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    Get Away, Damnit. (The Camping Thread)

    Few more pics from my hiking. Only one or two from each. It would be way too many of them... Vltava river, south of Prague Sázava river, just few kilometers away Pastviny dam, eastern Bohemia A tourist path over the Lužnice river near Tábor, south Bohemia. Once there was one of the main Hussite fortresses near this tunnel but close to nothing is left of it (Příběnice), it's some 10 km from the Hussite capital city Tábor. Countryside near Česká Lípa, Northern Bohemia Now something cultural, Kutná Hora without the crowds of tourists. This city was once one of the richest in Europe thanks to its silver mines which were the deepest medieaval mines in the world (around 450 meters under the ground at the end of 15th century). This fantastic place is also famous for its bone church which is decorated by bones of 40 thousand victims of plague and Hussite wars (and which is by some funny coincidence lcated just next to a factory of Philip Morris). Jizera mountains, north-eastern Bohemia, view towards Liberec city (hidden behind the hills) and its Ještěd mountain with a tower which won the 1969 Prix Auguste Perret architectural prize as the only building in our country. A very local rain shower at the Sedlo mountain, northern Bohemia View towards the German Saxony border, Lužice mountains, northern Bohemia (the boxy cliffs at the far distance are already in Saxony).
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    Laser Shark

    CV-90, why so much love ?

    https://www.regjeringen.no/no/aktuelt/fremskynder-forsvarsplaner/id2704271/?utm_source=www.regjeringen.no&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=RSS-2581966-ownerid380 It looks like Norway is going to acquire another 20 CV90. There is no info on what variants this order will include, but if it’s a direct purchase from the Norwegian industry, I suspect there will be more of the turretless support variants based on Mk I hulls. It was the Norwegian industry that was responsible for rebuild of these vehicles the last time, and Norway should still have more hulls available as out of the original 104 CV9030N (Mk I), 16 hulls have been upgraded to CV90RWS STING (combat engineer vehicle), 16 to CV90RWS Multi-BK (multi-role mortar carrier), 37 have been sold to Estonia and a few have also been used in mine/IED tests. In any case, as suggested by the wording in the second to last sentence of the quoted paragraph, Norway will probably have to order more CV90s than that (and of the turreted variants as well if those aren't included in this order) if it wishes to realize the army structure mentioned in this post.
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    Get Away, Damnit. (The Camping Thread)

    Today made a trip with a friend back to abandoned buildings from my post above. Apparenly they were supposed to be water treatment facilities. This time 80% more of parkour was used to get to new places. Moving to biggest of unfinished buildings in this area. Will try to get inside of it. Back to underground level of that building, but walked deeper. In order to get there we had to do 3 jumps from concrete pieces that were surrounded by water on top pillar base. Next is small building. We got in it and explored 2 floors and a roof. Roof was uninteresting, no photos of it. Few other guys were there, firing BB gun somewhere. Small building away from main group of structures. Big hangar-like structure. Hangar itself you could see in pics from my previous trip, this time me and friend explored smaller rooms. And friend's photos of building that is like 70% flooded from my previous post.
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    Friends, rejoice! After a long stint at the Dakota Union reeducation camp I have returned. There the evil blackguards who preach the word of small, weak bullets tried to convert me to their blasphemy. But I was too cunning for them - I learned their ways and have returned to turn their secret fires against them! Here is my creation, the shining spawn of my mind. Behold, the 7x48mm FGM2! Although still a bit petite for those amongst us who still follow the true creed of big, girthy, manly-man bullets, it shall serve as a dagger thrust into the heart of the snake that is the second joint committee for cartridge development. For it meets, nay exceeds the requirements of their grotesque mockery of a competition. Now, truly, the scales will fall from the eyes of the people as they are forced to test it and admit its might! And here is the proof: And even at lower velocities, it still almost very nearly juuuuuuuust doesn't make the requirements: And the news only gets better from here! The recoil is low enough even for the atrophied shoulders of the testing committee (10.49 ft-lb). The penetration into pine boards easily exceeds requirements even at the lower velocities (26 pine boards at 600y at the lower test velocity, 29 at the higher velocity). And the cost is fantastically cheap (5.63c) thanks to the use of an annealed, copper-washed mild steel mono-bullet and a lacquered steel case. Truly this is an expedient cartridge that every soldier can take into battle aplenty, to distribute to his foes liberally. And best of all, the use of a long, finely-profiled bullet (OOC note: dimensions taken from here and properly adjusted this time) means that there is plenty of volume for specialty loads (incendiary, armour piercing and so on) that can be ballistically matched to the standard round. My friends, it truly feels good to be able to say this: our great Dakota Union now has a cartridge fit for a man. Edit (OOC note): so I'm a dumb-dumb in more ways than one, and needed a lot of background assistance from @Sturgeon to put together something that actually made requirements (kinda, sorta, almost). So a big thanks to him for taking the time to answer all my questions and provide feedback.
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