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    It appears to be much more spacious than another 299-based heavy IFV, one which was mentioned earlier in this thread: which apparently (well, assuming that it had same armor thickness as 299-based tank itself, and assuming that it had constant roof thickness) was almost as low on the inside as BMP-2
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    A USMC M1A1 fitted with Trophy: as seen on @Damian twitter account. Also here: http://www.candp.marines.mil/Programs/Focus-Area-4-Modernization-Technology/Part-3-Ground-Combat-Tactical-Vehicles/M1A1-Vehicle-Protection-System/ “The M1A1 Trophy TD phase is complete. The USMC project is partially funded to procure (48) of (56) systems as a special mission kit for four tank companies.”
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    Forgot to add this - claimed to be a variant of heavy IFV on Object 299 chassis http://btvt.narod.ru/3/object299.htm Engine and transmission
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    Speaking of 2nd Amendment, Cody Wilson finished his suit against the State Department for the right to publish the design plans for 3D printing or milling major components or complete sets of his open-source firearm designs under 1st Amendment protections
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    As far as I am aware, you simply use a longer swing arm if you want longer travel. However, considering that you can't have 1000 mm of travel because of obvious reasons, you need better dampening, which is where the actual performance of the suspension comes in. The reason why the Challenger II has less travel is because it does not need it. The better dampening compensates for it. Think about how the recoil mechanism of a gun works. Thanks for explaining! How? As long as you can adjust the pressure of the hydraulic line, it should not really add anything to the system. AFV manufactures keep advertising their "open architecture high speed networked" AFVs. This means that all the subsystems are networked together. No additional wiring needed between the FCS and main computer, and no extra needed wiring between the main computer and suspension control unit. If not, I would honestly fire the engineer in charge of these systems for incompetency. Or straight out reject the AFV as a costumer. The rest is just code: def suspension_temperature_compensation(temp_value, adjust_value): """ Program for adjusting the suspension after the ambient temperature. """ sus_adjust = temp_value * adjust_value return sus_adjust suspension_temperature_compensation(80, 0.1) By inputting the value 80, meaning 30 degrees C ( -50 C becomes 50, and 30 C becomes 30, 50 + 30 = 80), and the adjustment value, which would be the expansion ratio of the gas compered to the temperature. I set it to a arbitrary 0.1, which would make the function output 8, as in 8 mm increase in the suspension height. This would then be feed into a the controller of the suspension, which would adjust accordingly. Actually, the entire code above would probably be integrated into the ride height programming. This was coded in Python, for those who want to know the syntax. This is not really complex. Digital programming does not really break down faster because of more complexity. Or you can use a virtual PID regulator. It would be better.
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    It shows the standard things Spike missiles could do but also in the middle it shows its very high angle of attack mode (advertised as 70 degrees), and in the end shows operational firing from a Spike NLOS.
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    Bash the F-35 thred.

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    General AFV Thread

    Had a quick glance around and those two vehicles are surprisingly averse to being seen together (and yet I'm pretty sure there must be a picture out there showing them side by side, in one of these typical "the evolution of our hardware" photo shoots). I even tried Hunnicutt's Bradley - A History of the American Fighting and Support Vehicles or turning to Desert Storm footage, but nothing turned up for me. The only pic I found that kind of illustrates the difference in size between the two was lifted from a modelling site, and even then it must be taken with a ULCC-sized dose of salt. That said, while looking around I found some rather exotic stuff such as this German StuG-like conversion of the M113. Would've been perfect for the "Name that AFV" thread except I don't have an official name to slap on it.
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    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Leopard 2 KWS prototype (AFAIK one of the two TVM tanks, but could also be the IVT) being refurbished and repainted before going into a museum. It will probably go to the Panzermuseum Munster (or maybe is already there?), which has requested a replacement for the old Leopard 2A4 (because children and young adults would be used to the wedge-shaped turret armor of the Leopard 2). Note the layered hatch construction: NERA spaced over the normal steel hatch Photos via the otvaga forum.
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    Britons are in trouble

    I believe they do. For some bizarre reason, the chieftain and T95 were designed to have the same turret ring, and that ring diameter was kept through the M60 and M1. If Chally 2 has the same turret ring diameter as a chieftain, then you can plop an Abrams turret on it, at least in principle. Edit: Ogorkiewicz says chally 1 and Abrams have the same turret ring diameter. Probably chally 2 does as well:
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    From what I can tell it doesn't have the folding mechanism or the 'popped collar' that blocked view from the commanders cupola.
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    Me too TBH.....Let's put it down to inflation issues, eh?
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    Yesssss https://babylonbee.com/news/senator-ben-sasse-offered-one-last-chance-to-bow-to-towering-trump-statue-before-being-thrown-into-fiery-furnace/
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    General AFV Thread

