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    Watching her testimony, I have decided that Ford is probably lying. Memory isn't perfect, but she is changing her story so fast, it indicates she is lying. I have memories that are over 20 years old. I have a memory from when I was five of my sister fighting with my mom and moving out. It was a major event for me, and I have a very clear, and fixed memory of it. It's not entirely correct - it doesn't agree with my sister's account of it - but it is fixed and doesn't change. So I have over 22 years developed a narrative of that memory. Ford has supposedly been talking this out with therapists and her husband for like 35 years, yet the story is changing constantly in her testimony. I think it's because she is terrified, and when liars are scared they start changing shit, that's hallmark behavior of someone who is lying. People who are telling the truth get nervous and fear that people won't believe them, too, but their response is usually to stick to the truth of their memory. Initially, I thought there was a reasonable chance Ford actually was assaulted but not likely by Brett Kavanaugh. Now I am beginning to think she was coerced by Feinstein and is lying.
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    July 30, 1943 Tactical and technical requirements number 2456 for the development of a 7.62 mm avtomat for a special cartridge. Objective: Develop and produce a avtomat under a special cartridge that would, at a relatively low weight, provide high firepower at short and medium ranges of infantry combat. 1. Avtomat - an individual weapon designed to defeat single and group live targets of the enemy. 2. The weapon are designed for a special cartridge, which has the following main characteristics: a) caliber - 7.62 mm b) the initial velocity of the bullet is 670-720 m/sec (calculated data are given for a barrel long - 500 mm) c) bullet weight - 8 grams d) weight cartridge - 16 grams e) the maximum pressure is 3200 kg/cm2 3. The total weight of the weapon with bayonet, magazine, belt and accessories should not be more than 5.0 kg. 4. The length of the weapon without a bayonet should be 900-1000 mm, and with a bayonet 1200-1300 mm. 5. The supply of cartridges is provided from a detachable magazine capacity of 30 cartridges. 6. Magazines should be interchangeable. Filling the magazine with cartridges should be convenient and made without special tools. 7. Mounting the magazine on the gun should ensure a quick replacement of the magazine in any position of the shooter. Magazine should not spontaneously drop out of the weapon, even with an accidental impact on the latch of the magazine fixation. 8. Locking the barrel bore must be rigid and must exclude the possibility of a shot when the shutter is not fully closed. 9. The trigger mechanism must ensure the conduct of a single and automatic fire, have a reliable fuse, safety catch, trigger pull force - from 2 to 2.5 kg, not to allow double shots when firing single, do not allow the trigger on the fingers during automatic shooting. The design of the weapon (the trigger bow and the trigger bracket) should provide the possibility of shooting from the weapon in thick gloves. 10. The weapon should have an open sight for shooting at distances up to 1000m. with the divisions every 50m. 11. The front sight should have a safety catch and a reliable fastening, which should provide lateral displacement of the front sight (to adjust firing accuracy). 12. A sighting device should provide stability and speed of guidance and ease of use during operation. 13. The accuracy of the firing of a single fire should not be worse than that of the Mosin-Nagant rifle. The accuracy of shooting in automatic mode should be no worse than that of Degtyarev's machine gun. 14. The rate of fire should not be higher than 600 rpm. When firing at 3-5 rounds, the rate of fire is not less than 80 rounds per minute. When firing in a single mode, the rate of fire is at least 35 rounds per minute. 15. The weapon must have lightweight bipods, which in folded form should not protrude sharply from the dimensions of the weapon and must provide shooting standing and shooting standing on their knees. 16. The bayonet should be saber-shaped. The bayonet mount must be fast, durable and comfortable. The bayonet should have a sheath for wearing on a belt. 17. The butt must be of the usual type with a socket for the placement of accessories and spare parts. 18. The weapon should have a sock belt and ensure the convenience of shooting on the move. 19. Disassembly and assembly of weapons for cleaning should be provided without complex special devices. 20. Work mechanisms should provide 5000 shots without cleaning the weapons. 21. The weapon must fire at any declination angles and in any positions. 22. Breakage of small parts allowed up to 10,000 shots, breakdown of complex parts with 20,000 shots. 23. The number of misfires should be 0.3%when the weapon is cooled after every 150 shots. 24. Weapons should be easy to learn, manufacture, and not have alloy steels, except on some small details.
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    "BELIEVE WAHMEN" "I've got 80+ women from high school, college, my time as a lawyer, and serving the White House attesting to my good character" "NOT THOSE WAHMEN"
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    That's kind of sad. At this point let's compare the Bill Clinton allegations to this. They had a proof and it was brought forward. He denies, then later retracts. Shock and awe. Move on. This is such an obvious stall it should be criminal.
