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    There is more direct evidence linking McCain to Russian meddling than Trump. There is more direct evidence linking the Clintons to Russian meddling than the President. But Trump hosted the Miss Universe pageant one year in Moscow and made a funny one-liner about the Russkies finding Hillary’s e-mails so clearly he is a Putin stooge.
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    I fear that this is another "no justice no peace", where justice equates Trump being found guilty no matter what the truth is.
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    Please, just because the Clinton foundation / Clinton global initiative received (hundreds of?) Millions of dollars from various Saudis interests during her tenure as secretary of state is irrelevant. Also, nice Soviet propaganda whataboutism there. You must be a Russian agent as well for using KGB tactics to try and steer the conversation off topic. The only topic that we are allowed to talk about is what punishment Donald Trump should receive for colluding with the Russians, because that's a major crime!
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    And the birth certificate thing could have been put to rest in 24 hours, or 3 business days tops. But Obama WANTED the Republicans to chase that red herring for six years.
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    The biggest thing I'm surprised about all of this anti-president stuff? It didn't happen with Obama. Not nearly to the extent. The whole birth certificate business now seems so incredibly quaint.
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    I just noticed something, Trump’s presidency is similar to Grant’s presidency: Both are republican. Both had very little political experience before running for office. Both had very narrow wins during their first terms. Both were embroiled in scandals that were mostly hot air. Both were elected after a previously ineffective president (unfortunately, Obama served 2 terms). Both believe in nepotism and I predict (using pure Columbian cocaine, and Grant as a guide): Trump will have exceptional foreign policy successes later in this term. Trump will be re-elected by a very large margin (bonus points if his rival dies within months of Trump being re-elected, x10 if it’s Hillary). Trump will push for more peace (rather than the typical warmongering) all over the world. Corruption and abuse will plague Trump’s cabinet, but Trump will be innocent on all accounts. Trump will get his face on a dollar bill (maybe the 100, cause it’s yuuuge)
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    Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV

    btw, there was GAO's report on GCV proposals, which mentioned following things about that vehicle:
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    How much "serious"? Is this "serious" more than damage to Russia from sanctions?
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    Really? You really believe that? He released his birth certificate in 2008, before he was even elected. Then, in 2011, he released his "certificate of live birth", also known as the long form birth certificate as well as accompanying birth announcements from Hawaiian newspapers. And yet, the conspiracy theories continued, despite the complete lack of any evidence. This bullshit should have ended in 2011. In no way did this crap benefit Obama. The ones who benefitted were the ones pedalling this bullshit to their gullible believers. You know, Donald Trump.
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    It’s been painfully obvious that the President’s enemies have been aiming for a 25th Amendment solution ever since he took the Oath of Office. It’s another lame attempt to close their eyes and wish Trump away. And it just shows how divorced from reality the Left and the #NeverTrump RINOs are. It also causes me to question whether they have actually ever even bothered to read the Constitution and its Amendments. Or if they have, they don’t actually care about its meaning and want to simply use it as cover for whatever they want it to mean at the moment. Here’s the text. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Twenty-fifth_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution The key point is Section 4 of the Amendment where the Vice President AND the majority of the President’s principal Cabinet (or a group appointed by Congress) have to declare that the President can’t discharge his duties. Whereupon the Vice President becomes ACTING President. But wait! If such an event did occur, the President can then write to Congress attesting he was now fit again to hold office. At that point, the Vice President, the Cabinet, and Congress have to go through the process one more time to remove the President from office. ... And all of that is a pipe dream since the point of the 25th Amendment is about a President being incapacitated like when Reagan was shot or to prevent a scenario like when Woodrow Wilson had a stroke. The 25th Amendment was not meant to cover some disagreement over Trump’s position on NAFTA or that some mid-level staffer got triggered over a Tweet.
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    Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV

