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    Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV

    Updated CV90 is out & about.
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    General news thread

    Now i see a reason why we need all those Ukrainians.
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    Israeli AFVs

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    General AFV Thread

    This thing is called Berserk.
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    PSN-V pistol PV-17 pistol And the Belarusian modification of the "Strike" pistol.
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    Israel, a very long time ago. Judging by the license plate, the blue car on the left was bought between 1966-1968 in the Tel Aviv district, and was new. The tank was captured in 1967 and repainted in the famous white, as tanks in Israeli captivity for display purposes are typically painted in single bright color schemes. e.g there are 3 SU-100 in Israel bunched up together painted in pink, bright blue, and yellow. As the car is not labeled a collectors car and due to the typical old coloring of the photo, I assume it was taken not very long since 1967, so I guess it's late 60's to late 70's. EDIT: This could very well it being transported to Jerusalem for the annual military parade. The IS-3 is known to have taken part in the 1968 parade.
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    "If you agree that we need a stupid 'wall', then you're a racist and an ignorant redneck." - Person that lives in a gated community.
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    I see that they used the "wall hanger" methodology for their firearms selection criteria. Also, fuck every last one of those assholes, because I'm willing to bet that many of them are of the "for me but not for thee" persuasion when it comes to the 2A.
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    Bash the F-35 thred.

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    https://www.kalashnikov.ru/u-istokov-abakana/ TKB-0111 by Korobov. Semi, auto (500 RPM) and 3 round burst (1700 RPM), 3.69 kg, 0.93 m long. Was considered the least promising. TKB-0136-3M by Afanasyev. 2000 RPM with 2 or 5 round burst. 3.57 kg. TKB-0146 by Stechkin. Shifted in time recoil (with 2 round burst, 2000 RPM) fullauto - 400 RPM. Was considered as most promising together with Nikonov's design. AEK-971 by Tarev. Was dropped out in the middle of trails. Had 3 round burst, 1500 RPM. AEK-978 by Pikinsky. No burst mode. 1000 RPM. AKB-1 by Kalashnikov V.M., no burst mode, 800 RPM. AS and ASM by Nikonov
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    Hey, look at the handgun that was shown to Lukashenko during Belarusian-produced weapons expo:
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    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Gun, at some point, every tank manufacturer was not a tank manufacturer. There's always a first design for a company, and there have been several times when these first designs were good. EE-T1 Osorio comes to mind, for its goal (cheap reasonably modern tank for third world nations on a 40t weight limit) it was a fantastic design from a firm with no previous tank work, in a country with no tank industry.
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    It was better than ensuring that the Republicans go out to the polls. Also my fucking sides are in orbit:
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    United States Gun Control Megathread

    Rich Hamptons liberals vs ms-13 https://nypost.com/2018/10/06/hamptons-millionaires-build-luxe-panic-rooms-to-hide-from-ms-13/ Edit: https://www.architecturaldigest.com/story/luxury-panic-rooms-and-vip-evacuation-services-are-in-high-demand The Hamptons are a specifically popular venue for safe rooms, especially since people don't have doormen as a protective barrier as they would in the city. But of course it also provides prime bragging rights. "People in the Hamptons, a lot of it is for people to say, 'I have a panic room.' They have indoor pools, a bowling alley, a bar, and they need something else," says Cosban. "It's a conversation piece." http://www.panicroomsnyc.com/
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    The Worm Thread

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