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    Starter Firearm Thread

    Moved to the appropriate subforum. First of all, the provisions you are outlining are not "loopholes" as they are explicitly outlined in Federal law. Specifically, 18 U.S.C. 922(b)(1) from the 1968 Gun Control Act, the BATFE advisement about which states: Provided that your state has no relevant prohibitions, then, yes you may acquire a handgun from a non-FFL ("unlicensed individual"), usually via gifting. I would be very careful how you conduct this as it's relatively easy to create a condition that could be regulated by state or Federal law. For example, if you live with your parents in a state with no additional regulations and are over 18, your father or mother may gift you a handgun without issue. However, if your father lives in another state, this would fall under interstate commerce and would be illegal, as interstate transactions must go through an FFL (who can't sell you the firearm). Gun shows are dicey in this way because generally speaking you don't have any way to verify that the seller lives in your state or not. You can ask for ID, but that's not a surefire thing either. If you do decide to go this route, I would definitely insist on seeing an ID and photographing it. Another thing to worry about is accidentally conducting a straw purchase. If, for example, you had the above case with your parent, but instead of a Christmas gift, you reimbursed them for the gun then that would become a straw purchase and a Federal crime. More confusingly, if this handgun were already owned by your parents (if for example it was Grandpa's gun), and you bought it off them, that would not be a straw purchase and would be legal. There are also, so far as I know, no regulations against trades of handguns between individuals who reside in the same state. So, conceivably, you could trade for a privately owned handgun, for example - but we enter yet another grey area if the gun you are trading for was purchased with the knowledge that you'd be trading for it. In this case it's possible that this could be considered a straw purchase in the same way as if you had bought the weapon from them with cash. Given the above, I would go about acquiring a handgun very carefully. Some Don'ts, Dos, and Mays: DON'T arrange for someone else to buy a gun for you from an online store or any place with an FFL. This is one of the key ingredients of a straw purchase - if they can prove you arranged the purchase ahead of time, bad day for you. DON'T purchase from or trade with people who are not family members or very close friends (e.g., you've been to their house). It's the only way to be sure. DON'T post on online message boards or Facebook groups conspicuous or incriminating requests for handguns DON'T use Armslist to arrange a private sale. Armslist is a cesspit, full of scams and ne'erdowells, just avoid it. You'll thank me. DON'T go "gun shopping" for a handgun with anyone who might want to sell or gift you a gun unless they agree not to buy anything from that store. Even if it's innocent, "hey dad, I want that one" followed by an attempted sale will give any decent gun store clerk the heebie jeebies. DO let people you know and trust know you want a handgun, and which kind. As long as you don't plan for them to purchase a gun, this is fine. And you may get lucky, or find someone wants to sell a gun you'd be happy with. You never know without bringing it up. DO inform those you know who may be willing to sell, trade, or gift you a handgun what the relevant laws are. Show them the BATFE regulations using your phone or computer. Make sure they do not think they are doing something illegal. DO make an effort to shoot a variety of handguns before you buy. Since you are under 21, you generally can't rent handguns but you should have no problems accompanying a legal purchaser and shooting any guns they rent. Also, look out for folks who might be happy to let you shoot their guns at the range. A .22 LR rifle is nice for this, since you can shoot it anywhere you can shoot a pistol. YOU MAY want to arrange a nice gift for someone who seems like they would be willing to gift or trade you a handgun. Doesn't hurt, right? As for which handgun to pick, this choice is very personal. I shoot Glocks well, and most people do, so that's my default for you. Glock 19 or 17. I estimate there is an 80% chance it will work well for you. If not, you can sell it later for close to full value. If you are a part of that 20% of the population who just really does not agree with Glocks, I would give the well respected competing brands (S&W, SIG, CZ, etc, not Springfield) a try and see which one shoots best for you. "Feel" of the handgun can be related to your performance with them, but isn't necessarily. For example, the most comfortable handgun for me is the Browning Hi Power, yet I shoot Glocks better. The biggest mistake in my humble opinion that a first-time handgun shooter can make is saying "hey, I'll buy a full-size or compact (G19) handgun and it'll be both my IDPA/training gun, and when I'm 21 it'll be my CCW too!" No. Do not do this. Yes, people can and have concealed full size guns every day. They are not you. You've never concealed a handgun before. You want the smallest, most concealable gun you can get that still offers good shootability and lethality (that would be a Glock 43 btw, plus maybe the SIG P365 in a couple years once it's debugged). Right now, I would just pick a good gun to build fundamentals on, and worry about what you want to carry when you get closer to getting your license. If after a year or two of actually carrying that smaller gun, you want to go up to a Desert Eagle or whatever, be my guess. But practice carrying with something that's less of a pain in the ass, first. I would also keep an eye out for anything friends or relatives have that might be a good range gun, even if it's not exactly what you want. Remember, guns usually hold their value so if you don't end up liking it, you can sell it and usually lose less than the cost of renting it. For your starter AR-15, there are a lot of good options. The baseline gun people are usually going to tell you to get is the Colt 6920. This gun offers basically zero nice features (like trigger, free float rail, etc) but it is mechanically still one of the best guns you can buy and makes an excellent host for upgrades. Many other guns below the $1000 mark today offer rail systems, triggers, midlength gas, and other upgrades, but in my case there aren't many of those packages that I really like as a whole, and chances are very good their quality won't be quite as high as the 6920. That's not to say the 6920 is the best rifle out there, but in terms of QC it has been the gun to beat for a while now. With a Colt OEM2, you get the rifle and none of the stuff that goes on it, too, and you are left with roughly $250 of your budget to slap on stocks, rails, etc. Even if it doesn't have all the modern creature comforts (it has a carbine gas system and the notorious GI trigger), it's hard to do better than taking one of those and decking it out the way you like. I've owned a 6920 for 8 years, and it's had close to 10,000 rounds through it. Nothing has broken. Everything still works as it should. The original upper still shoots 2 minute with quality ammo. The 6920 isn't good enough anymore that if you get anything else there'll be a riot, but if you do get one, nobody will question it either. And you'll be satisfied, I think.
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    General news thread

