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  1. Long time no see... Here something more again. This time something about the anti-aircraft stuff. I have already mentioned that by the time of Munich there was still one battery of four ancient 8 cm light guns vz.5/8 converted into the AA role located in Prague. Also at least in theory the already mentioned 8 cm light guns vz.30 could have been used in AA role too (202 pieces available). This is the provisional AA installation of the gun vz. 5/8. And this is the vz.30 light gun showing its possible AA use. it's not very well known that Škoda Plze
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  2. New Chinese assault amphibious APC. Screens stolen from Dambiev's LJ and otvaga. Looks like vehicle is armed with 8 unguided rockets and mine-clearing rocket with linear charge. It is also equipped with mine clearing knifes in front of the tracks.
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  3. David Moyes

    Britons are in trouble

    Vickers Mk.7 Model From ebay - listed as a Challenger 2 prototype:
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  4. It might be thin, but it is there. At least enough interest (maybe to serve as point of comparison) two request at least two demonstrations.
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