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    And this one, overall closest, but still somewhat different: ... Ok, it's two GCV renders, but first one is in a very bad quality
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    That would make 579 Pumas. 579/44 equals roughly 13 with 7 to spare. So 1 for refernce at one of the Testing Centers and 6 at the Training Center together with the 8 Driver Training Vehicles. Currently there are 9 Active Bataillons and 2 non Active Bataillons. So you have 2 Bataillon sets of Pumas worth to spare..... Other tidbits from the Newsletter mainly Engineering related: -New System for Minelaying is in the concept phase -Introduction in 2028 -Ability for Friend/Foe Discrimination -On/Off Switch -New Amphibious Bridging System to replace the M3 -MLC 100 and in special cases MLC 130 for exceptional Loads -600m worth of Vehicles + 160m worth of Vehicles for Training -Due to cooperation on the M3 with the Brits there is a possibility of cooperation on developing the succesor system -Introduction 2030 -Replacment of the AEV Dachs -Either Kodiak from Rheinmetall or Wisent 2 from FFG -Delivery 2026 Source: http://www.fkhev.de/index.php?id=10&L=1%2F'
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    VSS and AS used in recon unit during exercises, somewhere in Moscow region.
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    Russia to renew Tu-160 Production?

    Putin visited Kazan Aviation Plant named after S.P. Gorbunov (branch of "Tupolev" in Kazan), Tu-160s that are going through repair/modernization
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    Documents for the Documents God

    Not all documents available on the CIA website are actually written by the CIA.
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    @Sturgeon Behold: the electric wheeliebob! Now still 100% incapable of climbing a flight of stairs!
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    What’s the point. Between Trudeau and the Virginia Governor, blackface is ok it seems.
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