    Angela Merkel says she will not seek a fifth term as chancellor, effectively beginning the winding down of her time as German leader. Merkel says she will not be seeking any political post after her term as chancellor ends in 2021. She also says she will not stand for re-election as chairwoman of her Christian Democratic Union party when an election is held in December. Merkel's CDU party and her coalition partner in Berlin, the Social Democratic Party, saw heavy losses in the state election in Hesse this weekend.
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    Scale Models Megathread

    Rest of photos: https://imgur.com/gallery/92KisHb
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    A big part of the reason why this advice is so valuable is that mainstream = cheap and easy accessories. No, you don't need to rice your handgun out at first, but having access to the best holsters, cheap and good magazines (as opposed to cheap or good), and easily accessed spares for if/when things breaks is reassuring. Agreed, but I would like to add something. As I'm sure Sturgeon can attest (having held everything from the first to the latest AR-15s), the AR is delightful in large part because of it's modularity. Although it won't be an issue for you within the first, say, 1-2 years of owning and shooting an AR-15 (possibly more!) the dated components of a Colt 6920 are primarily in the upper receiver group, which is not legally a firearm. It is thus entirely possible to keep your existing AR-15 and buy or build a new, hyper-modern, whiz-bang upper receiver and install it on your rifle merely by popping a few pins. There is a lot of upward growth potential in a rack-grade 6920 when you're ready to do so.
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    Starter Firearm Thread

    Yeah I didn't either. You'll get over it, trust me. I thought I already made a few recommendations. I've shot a lot of different handguns. I'd stick with the mainstream striker-fired guns, the best of those being the various Glocks and the M&Ps. Yes I have some experience with them and would not recommend spending your money on either. It's a roll of the dice. Bushmaster mostly made its name through being referenced in CNN articles about school shootings. They aren't the best choice. Of everything you mentioned the M&P 15 Sport II is the best, but the Colt 6920 is better yet.
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    General news thread

    https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/oct/28/jair-bolsonaro-wins-brazil-presidential-election Bolsonaro seems to have won in Brazil.
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    CV-90, why so much love ?

