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    Upon reviewing the submitted designs, the Great Council of the Flapetoŋwaŋ has determined that the design process of the settled agricultural peasant known as Toxn has become similar to that of the warriors of the endless sky. Various spies and collaborationists have been sacrificed to the glorious and eternal Wakȟáŋ Tȟáŋka for their treachery in provision of our superior pastoralist projectile designs to the sedentarist-agriculturalist wreckers and degenerates. As a result of visions obtained during the sacrificial ritual, the council has decided to retain the extant bullet shape, as first described by the far-famed shaman of the distant Magyar steppes, known in the towns and cities by the appellation of von Kármán. The jacket will be modified to be produced from gilding metal drawn from the rear of the projectile, and the jacket thickness increased to 0.45 mm, or approximately the diameter of a single crystal of common salt. Additionally, a steel case will likely be implemented to satisfy the obsession of the paleface over his coins and gold. He who grants the rightful honor to this cartridge will be honored at a great feast, and with the sacrifice of many horses.
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