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    for some reason the hull looks like KV-1
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    A/4-68 Armor Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division was reactivated today, meaning the US Army officially has air dropped armor again.
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    Kamov new concept leak

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    The Swedish AFV Thread: Not Just Strv 103s

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    Check out the third pic - I haven't seen an open stator/rotor combo on a sub before, I like it I've also seen this concept from euronaval 2018: I would like some of their drugs
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    " En 10,5 cm kanon monterades ovanpå Mardern i ett enmanstorn. Med denna rigg UDES 19 genomfördes ett flertal olika försök – körning, skjutning, med mera. Det gjordes egentligen två riggar för UDES 19. Utöver kör- och skjutriggen tillverkades även en laddrigg. På dessa genomfördes kör-, skjut-, observations-och laddförsök. Laddriggen testade principen att låta en laddpendel som roterar runt samma axel som kanonen föra skotten ett och ett från magasinet till kanonen. Konstruktionen visade sig fungera bra och vara så robust att varken snö eller de grenar man testade med (upp till 5 cm) tjocka utgjorde något hinder för funktionen, däremot sågs det finnas risk att skräp följde med skotten in i kanonen. Man testade dock inte känsligheten för beskjutning. Under skjutförsök bekräftades att det gick snabbare att inrikta kanonen - detta eftersom den har lägre massa än ett vanligt torn. Dock fick riggen långa skottider som berodde på dåligt fininriktningssystem. Parallellt testades även denna princip med ovanpålagrad kanon på ett chassi till Strv 103. " Translation: " A 105mm canon was mounted on top of a Marder AFV in a one-man turret. With this rig, UDES 19 completed several different tests - driving, firing and more. It is actually two rigs for UDES 19. For driving- and shooting-rig a loading rig is added. Driving, firing, observation and loading test are done on these rigs. The loading rig is to test the principle that a loading pendulum that rotates around the same axis as the canon can feed ammunition from the magazine to the cannon. This system appeared to work well and was so robust that neither snow or branches that was tested (up to 50mm) thick made a hindrance for the system, however, there is a risk of rubbish coming with the ammunition into the cannon. Therefor, the sensitivity to firing was not tested. In the firing trials in was found that the cannon was faster at aiming, because of the lighter tower. However, the rig high aiming time was thought to be because of bad FCS. In parallel this principle was tested on a chassis of the Strv 103." Source: http://www.ointres.se/udes.htm
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    Time to break some of this down: Projected frontal silhouettes. STRV 2000 T is the familiar one, STRV 2000 O is another proposed configuration with a completely external weapons mounting: Different configurations considered for STRV 2000, note that only one of the configurations had a 140mm gun. Some of the others were based on the CV-90 chassis: Side armor configuration of the STRV 2000: "Band" means track. Overall armor layout. You can see that side armor was prioritized. Design of the ERA.
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    Here's my tinfoil hat take on this bomber. He's a result of the FBI, he'd been egg'd on and pushed by an agent into acting so that he could be intercepted. I think the FBI does this kind of thing regularly, trying to infiltrate groups or locate weirdos to push them forward and get them to do something they wouldn't otherwise do. Another thing to note is that almost all of the people targeted have security details that check incoming mail. Didn't some of them get into the offices buildings where the person was? This whole event looks rotten.
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    I guess they propose it as an upgrade on the Scorpène (possibly as a retrofit?) drawing from the experience they've got on the Barracuda: Old Scorpène: Barracuda/Shortfin-Barracuda: Though that does raise the question of why they didn't directly copied the new propeller. Supposedly this shape is hydrodynamically more efficient and thus stealthier: But DCNS/Naval group does have a habit of proposing weird concepts every few years: SMX-25: Concept of a high speed patrol/recon sub (38 knots surfaced - 10 knts underwater) SMX-26: Sort of special forces and infiltration optimized concept
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    Transmissions and final drives