    Trident juncture 2018 : http://pds25.egloos.com/pds/201810/25/60/f0205060_5bd170b7830c6.jpg http://pds21.egloos.com/pds/201810/25/60/f0205060_5bd170c6c3582.jpg
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    French flair

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    There is a bit of conflicting information about the UAAPU, from what I read the original was a small gas turbine. The development of the M1A2 SEP's UAAPU was stopped and not included in production vehicles. Some units still had M1A2 that were upgraded with it. After which more APU engines were developed. The UAAPU in the M1A2C appears to be a new design.
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    " De tekniska studierna delades upp i kompetensuppbyggande studier och försök, konceptstudier samt projektstudier. Fysiskt skydd kom att prioriteras före beväpningssystem, ledningssystem och rörlighetssystem. Tre huvudkrav kom att bli konceptstyrande: Skjutning under gång varvet runt (360º) med huvudvapnet Direktutblick för vagnchefen från vagnens högsta punkt Överlevnad för vagn och besättning vid en träff i ammunitionslagringen Vidare beaktades de typiskt svenska förhållandena som normalt resulterade i speciella krav på försvarsmaterielen – den korta värnpliktsutbildningen följd av korta repetitionsövningar (dvs materielen måste vara lätt att handha) och det faktum att materielen under större delen av sin livslängd skulle ligga i mobiliseringsförråd med ett minimum av underhåll. Skydd I projekt Strv 2000 tillmättes skyddet i vid bemärkelse stor betydelse – eller stridsvagnens överlevnadsförmåga vad avser skydd mot upptäckt-identifiering-träff, skydd mot verkan och skydd mot efterverkan. Kraven sattes mycket högt både vad gäller låga signaturer inom våglängdsområdena för IR och radar, men framförallt för det ballistiska skyddet. Dessa inkluderade mycket förutseende krav på skydd mot minor och takverkande stridsdelar. Grundprincipen för vagnens uppbyggnad var ett minimiskrov i pansarstål som var tillräckligt tjockt för att kunna ta upp krafterna vid körning och skjutning. Det skulle också kunna ta upp de krafter som en yttre skyddsmodul kunde åstadkomma då den träffats. I det fall den yttre skyddsmodulen använde sig av principen med ett spontaninitierat tungt explosivt reaktivt pansar (t ex i kompositionen 15/3/9) – effektivt inte bara mot riktad sprängverkan, utan även kinetisk energi – kunde dessa krafter på grundstrukturen bli relativt stora. De försök som gjordes mot frontalt monterade moduler med denna typ av skydd visade att det var möjligt att kraftigt störa en penetrerande pilprojektil. Tanken var också att Strv 2000 skulle använda en stor andel keram i skyddskonstruktionen. Det faktum att den totala andelen keram skulle komma att uppgå till flera ton i respektive stridsvagn gjorde att ett det så kallade Skyddskeramprojektet startade upp 1988. Under ett par års tid gjordes försök med många olika typer av keram - Al2O3(aluminiumoxid), B4C (borkarbid) och TiB2 (titanborid) – men trots ett brett deltagande från svensk industri, FOA och FMV, blev det inte så mycket mer än en medioker referenskeram. Inspirerade av den valda skyddslösningen i den amerikanska stridsvagnen M1A1 DU där Chobhampansaret uppgraderats med skikt av utarmat uran, gjordes provskjutningar i Sverige även mot denna typ av material. Resultaten visade på möjligheten att nå bättre skyddsprestanda om volymen och inte vikten var gränssättande. Stor möda lades även på att åstadkomma en från besättningen separerad ammunitionslagring som skulle tåla såväl krutbrand som en detonation efter direktträff på en RSV-stridsdel med övertändning som följd. Den lösning som utarbetades fungerade och hade stora likheter med motsvarande utrymmen i Leopard 2 och M1A1 med så kallade ”blow off panels”, men hade en utvecklad princip för att förhindra total övertändning med total utslagning som följd. Skotten var placerade längst bak i chassiet. " Translation: " The technical studies are divided up into competence building studies and trials, concept studies and project studies. Physical armor is prioritzed over weapon systems, FCS and mobility systems. Three main requirements have steered the concept: - Firing while on the movie, 360 degrees with the main weapon. - Direct sight for the vehicle commander from the tanks highest point. - Survival of the tank and crew in case of a hit to the ammunition storage. Furthermore, the typical Swedish environment is considered, which normally results in special requirements for defense materials - the short conscription followed by short repletion exercise (meaning that the material needs to be easy to handle) and the fact that the material in bigger parts of its lifetime will be located at mobilization storage with a minimum of maintenance. Armor: In project Strv 2000 is armor of the highest importance - or the tanks survival chance against discovery - identification - hit, protection against impact, after armor protection. High requirements are sett for a low signature in the visual spectrum, for IR and for radar, men but most of all the armor. These include requirements for mine protection and roof armor. The principle of the tank construction is a minimal hull of armor steel, made strong enough to absorb the force when driving and firing. It should also be able to take up the force that a outer armor module would achieve when hit. In the case of the outer armor module, the use of the principle with a spontaneously initiated heavy explosive reactive armor (composition 15/3/9) - effective not only against directed explosive force (I assume HEAT) but also kinetic energy - could these forces on the hull be reality large. It was also thought that Strv 200 would use a large amount of ceramics in the armor construction. The fact that a big portion of ceramics would come to make up several tons in the tank in question, caused the so called ceramic armor project to be started in 1988. In a couple of years time a few tests were done with several different ceramics - Al2O3(aluminium oxide), B4C (boron carbide) and TiB2 (titan boride) - but even with a board cooperation between Swedish industry, FOA and FMW, the ceramics turned out the not be much more than a mediocre reference ceramics. Inspired by the armor solution chosen by the US tank M1A1, in which the Chobham armor was upgraded with a layer of depleted uranium, a firing trial was held in Sweden against this type of material. The results showed a possibility of better armor performance if volume and not the weight was the restricting factor. A lot of effort was put into producing the ammunition storage, separated from the crew, which can take a direct hit and detonation from a ATGM. The solution developed was similar to the Leopard 2 or M1A1 with their so called "blow off panels", but was also developed to stop a chain reaction from detonating all the ammunition. The ammunition was placed in the hull rear. " I translated the section covering the armor for you guys. Though I do not see anything indicating that the front engine required longer side armor. The requirements state the coverage, regardless of a front engine. Though the coverage required is similar to the M1A2 and Leopard 2's turret. I can translate more if anyone is interested.
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    I Learned Something Today

