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    French flair

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    T162 175mm SPG at Fort Sill. Photos by Flickr user David Stubbington.
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    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Source: https://www.janes.com/article/89806/eda-to-launch-four-country-talks-on-leopard-2-upgrade-and-procurement-after-industry-feedback
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    [moved from wrong thread] Andrey's article about Object 490A, eng. version http://btvt.info/7english/490A_eng.htm New - 152 mm gun version of Object 490A APS (different systems were considered), version from 1984 with "proto-Shtandart" APS Object 490 version with 3 man crew Supply/ammocarrier vehicle for Object 490
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    Some weird thing I created 13 years a go when I was a student and had the time...
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    Anyone further right than Chairman Mao is a counter-revolutionary tyrant that must be liquidated.
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    The Space Exploration Achievements Thread

    Failure rather than achievement: 15th launch of VEGA failed: The rocket was transporting a recon satellite for the UAE's army. It went completely off trajectory shortly after separation of the second stage. It was the first failure of that launcher (but again it doesn't have that much missions under it's belt).
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