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson announced the new, national Combat Air Strategy and unveiled a concept model of a brand-new, next-generation fighter jet at Farnborough International Air Show. Probably related but yet unconfirmed by any officials is the cooperation with SAAB. I always thought Gavins are boxier
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    No, it should be the 120 mm XM360 tank gun. Look at the low-quality photo from the presentation, the image at the lower right shows 120 mm main gun ammo. Same muzzle break..
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    As far as I am aware, you simply use a longer swing arm if you want longer travel. However, considering that you can't have 1000 mm of travel because of obvious reasons, you need better dampening, which is where the actual performance of the suspension comes in. The reason why the Challenger II has less travel is because it does not need it. The better dampening compensates for it. Think about how the recoil mechanism of a gun works. Thanks for explaining! How? As long as you can adjust the pressure of the hydraulic line, it should not really add anything to the system. AFV manufactures keep advertising their "open architecture high speed networked" AFVs. This means that all the subsystems are networked together. No additional wiring needed between the FCS and main computer, and no extra needed wiring between the main computer and suspension control unit. If not, I would honestly fire the engineer in charge of these systems for incompetency. Or straight out reject the AFV as a costumer. The rest is just code: def suspension_temperature_compensation(temp_value, adjust_value): """ Program for adjusting the suspension after the ambient temperature. """ sus_adjust = temp_value * adjust_value return sus_adjust suspension_temperature_compensation(80, 0.1) By inputting the value 80, meaning 30 degrees C ( -50 C becomes 50, and 30 C becomes 30, 50 + 30 = 80), and the adjustment value, which would be the expansion ratio of the gas compered to the temperature. I set it to a arbitrary 0.1, which would make the function output 8, as in 8 mm increase in the suspension height. This would then be feed into a the controller of the suspension, which would adjust accordingly. Actually, the entire code above would probably be integrated into the ride height programming. This was coded in Python, for those who want to know the syntax. This is not really complex. Digital programming does not really break down faster because of more complexity. Or you can use a virtual PID regulator. It would be better.
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    Eventually, your ships get to the point where you can discover hidden passages in them. I found one that leads to the VLS, refinery, and battery bank, whereupon I made another discovery. ALL HAIL THE MONOLITH!