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    Tankoff on otvaga found patent for T-14 and T-15 chassis and engine compartment. On pics they used 6 roller per side model of Armata chassis. Link And possibly fuel system for Armata, patent, PDF
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    Britons are in trouble

    Mr. Hawkes was talking to Rheinmetall personnel specifically regarding the Challenger 2 LEP offer with 120 mm L/55A1 smoothbore gun: "following introduction of the L55A1 in notional CR2 LEP is going to reduce round count from 49 to 31". In Rheinmetall's video footage, one can already see that the turret only provides space for rounds of 16 main gun ammo.
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    David Moyes

    Britons are in trouble

    Rheinmetall – MBT 130 mm Gun fitted to Challenger 2 LEP Also shows a larger armour array fitted to the turret. Not sure if this is for LEP or RBSL looking to export or to increase scope of LEP: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Challenger 2 ATDU - Early 90's --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- British Companies to Manufacture Military Vehicles in Algeria? An editorial in a Spanish newspaper mentions that British companies are setting up to manufacture military vehicles in Algeria. I haven't heard anything about this is British news and Algeria seems focused on buying German (Fuchs-2, Boxer, Lynx 41? Gladius kit). I wonder if this is Rheinmetall/KMW working through RBSL/WFEL/others to avoid German/EU regulations? https://www.elespanol.com/reportajes/20200719/mohamed-vi-reino-unido-desafia-espana-marroqui/506199908_0.html
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    Land 400 Phase 3: Australian IFV

    Seriously? The exhaust just points straight out the right forward of the hull? I mean, yes, that is exactly what it does but in this day and age? No way that will meet the detection requirements as shown. Cannot be the intent.
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    Tanks guns and ammunition.

    APFSDS round used by the Type-10, google translate didn´t get me far but it seems it is similar to the DM33 or DM53. (from here: http://eaglet.skr.jp/MILITARY/TK-X.htm )
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