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    If you broke the rules on another forum is this really the place to complain about it?
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    Documents for the Documents God

    http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a554529.pdf A fairly exhaustive look at the work of Prof. Dr. Manfred Held (PBUH), and the science of reactive armor initiation.
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    Robot tank! Sorry, I couldn't help myself.
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    Gurkhan's post about 2A82-1M cannon Also from text and number of material bought for cannons production says that no T-14s were finished in 2018 and only 24 cannons could be/were made so far. From otvaga - patent was found for 2A82, another link.
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    Israeli defense writer for news site "IsraelDefense", Ami Rojkes Dombe, brings up a good point in a so-far-hebrew-only speculative article, that the Israeli MoD's project for a joint APS developed by all major gov't owned companies - IAI (radar), IMI (interceptor), and Rafael (electronic and overall architecture), is probably even more dead right now than it was in 2014. The history goes a bit like this: 2006 - Rafael and IMI demonstrate their APS in state trials. 2007 - Trophy is selected to enter service. 2008 - Trophy enters production. 2009 - First battalion is fully equipped. 2014 - IMOD initiates program to develop joint APS by Rafael, IMI, and IAI, with Rafael being the prime contractor. 2016 - 2 brigades are fully equipped, and preparations made for production for Namers and Merkava 3 tanks. 2017 - Total of 1,000 new systems are on order until 2027, with an average production rate of 100 vehicles per year. ============================================================================================================================== Now for the future: 2019 - Carmel project ends (cockpit design) and is superseded by Kaliya/Bullet, thus increasing the urgency for next gen APS. 2021 - Merkava 4 Barack tanks enter service with new APS capable of defeating KEPs. 2027 - Vehicles developed in the Kaliya/Bullet program enter service with a next generation APS. So by 2021, which is relatively speaking right around the corner, The IMOD should have an anti-KEP APS already in service. This puts quite a dent in that goal, but MANTAK can't really be blamed for falling behind schedule. It's very atypical for them. In the worst case, the MoD presents a schedule that is unnecessarily stretched, but MANTAK are known to always deliver. ============================================================================================================================== Back to the speculation part: The deal was that IMI, IAI, and Rafael will supply a joint APS. It was actually tried before, and failed. The companies did not agree to work together for a whole lot of reasons, mostly related to pride, even though they were government owned companies. It was revived, and although nothing new of it came up throughout the years, other than that the Barack will get an anti-KEP APS which is without a shred of doubt a reference at the joint APS, it seems that the MAPS program of the US Armed Forces, along with the financial difficulties of IMI, have made a completion of this project somewhat unlikely. What we know: IMI is now being absorbed into Elbit, with the move perhaps being finalized before the end of 2018 (stock merger in November). Elbit, being a private company, can be far more aggressive in marketing than even Rafael and IMI were known to be, and they are showing that they can definitely swallow entire markets within Israel's defense industries. Rafael and IMI are fiercely fighting against each other in the US, Australia, and all over Europe, instead of working together on offering a joint system that shouldn't be more developmental than the new developmental iterations of the Trophy and Iron Fist. However there is one mitigating factor that should be taken into account: The IDF is reportedly testing the IF-LC on the Eitan and D9 bulldozers, which should signal to Rafael that they may want a cooperation after all, to mitigate the threat presented by Elbit.
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    So if I posted a diagram of the turret traverse mechanism of a PzKfwVI, carrying the large stamp "Geheim!", this guy would rush to his time machine to inform the Gestapo? I'll load up the Vickers in anticipation..
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    General AFV Thread

    Looks back at the XM60...
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    What would a robot tank look like?

    Robo-Gavins are summoned by saying "Sparky" into a mirror three times in quick succession.
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    Massive boost to French naval capabilities
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    ... ...No, seriously, I thought they had killed this thing.
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