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    Source is the Norwegian rittmester Christoffer Westermoen via the Norwegian defense and security website aldrimer.no. Westermoen is involved with the Norwegian tank upgrade/replacement project, and has let himself be interviewed due to grievances with how the MoD has handled the project. Is the quoted part accurate info @SH_MM?
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    MBDA's MMP have been successfully launched from a semi-rigid boat (1 sea-land and 1 sea-sea test, both hit their target):
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    Huh. Australians Major General Kath Toohey & Brigadier Shane Gabriel front row in the left. At least they’re keeping up w/what the US Army is doing.
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    How to Salvage SLS?

    It looks like SLS is salvageable if Boeing stays involved; https://arstechnica.com/science/2018/10/theres-a-new-report-on-sls-rocket-management-and-its-pretty-brutal/ Between this and other fiascoes like the KC-46, my opinion of Boeing isn't that great right now.
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    Could they be thinking of this? Because those still aren't Kornet's, they're Ataka's, and thus would still be very wrong.
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    Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV

    An interesting change to the RFT Glossary has been released as an addenda (LAND 400 PHASE 3 – Mounted Close Combat Capability RFT CASG/LSD/RFT0056/18 Addendum Number 04). The definitions contained in an RFT Glossary are carefully written (& debated robustly internally) prior to RFT release, as this Glossary becomes contractually binding for the subsequent RMA, and potentially into the acquisition itself. The change? The definition of “Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)”! From “means a highly protected and lethal AFV with excellent cross country mobility able to lift an armoured infantry section of no fewer than nine infantry soldiers, consisting of three crew and six dismounts, that can fight onto an enemy position. The IFV will have the lethality to destroy as a minimum equivalent threat AFV, air targets, and enemy dismounts operating behind fortified positions or cover. It will be a highly survivable platform with an improved ability to survive the first hits from direct fire weapons, blast and fragmentation and then continue the mission.” To: ”means a Mission System that achieves aspects of the Mounted Close Combat Capability” (yep, no full stop) Glad it’s not vague at all!
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    If 79% of 9/11 doesn't get you the chop then nothing will.
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    That, or the bustle contains extra ammunition (or, more likely, the XM654 supercharged propellant cases). The previous cutaways we got suggest there are two different autoloader configurations considered from the M109A8 - a vertical one (more comparable to the one used on the Crusader) and a horizontal carousel (Meggitt-style). Who knows, maybe the current configuration uses a blend of the two, with primary (vertical) storage in the turret itself and extra charges (horizontal) and carousel in the bustle?
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    Yeah, doorknob Five-Two, was the first adult book I ever read, I read the version know as Kohn's War. I loved the book, and was really disappointed to find out the Author had made up a bunch of stuff up about himself. The mechanics who kept aircraft like the P-38 flying, often in terrible conditions, and through the night, were the unsung heroes of the Air War. When you read about the 5th Air Force in the dark early days of 1942, into 43, was so low on airframes and spares, they were putting aircraft together from 3 or 4 wrecks! Every P-38 the 5th Fighter command lost in 42 into 43 was a HUGE loss, and when they wanted to do an all P-38 Air Group, (the 475th), they had to take away all the 49th Fighter groups and others P-38s to do it, and the Air Force couldn't send new pilots or maintainers so he had stripped the pilots, and take people from his non combat staff! He was able to do this because they found a large number of Chinese refugees(if I recall right) being held by the Australian Government, and was able to use the suitable ones in some staff and housekeepings roles, freeing up GIs. In my opinion, George Kenney was the most brilliant Air Force Officer of the war.
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    My favorite part is when they launched the red race truck and just nose-dived. That's like... 40k worth of work done on the truck itself. For racing. And the guys that jump them have two giant tires weighing down the bed so that it sits flat in the air.
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    Shoddy QC!. I can count the number of radiators I swapped in my Toyota, and have four fingers left! Over one million miles, on the same radiator. (And alternator). Those 80's toyota trucks were fucking stout! (Find the joke)
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    US ski season starts Saturday; https://kdvr.com/2018/10/10/wolf-creek-ski-area-to-open-saturday-says-it-will-be-first-in-nation/
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    Yeah, this would make me want to show up in a time of crisis if I was a Naval sealift command sailor. NOT. https://www.defensenews.com/naval/2018/10/10/youre-on-your-own-us-sealift-cant-count-on-us-navy-escorts-in-the-next-big-war-forcing-changes/
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    AUSA 2018 Warriors Corner #19 Long Range Precision Fires Cross - Functional Team Update with Col. John Rafferty, Col. Chris Mills, Col. Will McDonough and Mike George https://www.dvidshub.net/video/embed/631880 58-caliber M109A8 test footage at the beginning of the video. Credits to Damian90 on AW forums.
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    It was better than ensuring that the Republicans go out to the polls. Also my fucking sides are in orbit:
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    Missed that part. Good catch. I don't mind if someone wants to live in a delusion. But treating it as anything but a disorder means we purposely ignore the phycological issues these people have.
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    General news thread

    Kanye West is now an expert in hydrogen powered air transport, proposes to ditch Air Force One for "Apple-made" iPlane One. Yes, this is for real. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/10/11/kanyes-apple-iplane-1-for-trump-was-designed-by-someone-else.html
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    Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV

    The answer is simple:
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    Oh no, he lives rent free in the minds of millions.
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    So, there's now a very real possibility nobody will be going into space until June 2019.
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    WoT v WT effort-thread

    Shit I gave up on RB and full sim long ago. I even had the gear to pull full sim (other than the VR shit).. The relatives/friends I played with have toasters for PC's so they could not have managed those modes even after I quit pub games (due to teleporting aircraft). Coming soon to Warthunder, once the Boris and Natasha obtain sekrit documents from Moose and Squirrel.
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