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    Not a submission Didn't go hard on making this a serious submission this time around since I've got classes to worry about right now and a lot of those classes already have me doing stuff similar to some aspects of this (mostly the number crunching). Just made this mostly for practice, though it's stuff that won't show up in the final model (hotkeys, cloning objects along a path, fancy details of the meshsmooth modifier, etc.). The model itself isn't really in a finished state. Turret is mostly placeholders still, hull still needs some more detail passes done to it. I want to make some minor layout tweaks as well, mostly in regards to the turret's base and roof. If this were to be serious, I would make myself a second turret that relies less on casting and would hopefully have a smaller frontal profile. While I would like to eventually get this finished, that all depends on how lazy I end up.
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    Politicians are like diapers. They should be changed frequently, for the same reason.
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    Link:https://www.kalashnikov.ru/v-samom-nachale/ Lets begun proper translation . After examining German auto-carbines Mkb.42H and its modification MP-43 in USSR quickly begun work on domestic intermediate power cartridge .By the august of 1943 specialist from Artillery Committee of GAU developed tactical technical specification № 2456–43 for entire family of firearms such as self-loading carbine , handheld machinegun(LMG) and Avtomat. Initial primary requirements for supposed avtomat are as such: -Total weight of Avtomat shouldn't exceed 5 kilograms including magazine, bipod and bayonet -Length of Avtomat shouldn't exceed 1200-1300mm with bayonet -Length without bayonet shouldn’t exceed 900-1000mm -Avtomat must feed from detachable 30 rounds box magazine -Avtomat should have open iron sight sighted to 1000 meters with 50 meters increments -Groupings in semi-auto should be equal to 7.62 rifle mod 1891/30 while and in automatic fire should be comparable to DP machinegun -Rate of Fire shouldn't be more than 600 round per minute. Practical firerate when firing in 3-5 bursts no less than 80 round per minute while in semi auto no less than 35 round per minute -Durability of system shouldn't be less than 20000 rounds Designer are designed weapon for cartridge that are haven’t yet appeared .Cartridge and firearm are designed concurrently which lead to considerable difficulties in the process of the design .Work on design of new cartrige begun at in jule 1943 by specialists of OKB-44 (Kuntcevo village) N.V Elizarov ,P.V Rozanov surmounting massive technical difficulties design of the cartridge finalized by end of 1943 and formally adopted in september of 1943 as "7.62 cartridge mod 1943".Using this cartirge and basing on tactical technical requirement № 2456–43 designers from various organisations set to work on new firearms . In this trials participated : -KB-2 and PKB OGK (Kovrov) V.V Degtyarev under leadershipof V.A Degtyarev -KB NIPSMVO(Shurovo vilage) A.I Sudaev V.F Kuzmishev -KB of plant № 535 (Tula) S.A Korovin -KB-180 (Podolsk) S.G Simonov -TSkB-14 (Tula) F.V Tokarev A.A Bulkin S.A Prilucsky -KB of plant № 367 (Vyatskie Polyany known today as Molot orushie) G.S Shpagin In the beginning of the work technical look of this weapon wasnt clear .In the beginning avtomat was seen by the GAU as universal firearm which combines advantage of LMG,SMG and rifle .This is clearly seen due to inclusion of bayonet and bipod into design.And it heavily influenced lenght of barrel which is 500mm which was calculated to provide longer range.Mkb.42 primary design solutions influenced work of certain designers and specialists from GAU .However it cannot be said that designer are strictly adhering to specification from GAU.Designs are extremely varied and diverse.Designs ranged from from enlarged SMG ( simple blowback action of Shpagin Avtomat ) to full-fledged LMGs that are incapable to serve as compact and light individual weapon such as Degtyarev KB-P-315 and KB-P-280 ,Simonov RPS-M3-44 and AS-4-P-44 and Bulkin AB-44 .Part of these Heavy Avtomats are moved to handheld Machineguns group where they are tested independently . In order from left to right S.G Simonov,F.v Tokarev ,G.S Shpagin In same order A.A Bulkin,V.V Degtyarev ,G.F Kubynov Best out of all designs are emerged in NIPSMVO in AS-44 which was recommended for production of pre-production series .1000 was produced at Tula Plant №536 and in July 1945 entered service trials.Service trails revealed that As-44 satificied amjority of Army demands but its needed further refinement .Sudaev enthusiastically begun work on improving the rifle and managed to churn out couple of variats but sadly he was died from sickness in 1946.Sudaev doesnt have any helpers or students so after his death his work was left unfinished. Shpagin avtomat Kuzmishev Avtomat Part 2 will be continued tomorow
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    Just a coincidence that CNN had that ready to go.
