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    French flair

    Stolen from Vehicules-Militaires.info. Leclerc schematics. Hull More (driver station, NBC components, etc): Turret, crew stations Cannon, ammunition, autoloader
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    The latest patent from Rheinmetall - published exactly two weeks ago
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    Video (in Russian) showing Object 282 rocket-armed tank based on T-10M chassis and armed with new ATGM Salamandra. Lead designers - Kotin, Leningrad Kirov design bureau. Salamandra ATGM was 1.5 m long missile with 170 mm caliber HEAT warhead with ~500mm penetration. Missile was radio-command SACLOS using optical and radar sights (on the video Drakon ATGM was shown in action). Max range - 3km day, 1 km at night. 282 was very well armored, using significantly re-made chassis of T-10M. Pike nose was deleted, 150 mm UFP at 64degrees was placed. Behind frontal armor a fuel tank was placed, behind which - 30 mm armored plate. Side armor - 60 mm at different angles (shown on the video at 3:20). Upper part of side armor was 150 mm (!). Bottom of the hull was made using spaced plates with 50 mm gap between them for additional anti-mine protection. 1000 HP engine, 44 tons, 500 km range. Vehicle probably carried 16 missiles, 8 of which were loaded automatically, other 8 - unknown. Commander was also a gunner, located in small "turret". Salamandra ATGM was unfinished, so tank was tested with unguided rockets TRS-132 (as "Object 282T"). Vehicle had 2 launchers, with new guidance system "Topol" it was planned to be capable firing at 2 targets in the same time. Object 282K was armed with 2 launchers for TRS-132, with additional new ATGM launcher in the rear (on the video - 11:45) for testing.
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    Israeli AFVs

    Merkava 1 has an external mortar. I believe that particular mortar fitted in the Namer turret is the same one as is in use in the Merk 4, which is slightly different from the one used in the Merk 2 and 3, pictured separately in LoooSeR's post.
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    French flair

    Hey thanks Loooser for reposting Yeah to explain a bit for those pics, somes are from the books "Encyclop├ędie Chars de Combat Modernes", and all the others are from Nexter. They were on a wall of a french workshop. Somes are really hard to read on, so if you want I can re write on it since I'm the author of thoses pics, I got the original pictures. Somes of thoses schemas are not really up to date, i'm gonna receive the new ones. If you got any questions regarding Leclerc, I can provide a pretty good help. You can add me on discord btw : Chanou#8977 Have a nice day everyone
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    97 early M1, presumably on their way to Yuma to be rebuilt as M1A2C.
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    Syrian conflict.

    ANNA from Lattakia. HTS attacked SAA in early morning of 1st november, using fog and rain to conceal early stages of concentration of forces. 1st attack failed, they tried to attack different place, where they managed to press SAA out of first defense line, 3 hours later SAA retook positions, 50 militants were killed.
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    French flair

    My model against 700 mm KE threat at -20 degrees from the front: Original FMV model against 700 mm KE threat at -20 degrees from the front:
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    US army should really consider dropping their idiotic designation systems! Look at the air force. Those guys did it right. From the first letter, you immediately know the general type of aircraft. Then model number, and a letter for variant (A,B,C..etc), and finally sometimes sub-variant, for example F-16C Block 52... Also for army M1 means a tank, a truck, a rifle, a helmet, socks, pants, everything... crazy. No such thing at air force.
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    Syrian conflict.

    Ein Issa, MP increase their presence. SDF/Kurds fight with Turkish forces/SNA
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