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    From Dambiev HJ-12 AFAIK are something like MMP or Spike, "4th" gen ATGM.
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    Fucking NERA everywhere

    I've found some interesting issue People from Polish Institute of Organic Industry (IPO) have shown how important is front plate in protection against shaped charges. The liner loses the most of its energy in first 30% to 35% of its route in the armor. And because of that the best is when the front plate is made of material which has the best protection against shaped charges and is as thick as it's possible. In this case there were two arrays of metal (Ti-Al) composite tested. Both of them had the same weight but one version (V1) had thick (10mm) titanium layer on the face. The second one (V2) had this layer on the rear. The research has shown that V1 has better mass (Em = 2.04) and thickness efficiency (Ev = 1.55) than V2 (Em = 1.4; Ev = 1.15) against shaped charges. Composites alone had: - V1 - Em = 4.26, Ev = 2.14 - V2 - Em = 2.84, Ev = 1.43 Source: https://www.docdroid.net/YBkruhn/6wilk-badania-skutecznosci-obronnej.pdf
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    Possible futures

    No! Bad! {Waves rolled-up newspaper printed off an "electronic news service" using a "laser ink applicator"}. Germ line modifications? There might be issues of all sorts, on many levels, but it would depend heavily on what's been changed and how. I also cannot stress enough that we just don't know at this point what or how much to change to achieve particular things. However; if we ever do get to the point where a naga is even a viable possibility, then we'll probably be well into an era (like, over a century from now) where large, sweeping changes to genomes are both reliable and routine, and things like species barriers are more or less moot. So for the couple involved it might be a trip to the clinic to have everything sorted out rather than any sort of natural conception. And the kid would be more or less whatever the parents want within legal, technological and moral bounds that are very difficult to even speculate about from here. Again, I have no idea what the relevant moral concerns of the day will be.
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    "Your face when you have 4th military budge in the world and get your ass kicked by dudes chewing drugs and wearing slippers in combat"
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