    TIL that average height in Europe is still lower today than it was in pre-Neolithic times. https://ourworldindata.org/human-height#mesolithic-times-middle-ages-subsistence-societies-and-modern-foragers
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    WoT v WT effort-thread

    The T114 is a meme mobile, that's about it. It can be nasty, but it can't carry. Plus side, you get to run it in a completely baller 6.7 American line up, and it doesn't care about facing 7.7s. In my opinion, it would come down to what BR you play at more. I haven't driven T114s, but I've killed plenty, and I've only been killed by them a handful of times. They are great ambush vehicles. If you already have the T29, M26E1, and Super Hellcat, then yeah, go for it.
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    That, or the bustle contains extra ammunition (or, more likely, the XM654 supercharged propellant cases). The previous cutaways we got suggest there are two different autoloader configurations considered from the M109A8 - a vertical one (more comparable to the one used on the Crusader) and a horizontal carousel (Meggitt-style). Who knows, maybe the current configuration uses a blend of the two, with primary (vertical) storage in the turret itself and extra charges (horizontal) and carousel in the bustle?
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    Looks like the autoloader has been attached as a turret bustle.
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    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    edit: I'm dumb, I thought I had put 10 foot 8 in the contest instead of 10.8. So that's entirely my fault.
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    Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect

    Starter Firearm Thread

    If it doesn't start with a "4" it's for women or commies. Best to buy one gun that you can use for carry and home defense. But always have a spare gun of the same type for extra parts. One is none, two is one. Based on this, a KRISS vector in .45 Almighty Caliber Proper is probably your best bet. Buy two, one with a brace and one as a pistol so you can carry it easy. I suggest a chest holster.
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    French flair

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    French flair

    Hi guys, I would like to take this place to ask that how credible is this article? Screenshot from Magazine RAIDS Les Chars de Combat en Action 3,. All of tanks mentioned in this article have taken part in the Sweden trials, I suppose that maybe the author would have some materials related to the true armor layout.
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