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    My Dad was in the Navy from 1965 to 1969. He's been dead since 2000, so there is no asking him for info on this stuff, my mom is around but won't knot much about the Navy details so I am putting this together from memory and whats in the photos. The slides were not in great shape, and the first set of scans were rough, and then the scanner broke. So, since Amazon didn't have the same model anymore, I spent a little more money and got a much nice scanner, with a better "technology" for film scanning, and it fixes the flaws when it scans them. The results are remarkable. As far as I know these images were taken with a Minolta 35mm Camera, I guess an SLR, since he had a bunch of lenses for it. I learned photography with it, and have a few pictures of my GTO I took with his Camera. This was the type of camera you focuses, and set the light settings, and had to hand wind. Considering how much harder a camera was to work back then, I think my old man was a reasonably talented photographer. As far as I can remember he went to boot camp in San Diego, then he went to schools for Ejection Seat Maintenance and Air Condition systems on the F4J Phantom. He got assigned to VF-33, part of CAG-6, with VF-102, VA-82, VA-86, VA-85, RVAH-13, VAW-122, VAW-13 Det. 66, and VAH-10 Det. 66. CAG-6 was assigned to the USS America, who was about three years old and about to go on a world cruise, that would include the Ships only Vietnam deployment in 1968. When the ship got back, it was stationed on the east coast, and VF-33 went to CAG-7, and ended up on the Independence. My dad was with them for at least one work up cruise, since there are a set of photos from that ship. By mid 69 he was back in San Diego, working with VF-121, the west coast RAG, waiting to get out . I do not have any photos yet from San Diego, at least Navy stuff. Here is a shot of the CVA-66 USS America, she displaced 61,174 tons empty, 83,500 full load. She was the second Kitty Hawk Class Carrier, she would spend the majority of her Career in the Med. (if the logo for the Sherman Tank Site seems like its in odd places, its usually covering a flaw the scanner could not fix) Here's a VF-33 Phantom. A VF-102 Phantom, an F-4J the same as VF-33. Here are some pretty cool shots from an underway replenishment. It could be anywhere on the World cruise in 68. I think this is also from an Unrep, maybe the same one. This photo is one of my favorite, you get an A-7 and Sea Night for the the price of one! Old shot with bad scanner as a place holder for a duplicate. This shot is of the flight deck, by the cats on the angle deck looking forward. Not the kill mark on the intake of the F-4J, 212 sitting there, pretty cool. These last three shots are all from the USS Independence, in early 69, I assume off the East Coast on work ups for their upcoming Med Cruise. This is my old Man, Rick T, I'm pretty sure that's a Martin Baker Ejection seat right next to him. Several VF-33 Phantoms got shot down, and the seats always worked, so he had that going for him. This image was scanned on the original scanner, note how cruddy it looks, when get to this slide again, I'll post the improved version. Compare the below image to the one above too. I'll posts more as I water mark them and host them. There was a crossing of the line ceremony, that my Dad took a ton of pics on, its pretty interesting. It was really nice to find these, I had thought hey got lost in a move.
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    A Dingo 2 of the Belgian army was hit by a pressure-activated IED consisting of about 30 kg explosives. The vehicle was part of a German-lead convoy, several German vehicles narrowly missed the IED before the Dingo activated it. All passengers survived, two suffered minor wounds from unsecured objects sent flying inside the vehicle by the IED's detonation. The Marder 1 upgrade will be based around a ~ 563 kW engine from Liebherr, not MTU. It seems that this is the same engine Rheinmetall previously mounted on the Lynx KF31, which makes sense and also means that at least some of the money invested into the Lynx KF31 has managed to generate profit. I wonder if at some time the Lance turret also will end up on the Marder, if politicians decide to spend more/less on defence or delays with Puma's full readiness will continue... Despite the Marder 1 upgrade (which is partly introduced out of fear that the Puma might not be ready for the VJTF 2023 in high enough numbers with sufficient spare parts), Rheinmetall claims that the Puma S1 will be ready for the German lead of the VJTF in the Baltics. The second batch of Pumas (for which the budget has already been approved) hasn't ordered yet, as the original batch isn't finished. The Wiesel 1 upgrade contract has been signed with FFG. The upgrade encompasses improved protection incl. add-on armor and mine protection kit, new optics and an optimized drivetrain. The Rh 202 autocannon is kept, as