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    My article in english about Carl Gustaf and NLAW - hope it will be interesting: https://fragout.uberflip.com/i/1115818-frag-out-magazine-24/47? In the end of the article is interesting part about polish RPG-7 uses, stock nubers and...mobilisation numbers
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    Israeli AFVs

    That's pretty much my understanding of the situation. Teledyne was working with Renk by the late 1970's to get a Renk transmission into their "Super M60". So I'm not sure if Teledyne pitched the Renk transmission to the Israelis, or if the Israelis picked the Renk transmission independently.
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    Not very, Defence blog is one ukrainian guy writing articles. For majority of his articles it is ok, but Russian-related ones are at times questinable. Last time i heard anything about Pantsir development is that new version is being under work on new Kamaz-assembled chassis, photos of prototype i posted in this thread a year ago IIRC.
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    Brazilian River monitor, entered service in 1938, still serving. " Entering service in 1938, the Brazilian river monitor Parnaíba is the world's oldest warship in active service. Displacing over 700 tons, the ship has a draft under 6' (1.6m), enabling her to cruise the many rivers and coastal estuaries of Brazil. Parnaíba is armed with a 76mm gun as well as smaller weapons including two 40mm bofors, six oerlikon 20mm, as well as two mortars. "
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    French flair

    Here are the diagrams for the heavy side skirts and the mantlet: Heavy Side Skirts: Mantlet:
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    Object 488 - heavy IFV/tank with dismounts. Kharkovites attempt to make Memerkava. Model: http://btvt.info/2futureprojects/object488.htm Front engine, ~55 tons, 6 dismounts, crew of 3, supposedly 30 rounds in turret and 10 more in hull for the main gun.
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