    There's a lot of interest in hydraulic transmissions for wind turbines, although I don't know how widespread they are. That's very high torque low speed continuous-ish operation (probably easily continuous over several hours, which is more than long enough for heat to be an issue).
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    Random Nuclear Stuff

    https://www.defensenews.com/video/2018/10/08/new-nuclear-bomb-clears-design-review/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=Socialflow+DFN&fbclid=IwAR3cOCgZ6E82-65jfH5rM3NcVnmNpLkv3hSZ0BRHZsp8PDMTAyJhj_BwG6Q Newest B-61 version clears design review
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    The "bombs" will be made functional. Rest assured.
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    Something a bit unusual from China. Oversized SPAAGs, go!
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    So we get to reconcile those NRC documents with this one. https://www.nrc.gov/docs/ML1619/ML16190A098.pdf
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    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    After 23 days of drinking booze and random disappearing, judges finally picked winners of this competition! In a 45 ton category we came to the conclusion that a member of this forum, who only recently joined to us, was able to surpass all other contestants with his tank design. He earns a title of The Glorious Tank Autist of SH - comrade @N-L-M! His XM-2239 "Norman" tank was chosen by all judges as the best submissions of this competition. His work was fighting with Toxn's heavy tank for a 1st place, and managed to overtake it. @Sturgeon's XM12 "Donward" was disqualified from the competition as it was not fitting into one of basic requirements (width, 3.35 meters without skirts vs 3.25 meters required). @A. T. Mahan's 120mm gun tank T44 also was disqualified for use of armor tech that was out of competition-imposed industrial capabilities limitation (1940-1950s level of tech) @ApplesauceBandit's AFVs were also not in a competition as submission was lacking in any stats, so we couldn't understand if vehicle fits into basic requirements. In 25 ton category a rivalry was stronger as more light tanks proposals managed to get through basic requirements. Judges examined several war vehicles proposed by A.T. Mahan, Sturgeon, NLM, Toxn, and made their choice. The winner of this category is no other than a Supreme Warrior of Napkinpanzers comrade @Toxn!* *vehicle should receive a change in co-axial MG placement, as now it is a danger for driver's head when he is entering/exiting his station or anytime when he have his head outside of the hatch. Our Great AFV designer Toxn pictured with tank drivers that his tank is going to kill before modernization programm will be launched to reposition co-axial MG to a safer place. Place for a memorial is ready to accept new heroes of SH Tank design bureau.** **Not in Kharkov Winners of this competition now should receive their prizes, after that - locked in their houses and allowed to get out only to work on AFV designs until retirement.
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    The Creative Side of SH

    I used to write things.
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    Transmissions and final drives

    Share some less-known information about cold war period tracked vehicle transmission Mithubishi transmission MT75 for STB, later known as Type 74. The basic layout of MT75 is similar to the CD-500 transmission on M41 light tank, used by JGSDF in a short period after war. But the Japanese tank designers prefer mechanical gearbox rather than hydramatic gearbox, they use a electro-mechanic high-low range instead of a torque converter. The high-low range part is described as "1次変速"(range first stage). The steering mechanism is a single-radius, double differential type, operated by engaging steering clutch, also resemble the CD-500. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Allison X-700 transmission, a 800-hp class transmission to replace XTG-411 on T95 medium tank in 1960s. Trials were successful but finally never adopted. The Army decided to develop a 1500-hp class transmission for XM803. X-700 then evolved into X-1100 transmission. The X-200 and X-300 were basically smaller variants of X-700. X-1100 users: M1 and its variants; Korean K9 "Thunder"; Turkish T-155 "Firtina" X-300 users: Warrior IFV; CV90 series X-200 users: M113 upgrade (A2 standard) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Allison XHM-1500-B2, a hydrostatic-mechanical transmission developed in early 1970s. A competitor against X-1100 but less successful. Different parts were shown in different color. Orange: power input and forward-reverse shifting mechanism; Blue: hydrostatic-mechanical speed range (mechanical planetary gears were not shown in cutaway); Red: hydrostatic differential steering system; Green: output shaft and planetary gears. Hope you enjoy these pics.
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    According to his screencapped Gab.ai wall(before they suspended it to begin cooperation with the FBI) the guy is one of those unironic Nazis who thinks Trump and his voting base are internationalist cucks controlled by the Jews
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    General news thread

    https://www.apnews.com/007f5a47c9774adf8f180bf096a7d9f1 Yet another GRU opsec failure, this time leaving the pension authorities wondering if there was some sort of pension fraud going on
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    Chinese BMPT xaxaxaxa )))))
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