apparently no worthy replacement option has been found. There were rumors of the Mauser BK 27 used by the German airforce and navy being considered, but I've never seen any official source. The anti-tank version with TOW missile launcher will however see an upgrade, as the old missile system will be replaced by MELLS (Spike-LR). Not all Wiesel 1s (only 196 out of more than 300) will be upgraded, these 196 vehicles will be distributed into the following variants: - 15 driving training vehicles, 16 Wiesel 1s in the reconnaissance variant, 110 Wiesel Mk 20 and 55 Wiesel 1 anti-tank missile. One of the main reasons for not upgrading all Wiesel 1s is the decision to adopt a version of the Boxer with autocannon (known as project "MaKaBo", Maschinenkanone Boxer). As reported by ESuT, after evaluating different existing options for the Boxer, the Bundeswehr has apparently decided that a manned turret is a mandatory requirement, which supposedly leads to Rheinmetall being the winner - at least an official article by the Bundeswehr claimed that the LANCE turret will be fitted. Btw. the weight of a LANCE 1 turret with full armor, missile launcher and 30 mm Mauser MK-30/2 ABM reaches 5,2 tonnes! Each heavy company of the Jäger battalions and the Gebirgsjäger battalion 231 will have twelve Boxers with autocannon (in three platoons of four vehicle) - at the moment there are twelve Wiesel 1s (six with 20 mm Rh 202 and six with TOW launchers) in the heavy companies. The LuWa program (next-generation air-droppable light weapon carrier; supposed up to twice as heavy as Wiesel 1) will provide a replacement for the rest of the Wiesel 1s by the mid/late-2020s. Rheinmetall has also developed the Fuchs 1A8 Plus variant in cooperation with the BAAINBw, which features an improved drivetrain and power pack able to keep up better with Boxer. in theory there also could be armor improvements, as IBD Deisenroth (now part of Rheinmetall Protection Systems) has developed a new armor kit for the Fuchs, which has been fully qualified. This armor meets the full STANAG 4569 level 4 ballistic requirements, whereas the original MEXAS armor kit only reached a reduced/loosened protection requirement. KMW's APVT - the amphibious vehicle based on Puma components with a boat-shaped rear end for reverse swimming - has been called Lurch (amphibian) by KMW recently, so that might become its proper name. One scenario for which KMW advertises the Lurch is river-crossing as part of pioneering (measuring depth of rivers, setting up bridges, etc.). Currently that is done via boat, historically (1970s) the German military had a lot of interest in the APE, but it didn't perform well in tests.
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    Few more shots. I have some new shots to put up. It's a little funny to think a pair of Officers, who are now in their 70s look young. More young men who are now in their 70s! I found this great site that has all kinds of info on US Navy ships and has the Cruise book for the America World Cruise, a long with others for ships dating back to pre-WWII in some cases. https://www.navysite.de/cruisebooks/cv66-68/000.htm Sadly, my dad must have somehow missed making it into the VF-33 personnel roster in the book. It's ok Lt Wiest above didn't make the cruise book either. I've spent hours reading through various cruise books, in particular the WWII carrier and battleship ones. I find this image really fascinating, I've always wondered how they kept track of the birds, and now I know. I bet its all in a computer now. Back to aircraft. A nice VA-85 Intruder. I'm curious what the weird looking spike looking things on the Island are. Some kind of sensor or ECM device maybe? I think this one is from the world cruise, but you can't see any markings that tell us what ship for sure. It's also weird, some slides are dated, others not. Maybe they were in batches at one point but nearly 50 years bouncing around in boxes has mixed them all up. This one is from the world cruise. A pair of shots of a VA-64 A-4 about to be started, I think that's what the red hose is for. One thing I noticed, the planes are much cleaner in all the slides than I thought they would be. These are from east coast workups in 69. And old Vigilante about to get a cat shot. I read somewhere these planes were all G limited and really old by this point. Wish I could remember the book. A nice shot of a Phantom cat shot. These images all seem like they got taken on the same day, maybe within minutes of each other. Maybe from up on the Island? Skywarrior going for a flight. The Samuel N. Moore, DD-747 a Sumner class destroyer commissioned June of 44, and only had about a year of service with the US Navy left. I'm pretty sure this is from an UNREP on the world cruise, because DD-747 was struck on 24 October of 69 and given to the Taiwan Navy on 10 December 69. She served with them until 1995.
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    NGCV/OMFV. Forwarding to... the past

