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    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    After 23 days of drinking booze and random disappearing, judges finally picked winners of this competition! In a 45 ton category we came to the conclusion that a member of this forum, who only recently joined to us, was able to surpass all other contestants with his tank design. He earns a title of The Glorious Tank Autist of SH - comrade @N-L-M! His XM-2239 "Norman" tank was chosen by all judges as the best submissions of this competition. His work was fighting with Toxn's heavy tank for a 1st place, and managed to overtake it. @Sturgeon's XM12 "Donward" was disqualified from the competition as it was not fitting into one of basic requirements (width, 3.35 meters without skirts vs 3.25 meters required). @A. T. Mahan's 120mm gun tank T44 also was disqualified for use of armor tech that was out of competition-imposed industrial capabilities limitation (1940-1950s level of tech) @ApplesauceBandit's AFVs were also not in a competition as submission was lacking in any stats, so we couldn't understand if vehicle fits into basic requirements. In 25 ton category a rivalry was stronger as more light tanks proposals managed to get through basic requirements. Judges examined several war vehicles proposed by A.T. Mahan, Sturgeon, NLM, Toxn, and made their choice. The winner of this category is no other than a Supreme Warrior of Napkinpanzers comrade @Toxn!* *vehicle should receive a change in co-axial MG placement, as now it is a danger for driver's head when he is entering/exiting his station or anytime when he have his head outside of the hatch. Our Great AFV designer Toxn pictured with tank drivers that his tank is going to kill before modernization programm will be launched to reposition co-axial MG to a safer place. Place for a memorial is ready to accept new heroes of SH Tank design bureau.** **Not in Kharkov Winners of this competition now should receive their prizes, after that - locked in their houses and allowed to get out only to work on AFV designs until retirement.
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    @Ramlaen Not to mention, it also sports the CREW Duke v3 antenna (behind that black cylinder), which suggests they're different (as in, separate) systems. I'm still not convinced it's the Multimodal Hostile Fire Detection System (to be included with Raytheon's Lynx offering), as the top of the sensor array sports a ring of flash-detecting optics: that black cylinder is clearly smooth with no set of apertures...and I don't think it's just a removable protection cap meant to cover the MFHDS when the latter is not in use. EDIT: it's certainly one of the new AMPVs, probably the Mission Command variant. You can clearly see that antenna pedestal in front of the CREW Duke.
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    The incompetence of the Saudis is mindboggling.
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    Don't forget the luxury yachts.
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    Tank neutral steer capability

    Another approach to neutral steering is the triple differential steering system. Henry Edward Merritt, an engineer and gearbox designer, is famous for his unique invention, Merritt triple differential transmission. The first British mass production tank with triple differential transmission is the Churchill tank. The Churchill tanks have a Merritt-Brown H4 gearbox, 4 stands for four gears forward, H stands for horizontal, because the two rows of gears in the gearbox are horizontally located. A great advantage of Merritt's design is compactness. The transmission incorporate the range gears and steering mechanism into a single box, thus reduce the longitude size. The H4 transmission can provide four gears forward, one gear reverse, and a neutral position for neutral steer. The basic design itself is simple, but how to explain it could be a little bit difficult. Three differentials are arranged like this: The left and right differentials are used for combining the driving power flow and steering power flow, and the steering differential is used for creating different speed of the steering gears. The bevel pinion gears are not easy to produce, so the design transformed into cylindrical gears. ↑The Z5 gearbox on Cromwell cruiser tank When driving forward, the sun wheel and ring gear of planetary F1 and F2 always counter rotate. The carrier of F1 and F2 rotate on an average speed of the ring gear(forward) and the sun wheel(reverse), and because the ring gear rotates faster, the carrier rotates on the same direction with the ring gear, so the vehicle goes forward. When steering brake J1 actuated, the sun wheel of F1 is stopped, now the carrier of F1 accelerate. The steering differential C then drives the sun wheel of F2 back rotate even faster(double time), so the carrier of F2 decelerate. When in a Cromwell/Centurion/Chieftain/Scorpion, the driver pulls right steering lever, which actuated the left steering brake, makes the track on left side go faster, the track on right side go slower, and the vehicle turns right. Another important design feature of the H4/Z5 gearbox is the reverse gear. When reverse gear is selected, the main shaft(E) of the gearbox is locked and stopped. The main shaft is connected to the F1/F2 ring gear, so the ring gear is brought to a stop. F1/F2 sun wheel going reverse, driving the planetary carrier reverse. This design has advantages and disadvanteges. The advantage is that the gearbox doesn't need to insert a idler wheel between range gears to change the driving direction, thus ease the operation of gear changing. The disadvantage is that the reverse gear is very slow, due to the large reduction ratio. The reverse gear ratio of Z5 gearbox is approximately 22.894, makes the tank's reverse speed very slow. When the vehicle is stopped on a solid plain terrain, and neutral position is selected, the planetary carrier stay still. The sun wheels go reverse, bring the ring gear and main shaft rotates forward. Pull left steering lever, right sun wheel is stopped and forward-rotating ring gear bring the planetary carrier slowly forward, so the right track goes forward. The left sun wheel reverse double-time and faster than forward-rotating ring gear, bring the planetary carrier slowly reverse, thus the vehicle pivot in place.
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    Good guy with a (hand)gun kills bad guy wielding an AR-15 in Bend, Ore. https://www.bendbulletin.com/localstate/6618706-151/da-bend-man-was-hunted-in-own-home
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    Gun Science Library

    Comparing Advertised Ballistic Coefficients with Independent Measurements http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a554683.pdf If anyone needs a reference for "real" BCs.
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    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    I am honoured to accept lifelong house arrest and confinement in the name of designing glorious tanks for our sacred motherland. I will place the coaxial machinegun in a more suitable position where it can wound all crewman equally, so as to enact the egalitarian principles of our supreme state.
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    General news thread

    AS a Security professional, their response fucking offends me. We walk people to their cars, and ensure that they are in their vehicle, with the door locked for threat levels way the fuck below that at my site. Hell, that's standard proceedure at my site for anyone who requests a ride. Any elevated threat level and we post pictures to all posts of a credible threat, and will pretty much do whatever we can to ensure staff safety, including violating rules on where we are willing to drop people off. FFS, this shit isn't that hard if you have half a brain. And we don't even have the level of authority that Campus cops would.
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    MBDA's MMP have been successfully launched from a semi-rigid boat (1 sea-land and 1 sea-sea test, both hit their target):
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    Well fuck: https://nypost.com/2018/10/23/khashoggis-body-parts-reportedly-found-in-saudi-consul-generals-garden/
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    You tried to say Ptuin, communist, garbage tractor made for illiterates is superior to the Trump, liberating Freedom making Murica Tank!
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    Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    It happened again:
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