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    Tanks guns and ammunition.

    British L27 CHARM 3 APFSDS
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    Another interesting dump of firearm photos on imgur, mostly of prototype automatic weapons in the Royal Armories Collection. Here are some of the more interesting ones:
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    IS-3 Found on reddit, without original source, claimed to be IS-3 captured from rebels in Donetsk. Another one:
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    Ground tests of the second prototype tank T-44. In accordance with the order of the People’s Commissar of the Tank Industry of the USSR and Commander of the Armored troops and Mechanized troops of the Red Army No. 366/098 from 31.5.44, from June 15 to July 17, 1944, field tests of the second prototype of the T-44 tank, produced by Plant No. 183 People commissariat of tank industry. The prototype of the T-44 tank presented for testing was made taking into account the observations of the ground test commission of the first prototype, conducted in February-March 1944. The tests were carried out according to a program approved by the Deputy People's Commissar of the Tank Industry … Diagram of the results of the accuracy of the battle of the ZIS-S-53 cannon after tests with mileage and 230 shots. The shooting distance is 1000 meters. http://btvt.info/1inservice/t-44-1944-tests.htm
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    More ATMOS 2000 howitzers for Thailand, as well as Spear mortars.
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    General news thread

    Comparison 2014 and 2018: Rest of photos from island:
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    I think his point was that a lot of people see it the other way around. (although I voted for A. Leppo in 2016, so you should probably disregard my opinion)
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    Well, I made my caveats about the polling’s accuracy via the President. The interesting number is Schultz who is in double digits and the implication that represents considering conventional wisdom has him syphoning away lean Democrat voters. Granted, he’ll pick up some #NeverTrump RINOs but I don’t think that many are around anymore. I think 17 percent is a believable number. As it stands, I think 2020 with a strong Schultz 3rd Party run will result in 1992 type numbers but with the incumbent winning.
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    It really do be like that though. Buy my Merkavas pl0x.
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    Spike NLOS 5th gen, or Spike NLOS 2. At 0:45 that's quite an interesting target... And right after that they're showing a steep dive in anti-APS mode.
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    Another photo of Koalitsiya-SV on Kamaz chassis
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    https://www.adventure-journal.com/2018/07/opinion-just-say-no-camping-guns/?fbclid=IwAR31VVFmhl4pfcwD0Alg5FqvsanRl83MpD4SjlLmrOwsRqCG4GXN_8Gfb_U I'm going to go ahead and file this under "things that never happened".
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    T-28 turret reused as a mobile pillbox
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