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    NGCV/OMFV. Forwarding to... the past

    Thats a little bit of exaggeration... In the case of Volvo A60H: Unloaded weight is 43750kg, payload 55000kg, total weight is 98750kg. Straight from the brochure. Mining trucks are vastly different than military vehicles, with completely different distribution of weight. Apples to oranges I think.
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    Britons are in trouble

    CR2 that was penetrated by RPG
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    The antenna on the left rear of the turret was identified as a PILAR acoustic shot detector. https://www.metravib-defence.com/our-solutions/vehicle-protection/
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    The Body Armor Thread

    Some examples of some experimental Japanese body armor from the 1930s and 1940s, all from this page (Google chrome can make a reasonable translation of the text). A 'tortoise shield', apparently devised specifically to fight against the Soviet Union after the border clashes in there in the late 1930s. An early "bullet proof" vest: Apparently they issued several times of shields too, one of which appears to double as a breastplate:
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    BREM-80U. Was created mainly because of export reasons (customers wanted their T-80Us to be supported by vehicles on the same chassis, T-80U in early/mid 1990s was considered as one of main export tanks). https://warspot.ru/5924-povodyr-dlya-ustavshey-vosmidesyatki At the Russian Expo Arms 2011 Demonstration performances of the BREM-80U at the Rembat-2018 military sports competition: record evacuation of six immobilized combat vehicles at once 4 BREM-80Us were bought by Cyprus.
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    Laser Shark

    General AFV Thread

    FFG has delivered the first of 30 PASI XA-203N MRSP (multirole medical platform) to the Norwegian Army, which will replace the existing SISU XA-185 ambulances, as well as plugging some of the gap that has been left by the decision to transfer all of the Bell 412SP/HP to the Norwegian Special Operations Command (a couple of them will still be on medevac duty in Northern Norway, but that’s it). The PASI XA-203N have previously been used as armoured personnel carriers, but there hasn’t been much use for them after the Norwegian Army abandoned the idea of having light armoured/motorized infantry battalions in 2013. Now the plan is to keep them trucking for another 20 years as armoured ambulances. The vehicle was displayed at Army Summit 2019: (NASAMS High Mobility Launcher in the foreground.) The old armoured ambulance, SISU XA-185, offers inferior protection compared to the much heavier PASI XA-203N, but it also has a better power-to-weight ratio, and it maintains an amphibious capacity unlike the newer vehicle:
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    It was photoshopped (not only w/ ERA kit, but also by replacing gunner's sight ) back in 2013, by Wiedzmin from otvaga - discussion starting with this post and continuing on the following pages
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    I don't know where to put this. The yearly parlamentary report about the state of Bundeswehr brings a lot of expected but still dreadful numbers. Click on the tweet to get more info. Original document here: https://www.bundestag.de/resource/blob/679322/afbe4b03e05f1b7b88aa2d657f5d7088/jahresbericht_2019-data.pdf
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    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Polish PT-91 in Lotva in december 2018: Human factor + to old and poor quality amunition. Photo is taken in army rebuild plant sevral months after accident.
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    Unless my memory serves me wrong, doesn't the Army designed 50mm turret have independent sights? That would mean a three man crew is essentially mandatory, as the 50mm is effectively mandatory (all 30mm entries *have* to demonstrate a path to the 50mm, and the Army is going to want its turret used). You do save on three dismounts, but you're only going to save so much weight there (I.e. comparing to GCV you would need to knock more than 10 tons off, or >20% of total vehicle weight just by removing three dismounts - I remain doubtful that the dismount reduction allows that level of savings). I use the GCV for comparison because it is the closest requirement that matches the OMFV reqs, and because it was designed with essentially the exact same technology/industry base. As to the Puma, as much as I genuinely believe that would have been the most satisfactory solution, the Army disputed CBO's reckoning about the Puma's survivability (they are likely using different matrixes for calculating scores) and it needed more equipment added on to meet specs anyhow (particularly now with the 50mm). Griffin III was never bid, and simply does not have the protection to meet the requirements or GD would have bid it. Honestly, Griffin III is just a tarted up system almost as old as the Bradley (good ole ASCOD). Transformational change is how they got LCS, Zumwalt, and EFV or did they memory hole that?
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    Small exhibition of AFV related to Siege of Leningrad in the middle of St.Petersburg.
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    The Improvised Weapons Thread

    Houthi with 23 mm sniper rifle/cannon named Zolfigar-2
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    Movie tanks and terrible Vismods

    Probably Type 96
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    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    That's the second part. Tanks for you (and for the rest of Europe) would be produced in Poland but that would be an up-armored version (similar to Altay). Not the basic one. But still it's around 2030+ year when you can receive these tanks.
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    Nah, not really new - based on AJAX which is a tart up of ASCOD. 1980s tech at best. One of the reasons AJAX did not make down select for LAND 400 in Australia was its actual age. Lots of lipstick, still a pig.
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    NGCV/OMFV. Forwarding to... the past

