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    Explosive Reactive Armor

    Object 640 Kaktus ERA system - interesting overlapping position of each ERA tile sure looks like more serious effort than what you see on Budget Cuts 3. http://btvtinfo.blogspot.com/2017/10/blog-post_66.html Also, according to pattent they wanted to detonate tiles in layers to increase amount of counter-actions against incoming penetrator. External ERA cover was involved in counter-action. After first layer detonates, a soft-ish material in between first and second layer of ERA was delaying damaging effects of first ERA detonation while tubes with explosives worked as detonators for second layer of ERA. On thise side cutaways you can see those detonation tubes between ERA tiles
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    ...yet another article which has no memory of FIFV part of HFM/ASM program from late 80s
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    Syrian conflict.

    The elephant in the room being Trump would not be doing anything in Syria if Obama had not gotten us involved.
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    https://breakingdefense.com/2019/10/bradley-replacement-army-risks-third-failure-in-a-row/ Some neat things from the article on GD's OMFV >The suspension is a totally new design. The engine and transmission are totally different. Drive train is different. Exhaust placement is different >3+5 crew/passengers, all in the same compartment in the hull >360 deg. awareness from cameras >APS integrated into vehicle
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    Mr. Peck the GDLS spokesman is going to have an interesting time next week.
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