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    Israeli AFVs

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    Its not that she's too moderate. It's that she's too much of a career political shitlord. She's long time dirty as fuck establishment, just like much of anyone who's been in Washington for longer than 2 terms.
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    It’s an 1V119 Reostat.
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    So, just what do the idiot democrats want to be investigated? All the witnesses refute her story! All she has is character references and a few people who can say, she mentioned it, a few years ago, never using Kavanaugh name. Based on that, and not knowing a date, time or location, they literally have nothing to investigate. It's also clear, that cunt Di Fi, hid Ford's letter from the committee so she had something to spring on them at the last minute and fuck Ford wanting to be anonymous. Diane Feinstein is an embarrassment to the human race, who is so old and senile, she probably forgot she leaked it. She just straight up lied right to the American people. I listened to almost the whole thing, and at first the Reps seemed weak, but the prosecutor did chip away enough at Fords credibility, to make it seem like her calling out she can 100% identify Kavanaugh, but basically nothing else of substance. What she said about memory doesn't fit with the current science. Basically, she came off as a confused, weird woman, who probably had his name planted in her memory at best and does not actually remember as well as she claims, or a political hack/operative at worst. But this all leave the Dems with no sound bites of big-name reps attacking a "victim". Kavanaugh came out of the corner strong, handled the questions well, and the Dems almost universally came off as assholes. I think this is a win. The one fact that came out of this that no one can dispute, is that Diane Feinstein played games with the committee and fucked both Ford and Kavanaugh, so she could delay the whole process. Normally this would have all been handled in secret, as Ford had requested.
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    Lindsey Graham's balls sure have dropped since McCain died holy fuck.
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    Bash the F-35 thred.

    The Marine Corps F-35B, Lightning II, conducted its first combat strike in the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility in support of Operation Freedom’s Sentinel in Afghanistan, Sept. 27.
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    That would involve the Saudis knowing how to fucking use the expensive equipment they've bought. Saudi Arabia is a backwards LAUGHABLE shithole. They can't figure out how to kill the Houthis with billions of dollars of the best western military equipement that money can buy.
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    Hillary Clinton should be nominated by Trump to replace Ginsberg. Maybe then she'll finally get investigated.
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    In ancient cultures, a young boy would be given a puppy to raise and care for. And when the boy was ready to become a warrior and a man, he’d be forced to kill the puppy. Trump will have Lindsay Graham strangle Jeff Flake to prove that he is ready to enter manhood.
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    The process here was extremely bipartisan and apolitical until the Dems decided to make it about Trump.
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    My girlfriend has taken to calling Brett Kavanaugh "Winnie the Pooh".
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    I personally theorize that Trump lured Lindsey Graham into his office on some pretext. Suddenly, three of Trump's old WWE wrestler buddies sprang out and locked the door. Then they put Graham into a sleeper hold and suplexed him into the floor. Then, for good measure, they hit him with folding chairs for a while. Then two held him down on the ground while one of them yelled in his face. "DO YOU FEEL WEAK?! ARE YOU ANGRY YET?! AM I GOING TO HAVE TO HIT YOU SOME MORE SO YOU CAN UNDERSTAND THE NATURE OF THE PAIN?!" And Lindsey Graham cried and maybe wet himself a bit. The yelling wrestler continued. "YOU ARE ESTRANGED FROM YOUR PRIMAL NATURE?! WHERE IS YOUR FORCEFUL WILL?! WILL YOU MERELY ACCEPT THE COLD HAND OF OBLIVION?!" The wrestler started slapping the senator and shaking him. "YOU WOULDN'T LIFT A FINGER IF I KILLED YOU RIGHT NOW BECAUSE IN YOUR GUTS YOU ARE ALREADY DEAD?! WHY DIE A THOUSAND TIMES IF YOU CAN'T EVEN LIVE ONCE?! WHY DO YOU TORMENT YOURSELF THIS WAY?!" By this point the senator could only make muffled choking sounds. "WELL GUESS WHAT LITTLE BUDDY?! IT'S TIME TO FIGHT?! I'M GOING TO MAKE A REAL BERSERKER OUT OF YOU?!" The wrestler pulled out a syringe and a cotton pad swabbed in rubbing alcohol. "THIS IS A SALINE SOLUTION OF COCAINE AND STEROIDS?! WE'RE GOING TO REPEAT THIS LITTLE PROCEDURE UNTIL YOU ARE MAD ENOUGH AND BAD ENOUGH TO UNLEASH YOUR FIGHTING SPUNK ON THE UNSUSPECTING MASSES?! DO YOU GET ME?!" Trump just sat silently for this entire episode, smirking above steepled fingers.
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