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    Bash the Pak-Fa thread

    Few cool moments here:
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    How many teams do we have right now?
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    They have other weapons but they are not detailed. Use your imagination.
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    Many missiles are axi-symmetric. In particular those which spin in flight have to be. Therefore, in order to generate lift for horizontal flight they must fly at a positive angle of attack. Examples of such missiles include SS.10, SS.11, Swatter, Sagger, Spigot, Spandrel, Metis, Kornet, HOT, MILAN, and others. The TOW also has entirely horizontal wings, but as it does not spin in flight the horiz tail is canted at 2 deg down to raise the nose for positive AoA, and can then vary from +2 to -6 deg, unlike the vertical tail which goes symmetrically from -4 to +4 deg.
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    I am just joking. I am guessing the practical limit is 40 ton, since more than 4 axles are rare on AFVs. @Sturgeon I am going to laugh my ass off if this ends up being the winning submisson, just replace the crane with a cannon.
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    Epokha! Epokha combat modules for every Kurganets out there! Heh, they are on scedule
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    General news thread

    Speaking about COVID-19 and situation in Italy:
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    Shooting in the center of the Moscow, near/at the FSB building on Lubyanka Police is screming on this video to civilians to get away from the street. Shooter getting killed:
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