    That's kind of my point, Raytheon-Rheinmetall decided not to bid and the shipping issue was merely a side effect of a conscious decision to not bid. They decided not to bid because they knew they couldn't meet the impossible requirements, and Lynx can already grow to the ~50t number that NLM posits for the GD bid. Hence my supposition of the actual amount of weight needed to meet the requirement being much larger. Supposedly, their tender was all-new. And considering their heaviest existing chassis cannot get anywhere *near* the required protection given its relatively low weight cap (42t) I am tempted to believe that.
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    12.7x55 caliber round (same as ASh-12) revolver, gun (AFAIK) was offered to our SF units. RSh-12 (AFAIK early version)
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    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    There is some gossip about Czech interest in K2 as well (nothing official at all at the moment). It would make a lot of sense if that was a common deal with the Poles. That could add the potential numbers. The background of that is that Leopard II and most of the other tanks are considered way too heavy. Nothing was ever prepared for such heavy tank in our country (including bridges) and having such heavy tanks would bring a lot of additional investments.
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    The Whirlybird Thread

    Moldavian PMC Mi-8MTV-1 that was (claimed) to be hit by a mortar. A-stan. 4 people inside were wounded.
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    French flair

    At last : 54 120mm rifled mortars are ordered. http://www.opex360.com/2020/01/24/armee-de-terre-la-commande-de-54-blindes-griffon-dotes-du-mortier-mepac-a-ete-notifiee-par-la-dga/
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    Polish Armoured Vehicles

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    Israeli AFVs

    Thats some absolutely atrocious track tension on the second tank.
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    https://www.fisc.uscourts.gov/sites/default/files/FISC Declassifed Order 16-1182 17-52 17-375 17-679 200123.pdf
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    Active Protection System (APS) for tanks

    Rheinmetall hybrid protection system version of the ADS:
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    the thing just above the 5th skirt panel? That's part of the NBC system
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    In 2012-2013 Sprut-SD was tested with ERA, AFAIK. Suka blyat
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    Explosive Reactive Armor

    Brenus ERA for BMP-3. Adds almost 4t.
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    The turbines serve better in the arctic hence why the modernized T-80 are being supplied to the arctic units.
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    Documents for the Documents God

    Jane's and Hunnicutt collections https://mega.nz/#F!cg0jkACZ!3mBIapaOA6NEIM_mL9efqA https://mega.nz/#F!55tGCaxI!q_DO8uWBY7cukghLMZK2KA Military Balance 2019 https://mega.nz/#!olFQjYpQ!PIxlf4_S4mt902gOw2pIZJ0WP-eRkz9NNEqYtS6VqtI Official encyclopedia of Russian MoD circa 2006. All books are translated. All kinds of stuff are covered: from ICBM to trucks. https://mega.nz/#F!Zpd3ka7Z!JlQtuHGrMIaTcJjxdWQ6vw
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    "Russian military" have different factions in it.
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    BTW WTF has happened with MTU's new website? It looks like they completely erased the fact of production AFV engines...
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    The early days of Israel

