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    General news thread

    Depends on what you consider live ammo. For law enforcement anything below the second line of this table is considered as it: It ranges from tear gas launched from a grenade launcher to 7,62mm so it's quite a wide definition. If we are only talking about bullets then definitively no. The only case when the law enforcement can use them (in the context of a protest) is when they are directly shot at with firearms, which is basically never. Otherwise they have access to a wide range of "stun" grenades which work either with sound, light, both, shock-waves and rubber projectiles. Those are supposed to be used when the crowd get too close allowing the law enforcement to retreat and reorganize. They are first to be rolled on the floor and if things get really out of hand launched from a hand held grenade launcher. Now some of those grenades contain a little amount of explosive, and regularly cause injury (launched to close, launched in a high arc against the procedure, idiot trying to pick up the nade blowing up his hand, etc). Needless to say they regularly pop up in the public debate because of the serious injury they can cause. One particular type of grenade was for example banned, after causing a death in 2014, the officer launched it in a high arc against procedure and it got stuck between the backpack and the back of a man, the blast killed him. We are one of the few country (if not the last one) in Europe which still use such a large panel of potentially dangerous grenades. Funny enough the use of the taser was banned for law enforcement as it was seen as dangerous for vulnerable peoples (elderly, pregnant women) but mainly that it was degrading and against human dignity. This article sums up what the law enforcement can and cannot do during a protest: https://translate.google.fr/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.lemonde.fr%2Fles-decodeurs%2Farticle%2F2016%2F05%2F03%2Fce-que-la-police-peut-et-ne-peut-pas-faire-pendant-une-manifestation_4913025_4355770.html
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    Turkish touch

    Data sheet of Kaplan thx @PDF
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    Books About Tanks

    Thanks. If you speak to Mr. DiNardo again, please tell him he owes me twelve bucks. PayPal is acceptable. ;)
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    Stadium supertruck racing is like something out of my 9 year old wildest dreams.
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    The fix is, "Be a single issue voter". If an elected official Violates/Infringes on the Second, assume they cannot be trusted on the other amendments, and send them packing. Remind currently serving ones of the repercussions.
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    Bash the F-35 thred.

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    The Hippie Hate Thread

    I hypothesize that hippies are aware that the policies they agitate for will cause massive destruction and suffering, and they continue to so agitate because they hate nature, they hate the environment, they hate humanity, and they hate all that is good, beautiful and true. Obviously, they claim otherwise, but this is because they cannot but lie. To lie is to reaffirm their foul, pitch-stained faith, which is allegiance to Angra Mainyu the father of lies and darkness. To deceive, to cut life short and to snuff out beauty are their sacraments. The light, the truth and all that is pure and wholesome (e.g. police batons and gamma rays), that is what they fear. But this is only a hypothesis.
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    The Hippie Hate Thread

    Satan gets a bad rap. Hippies are like the footsoldiers of Erra, the Akkadian plague god.
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    The Hippie Hate Thread

    Some time ago we had an agreement with Germany. They were sending to us their "difficult" teenagers, while we were moving them into remote Siberian villages, far from civilization and Facebooks. And it worked! I bet that we can find more of those remote Siberian villages, so others can send their hippies to be remade in hands of both Mother Nature and Mother Russia. When their urine will become ice and bears teeths will be inside of their drug-filled trashbins that some people can mistakenly call "body", only then we can start to hope that at least some of them will survive and have a chance to become a human. And i hope that many others will be eaten by bears and wolves, will be frozen to death or die from eating snow 7 days non-stop. At least this is how USSR was fighting Soviet hippies and thats why there is almost no hippies in Russia.
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    The Hippie Hate Thread

    Pictured: Collimatrix was on the drug called U-235 and in a haze he created a time machine because plot. He decides to fuck those paradoxes and go back in time and Sturgeon goes along for the ride while the rest of the gang are busy doing important stuff like yelling at 14 yr kids on the internet who think Tiger Tanks are cool while Tied goes into cardiac arrest for eating too many Snickers bars. In contemplating on how to change history, it became clear. Kill the hippies. How? Shoot'em while looking as sexy as hell.
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    The Hippie Hate Thread

    Well, I was the senior manager of a chain of paintball fields in the Phoenix area. We hired and fired loads of "kids".. Some good some bad. Anyhow, one of the better kids came up to me as I was counting the drawer, and said "Some crazy guy out on the field just told me he'd suck my cock for a dollar". This of course drew some laughter. Which ceased when I unlocked my desk and pulled out the Mk VI. The place had been robbed before, and the almighty fuck be upon the asshole who tried when I was on shift. Anyhow- Went on the field (indoor in an old warehouse) and found this scrungy Aqualung looking old fucker who immediately said "I CAN BE HERE! I KNOW THE OWNER!". I thumbed back the hammer and said "Get the fuck out, and never come back". The rodent immediately found a loose panel and exited the AO most ricky-tick.. I grabbed one of the other managers, and we secured the loose bit of tin, and what others we found by the light of my Olds. Next day, the owner (Someone I got along with really well, and was basically a very conservative Tony Bourdain clone, literally) came in and said "So I hear you pulled a 44 mag on a bum. Was that needed?" To which I said " Your info is wrong. It was a Mark Six Webley, in .455", modified for .45 ACP, and loaded with 274 grain swaged wadcutters. And yes, when the bums start coming on the field and trying to suck the cocks of my charges, it is necessary." His reply was- "Okay! Long as you have the place ready by the next day of business, you do what you have to". Ron was a good guy. I did end up having a couple more "incidents" all of which ended up in a similar manner. One of which had a MCSO deputy asking "Why didn't you shoot the fucker"...
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    The Hippie Hate Thread

    I can give you the pinnacle. "Disgusting hobo, MkVI Webley." Yes, he did soil himself.
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    The Hippie Hate Thread

    I worked at a place that (kind of) turned a blind eye towards tweakers. I saw why they did, as you got someone who was a robot. Too bad their work was shit, and I was the guy who had to go and make it right. Eventually I began carrying a Walther PP (against company policy) as I'd witnessed a couple meth fueled rampages and figured a couple well placed .32ACP's would settle things, or at least give me time to grab the grand-master wrecking bar and commence attitude adjustment.. The company found out, called me on the carpet where I said "As long as you tolerate meth use, you'd best damn tolerate my carrying, lest you want to talk to my attorney (A quasi bluff, as I had a friend who was a Maricopa County PD, and I had his very lavishly embossed business card with the hand written instructions "Call me if you need to sue somebody" on the back.).. Eventually they had a mass golden flow event, and canned the ones who hot-pissed, in exchange for my leaving the Walther at home. Quality of work went up, My job was easier, and I did not have to shoot some tweaker and/or call my friend. Everything worked out. PS, fuck methheads with a woodchipper. Preferably a turboshaft driven one.
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    The Hippie Hate Thread

    Honestly, most of the stoners I know who just rot away were "deadbeats" even before they started using it heavily. On the other hand, perhaps the hardest working person I've ever seen in my life was ironically a meth head who I gave the name Tweak (Later Tweak the first after meeting the Chinese Tweak I told you about) at my first job at a shitty fast food place, everyone knew that motherfucker was hot railing, but no one seemed to care, not even the managers because he did the work of like 4 employees and was fast and efficient as fuck and was always there like an hour early. Oh, Rust belt, never change.
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    Why does the Flayed Lord look like Feels Good man?
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    I like turtles

    heh, California is such a Utopia if you eliminate the people... We have no death turtles here.
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