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    Found series of photos from which photo above came from.
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    The real reason why Nammo rolled out a ramjet artillery concept
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    David Moyes

    Britons are in trouble

    Ajax-family bridge-layer. Supposedly called Acheron. Don't know if this is official.
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    David Moyes

    Britons are in trouble

    https://www.baesystems.com/en-us/article/bae-systems-unveils-new-archer-mobile-howitzer-at-dsei Images, brochure and video: https://baesys.resourcespace.com/pages/search.php?search=!collection564&k=b9d6b00896
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    General AFV Thread

    One of those left by Wehrmacht in Czechoslovakia. Czechoslovak export of weapons in the Middle East after WW2 is a downright crazy piece of history. Maybe I'll write a bit more about it one day (members of the Communist party smuggling weapons to newborn Izrael with the help of US freelance pilots through Greek airfields etc.).
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    General AFV Thread

    Syria, 50s. Old enemies are now together.
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    Israeli AFVs

    About a week ago Namer was put into position to warm its belly
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