    More on the Lance 2.0 mission/missile bay:
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    I love polling that wildly exaggerates one particular political party/viewpoint and then pretends like it is reflective of America as a whole. It's almost like the poll is meant to influence public opinion rather than reflect it...
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    "Commonwealth residents totally have rights you guys"
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    United States Gun Control Megathread

    Feinstein is a prime example of why term limits are needed, or why tarring and feathering needs to come back.
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    Feinstein is trying to reinterpret "in common use" used in DC v. Heller to mean not "common possession" but the "act of using [a firearm]" Ergo, if you aren't pulling the trigger, you don't have a right to bear [an "assault weapon"]
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    I'm honestly surprised at the apparent lack of strategy going into the Kavanaugh nomination hearings. It's not like they've had several months to figure something out...
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    one critique- " It's the exact same tired talking points that they started with in the 20s and 30s" As in" 1920's". When I get back to the house I'll scan in an editorial piece and an article from a '32 "American Rifleman" , that would be just a relevant today.
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    I remember in the early 2000s being in school and being called names and ridiculed for liking guns. I'd doodle a rifle or shotgun in class and people would ask me if I was planning to shoot up the school. People knew me and knew I wasn't going to, but they didn't care. That's OK, though, because I crushed them in school gun control debates.
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    Yes, @Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect, this whole "culture war" the moderates are just now discovering has been raging for decades, but it was between gun owners and antis at first before it spilled over.
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    Polish Armoured Vehicles

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    Also that story is purely indicative of what everyone in the RtBA community has been seeing and saying for years. Just before we had instant communication with millions of people 24/7 via an affordable pocket device, we were called names. Crazy, paranoid, psychotic, you name it. It was just a few years ago that yet another mental health bill was knocked down that was really just a backdoor gun control measure. We've been called mentally deranged for YEARS by the left, all for pointing out the very obvious narrative that they've been trying to push for the past three to four decades. And the craziest part is that the argument has literally never changed. It's the exact same tired talking points that they started with in the 70s and 80s. They got the GCA68 passed and smelled blood in the water. Since then it's been a constant fight, with "debates" barely measuring up to what I've seen in high school debate clubs. It's always clueless people trying to fool or scare an ignorant majority into giving rights away. And anytime an argument is made, it gets batted around with ad hominems and strawmen are set on fire. The left had one hell of a chance with Obama. But amazingly, he was too lazy or spineless to go after guns. He made damning speeches that really portrayed how little the left thinks of the average American in fly over states ("it's easier for a student to buy a Glock than a book!"). But he never actually did anything. Pathetic. So yes, everyone is tired. All the facts and data and logic are on the side of rights activists. Emotionally pleas are the only thing the left has, so it trots out crocodile tears and children every chance they get to sway public opinion. They are creating talk shows and news programs that deliberately attempt to erode conservative ideals that are shared by a majority of people in this country ("you don't really believe in X, do you? Only dummies believe in X. It's just common sense that Y is right. Now here's a thinly veiled insult disguised as a joke and a word from our sponsors, pharmaceutical industry C and coke product D"). I am grateful that independent sources are so easily obtainable these days. That is, until the internet is 100 percent owned by the left. Looking at their contributions to Google, they are trying to buy their way into that now.
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    Since we've got an arms race, my tank has been showly shifting more and more towards Not An M41. Going to improve the suspension. Gave it a meaner gun and a better shaped turret, but made sure to keep all the comfort. Turret's gotten pretty fat, may be able to trim some off the back half still. On second thought, it's entirely possible that I've also just got the turret itself at too large of a scale
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    "The forthcoming new addition to Army's mechanized battalions, Granatkastarpansarbandvagn 90, was shown on Thursday in Boden"
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    Pain. 3min 40sec of Pain.
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    "We'll chew the roof off and let in the sun, that'll sure scare away the cat!" said the roaches to themselves.
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    And meanwhile 9 separate gun control bills have been sent to the California governor. http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-pol-ca-mass-shooting-bills-california-20180905-story.html Thus violating the 14th Amendment and Equal Protection Clause of Californian gun owners.
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