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    OMFV draft RFP https://www.fbo.gov/index?s=opportunity&mode=form&id=723b90181e2db554750b7e50dbda7a30&tab=core&_cview=1
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    Watching and reading the captions, the amazing thing is that I can't tell if this float is meant to be negative or positive towards the President so I'm going to assume the latter.
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    Oh, sure. A former worker of Giat is certainly an unbiased and accurate source, a lot more trustworthy than the lying Swedes, who only wanted to buy the MBT best matching their requirements, instead of marketing a single tank type. Sweden should have gone for the Leclerc, because that would allowed them to licence-produce the tank... it's not like they licence-produced the Leopard 2.... I am also sure that Sweden has absolutely no experience with hydropneumatic suspensions. I mean they only have been using a tank with hydropneumatic suspension since 1966, they surely lack the experience to judge when a hydropneumatic suspension is not suited for their terrain and is damaged by tests. But hey, some random former worker from the company knows better, he certainly isn't biased towards his own product. That never happens, just like people on the internet are never arguing in favor of certain AFVs, just because they are made in their home-countries... The Leopard 2 won based on actual tests results, but this has to be due to corruption, because the Swedes should have chosen the Leclerc, a tank so unreliable that it wasn't considered ready for production by the FMV, instead? Because without corruption the Leopard 2 cannot win any competitions according to you. That the bribe in Greece was negotiated by Wegmann while Krauss-Maffei (responsible for the export of the Leopard 2) hasn't merged with it doesn't matter, I guess. But hey, Giat not only was caught manipulating tests during the Greek trials, but also got the sole export order thanks to bribing officials in the UAE (and officials in Germany to ensure the export of the EuroPowerPack to UAE is allowed). Certainly they are better people and make a better tank, just because they are French
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    Tamanskaya and Kantemirovksaya
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    Ammunition Discussion Thread

    It's not that .224 Valkyrie doesn't have issues. It's that it's been out for just over a year and the worst problems are that the Federal 90gr SMK factory load didn't shoot as good as we'd like for a while, and that some idiot manufacturer fucked up some chamber reamers. I guess people don't remember when 6.8 SPC blew up guns on release because the original factory chamber spec had impossible geometry? Or that there were two completely different and incompatible specs for 6.5 Grendel for years? Or that .300 Blackout to this day fits in .223 chambers, despite the fact that an extra forty five thou in the case could fix this problem? These issues lasted for years and I can come up with equivalents for almost all major rounds out today (remember how 6.5 Creed only had large rifle primer brass for 7 years after release? Remember how .308 only offered 1:12 twist for decades? Remember .30 T/C?). .224 Valkyrie's problems amount to really minor teething issues with a round that's the best design I've seen in years. It's exactly what the market needs and Federal did an amazing job, and people are bitching about problems just because the release was so solid. I've actually had people complain to me that .224 Valkyrie was too available on release so it won't survive these issues because everyone knows about them. Bullshit. Federal did a fantastic job, and I say that because I've never in my life seen a caliber release that was this well organized. They had 17 official partners and 33 total manufacturers on board at SHOT 2018, a year ago.You know why no one knows about .22 Nosler's issues? Because that cartridge is practically dead. Only Nosler offers it (no one else got on board), and it's 1 year older than .224 Valkyrie (and a far worse design).
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    Sargon posted a clipped mirror with Youtube enabled subtitles
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