    I am sure there are many very interesting stories to share about this topic. Let's start with couple of articles about the weird and sometimes downright crazy history of Czechoslovak assistance which helped Israel to survive its early days. It's true that Czechoslovakia asked a lot of money for bypassing the UN embargo but it doesn't change the fact that it helped in the critical time - before the change of course was ordered from Kremlin in 1949. It's also worth mentioning that the arms-smuggling to Israel brought up to 1/3 of all foreign currency income of Czechoslovakia at that time! It's all in Czech but well understandable with the google translate. Here in short the story of the secret Czechoslovak operation DI - the military asistance to Israel from the website of the Czech Institute of the military history. The article contains rare historical photos from the covert military training for army specialists (pilots, tankers, mechanics and even an infantry brigade made of volunteers from the former Czechoslovak Army Corps in USSR). https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=cs&tl=en&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.vhu.cz%2Fprubeh-a-podrobnosti-cs-vojenske-pomoci-izraeli-na-konci-40-let%2F If you really like the topic, you can learn many more details from these six chapters of this superlong article (sure worth studying for anyone interested in the topic). https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=cs&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.valka.cz%2F14222-Ceskoslovensko-a-jeho-vojenska-pomoc-statu-Izrael-v-prvnim-obdobi-jeho-samostatne-existence-I%3Futm_source%3Dvalka_cz%26utm_medium%3Darticle%26utm_campaign%3Dserial https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=cs&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.valka.cz%2F14223-Ceskoslovensko-a-jeho-vojenska-pomoc-statu-Izrael-v-prvnim-obdobi-jeho-samostatne-existence-II%3Futm_source%3Dvalka_cz%26utm_medium%3Darticle%26utm_campaign%3Dserial https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=cs&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.valka.cz%2F14230-Ceskoslovensko-a-jeho-vojenska-pomoc-statu-Izrael-v-prvnim-obdobi-jeho-samostatne-existence-III https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=cs&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.valka.cz%2F14236-Ceskoslovensko-a-jeho-vojenska-pomoc-statu-Izrael-v-prvnim-obdobi-jeho-samostatne-existence-IV%3Futm_source%3Dvalka_cz%26utm_medium%3Darticle%26utm_campaign%3Dserial https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=cs&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.valka.cz%2F14242-Ceskoslovensko-a-jeho-vojenska-pomoc-statu-Izrael-v-prvnim-obdobi-jeho-samostatne-existence-V%3Futm_source%3Dvalka_cz%26utm_medium%3Darticle%26utm_campaign%3Dserial https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=&sl=cs&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.valka.cz%2F14246-Ceskoslovensko-a-jeho-vojenska-pomoc-statu-Izrael-v-prvnim-obdobi-jeho-samostatne-existence-VI%3Futm_source%3Dvalka_cz%26utm_medium%3Darticle%26utm_campaign%3Dserial After that we have the totally crazy story of the Cairo bombing raid actually performed from the communist Czechoslovakia in 1948. Why don't we have yet any movie about three B-17s smuggled from USA, crewed by American-Jewish airmen, armed with former German machineguns and bombs and operating from an airfield located in then communist Czechoslovakia? If that doesn't deserve to be filmed than what does? https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=cs&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.idnes.cz%2Fzpravy%2Fdomaci%2Fnalet-zatec-kahira-b-17-izrael.A130712_105045_domaci_jw Most of you likely know that the first combat aircraft of the Israeli airforce were Czechoslovak Avia S-199 fighters. This stillborn stop-gap modification of the leftover Bf-109G airframe was rather useless in fact (Czechoslovakia had loads of Bf-109 airframes but no spare DB-605 engines whose reliability was absurdly low due to bad late-war steel, so the engines were replaced with Jumo-211 bomber units - completely unsuitable but available) but nevertheless it helped to stop the Egyptian attack on Tel Aviv and brought a very important psychological advantage on the Israeli side. More about these planes here. https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=cs&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.idnes.cz%2Ftechnet%2Fvojenstvi%2Fizrael-ceskoslovensko-vyroci-izraelske-letectvo.A180526_235424_vojenstvi_erp https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=cs&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.idnes.cz%2Ftechnet%2Fvojenstvi%2Fceskoslovenske-letectvo-stihaci-letadlo-avia-s-199.A200116_174150_vojenstvi_erp To add to the absurdity of that time... the man behind the support for the Israel was Czechoslovak FM Vladimír Clementis who was executed just few years later as a result of an intra-communist power struggle.
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    Explosive Reactive Armor

    To the rescue! Yes, ERAWA-2 casettes are covered by 4mm special absorber layer (1K2KS and 1KF2KS absorber) whit mass 6kg/m2 and able to protect against radar working in band X and Ku whit f=8-16GHz. On typical PT-91 sucht absorber cover circa 20m2 and achive reduce detecting range at 50 to 60% for typical conditions. Yes, on Ukarine in 2016 (tests for other client) when ERAWA-2 outperform Knive ERA vs HJ-8, RPG-29 and PG-7VR and BK-14M. Sorry, no details couse all is classified still :(
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    https://cloud.mail.ru/public/2jvZ/4HtDhbbvL photos of pages from various International Defence Review magazine issues, published in 1975-1983 and stored in Russian State Library
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    General cars and vehicles thread.

    Some "custom" creations found originally here... Not sure if it's enough of a low rider...
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    NGCV/OMFV. Forwarding to... the past

    My turn. That's kind of my point the bid failed. So when did they last win new platform work?
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    BTR-4s problems continues
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    Looks like still shopped, but without ERA.
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    Britons are in trouble

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    General news thread

    A large warehouse full of aid sent to Puerto Rico after hurricane Maria(2017) was discovered. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/puerto-rican-governor-fires-emergency-director-after-aid-is-found-sitting-in-warehouse-2020-01-18/
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