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    The armor is thicker in the unedited version.
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    Designing A Rifle From Scratch(ish)

    Now make it in 6.5X55 Swede.. Hahaha! (which no kidding, would be a fantastic idea, as 6.5X55 is absurdly underrated..An AR platform using 6,5 Swede would be amazing,)
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    Forgot to post that http://gurkhan.blogspot.com/2018/09/184-5-09-6.html Apperently our army is doing "Perfection-A" design program to mount smaller version of Arena-M on Uparmored T-72B3 (aka T-72B3 mod 2016, T-72B3M, T-72B3 UBKh, etc). This APS is capable to launch correctable intercepting minution (so they can cover 360). System is different from previous version of Arena not only in munitions, but there were changes to launcher mounts and radars. System was proposed in 2015, how it would look like on new tank is unknown, it could be exactly the same or have changes. This APS in 2015 configuration is not capable to deal with Top attack ATGMs, unlikely to be able to intercept fly-over ATGMs like Bill 2 or TOW-2B. Old version: Other layout:
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    South Korean SFs during MMEX 2018 (multinational Coast Guard exercise) Russian team
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    Some ram clips out of war time videos Factory work, plane flying over formation of Ram's and then one going full tilt Kangaroo crews showing how many they jammed into them small clip after the sherman flail Small training clip, Rams loaded with guys all over it. Factory workers examining Rams at Borden Shermans and Rams saluting with guns in parade. couple seconds of a Ram driving by firing. McNaughton looking at Ram suspension. sons of King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia looking over Ram tank Rams on landing ships for exercise pirate Victory bond drive, Ram used as display Another exercise for d-day with Rams going by Rams firing smoke, crossing a bridge and the end of the video has the waterproofed ones dropping off the landing ships and lining up to fire on the beach after. Ram assault bridge Bonus Captured Italian SPG in use
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    LAC's slides look like ass. Here's an image of a prospective Canadian squeezebore weapon, and this is after I cleaned it up.
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    The Ram makes a long dead bit of my anatomy wiggle. Just so... Because it is Canadian , but it is not quite ALL Canuck. I want to hug it, but it says "No you are American!", and I say "But wait, so are you!". As it waits, I say " And my relatives are Canadian (A lie, as we were chased out by the British)" Thus is the Ram lulled.
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    Oh wow, that's a pretty big change. I think I spent too much time looking at the girl.
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    The guys who made the film "USS Indianapolis" (starring Nicolas Cage) would like you to hold their beer while they proceed to lower the bar. For some reason, that Portland-class cruiser was in the middle of mutating into an Iowa when the Japanese decided to voice their disapproval. So...yeah, the CGI guys are occasionally capable of utter blasphemies that simply elude our understanding. Sorry for the naval digression, I just felt I had to post it in response to Conner Webb's statement.
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    Syrian conflict.