    @Ramlaen not exactly next to each other, but still:
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    Jeeps, very sorry but I somehow missed this post. I hadn't mentioned it or posted pictures because I was making a joke about the car I had just gotten, although to be honest its name was probably upwards of 20% of the reason I was interested in it... Anyway, since we're on the subject and since you'd probably be among the handful of people who would have any chance of appreciating the license plate I ordered for this German M4, here's a picture. Apologies for the off-topic post, but didn't want you to think I had been ignoring you and rest assured if I did somehow manage to buy an actual tank I'd be posting everywhere about it! Now back to actual tanks.
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    https://www.appropriations.senate.gov/imo/media/doc/FY2019 Defense Appropriations Act, Report 115-290.pdf "M4A1 Carbine Extended Forward Rail System.—The Army’s Soldier Enhancement Program study published in December 2017 found that the United States Special Operations Command’s extended free-float rail system is substantially more accurate than the Army’s legacy M4A1 rail and readily available in the supply system. While the Committee supports the Army’s modernization strategy which calls for developing and fielding the Next Generation Squad Automatic Weapon before developing and fielding the Next Generation Soldier Weapon, the Committee remains concerned that the Army is not accelerating modest and readily available upgrades to the M4A1 Carbine and thereby improving solider lethality in the interim. Therefore, the Committee encourages the Secretary of the Army to accelerate adapting a government provided extended free-float rail system for the M4A1 carbine."
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    Britons are in trouble

    The main work for the Leopard 2A7V uppgrade is done by KMW. The contract was not awarded to Rheinmetall, this company acts only as a sub-contractor (i.e. parts for the Leopard 2A7V like the gun and FCS are made by Rheinmetall). The lion's share of the work is done by KMW and the schedule is mostly a result of their work backlog: Source: https://www.rheinmetall.com/de/rheinmetall_ag/press/news/latest_news/index_12992.php Before the first Leopard 2A7V will be delivered to Germany, a part of the Danish order (who are upgrading their Leopard 2A5 tanks to Leopard 2A7DK) has to be finished. They already received their first Leopard 2A7DK tank: There are two models of the Leopard 2A7DK; one is pretty much identical to the Leopard 2A7V, the other will retain the shorter gun barrel and might lack other features as well. The only reason why I think one could blame Rheinmetall for the slow delivery is the fact that the whole deal was delayed by two years - originally the contracts were to be signed in 2015, but it was signed in 2017 after Rheinmetall and KMW couldn't agree on how the money was split between the two companies. As far as I understand KMW's production capacity is limiting the upgrade. KMW doesn't have a fully operational Leopard 2 production line in Germany, which is why some parts for the Leopard 2 tanks ordered by the Qatari military were in fact made in foreign countries. I.e. the basic hull structures for the Leopard 2A7Q were made in Greece, which then were transported to Germany. The turrets were made in Kassel (KMW's facility in Kassel is very close to Rheinmetall's Kassel facility, where the gun and FCS were made) and then send to Munich. In Munich the Greek-made hull structures were fitted with all components and the turrets. Qatar ordered its 62 Leopard 2A7Q tanks, 24 Panzerhaubitze 2000 artillery systems, unknown number of Dingo 2s and 32 Fenneks in 2013, but in 2016 only about half of the vehicles had been delivered. If you add the Danish contract to the mix aswell as orders from the Bundeswehr (Dingo 2s, Fennek JFST, and some of the Boxers are made by KMW) and other NATO countries, then it is easy to see why KMW needs so much time to deliver the German Leopard 2A7V tanks. Rheinmetall also has lots of orders (most Boxers and most parts of the Puma + the final integration are made by Rheinmetall), but it is a much larger company (~23 thousand vs ~2.7 thousand employees) and much more open for international cooperation (only 25 out of 211 Boxer CRVs for the Australian army are being made in Germany, the work for only 8 full and 12 partial Leopard 2PL upgrades out of 128 tanks will be made in Germany).
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    Britons are in trouble

    True that the Leopard 2 would have needed to be brought up to standard, but the same would be true if they bought M1 (which would most likely be storage M1A1 brought to A2 xx standard). Point is no matter what the British chose it will be old tanks (M1, Leo 2, CR2) upgraded to a more recent standard, they need an interim solution to last until 2030-2035. The big difference is that for both the M1 and the Leopard 2 the R&D costs of the upgrades have already been paid for and their most recent iterations are recognized as capable. That's not the case with upgrading the CR2 which require to develop a new solution with the afferent costs (and for minor improvements I may add). It doesn't matter if they buy M1 or Leopard 2 it would be cheaper and bring them more capability than trying to upgrade the Challenger 2.
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    Just go to my album; https://imgur.com/gallery/rEdpy
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    Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    Fuel tracks with fuel tanks near fuel tanks with jet engines.
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    General AFV Thread

    More from Belarus https://yuripasholok.livejournal.com/10608746.html BMD bar
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    What are we playing?

    Timeshift. Timeshift is FPS developed by St. Petesrburg-based Saber Interactive and published by Sierra. Saber is a stuido that was and currently is involved in different well-known projects and made few not bad games and couple of crappy shooters. Currently they are involved in Quake Champions, in 2017 they made also relatively well known Spintires: Mudrunner offroad car/driving game, or "Russian roads simulator". Timeshift was somewhat ambitious project and early concept art was interesting. Game was promising Steampunk FPS with timetravel theme and ingame time manipulation mechanics. It was released in 2007. So today i will review it, after completing it like 4+ months ago and 11 years after it's release date (very timely review!) Visuals. Imagine a bad mix between Doom 3 and Half-Life 2 visuals - Doom 3's dark grey metal corridors with Half-life 2's concrete/brick buildings and tunnels. Maybe even FEAR endless industrial maps. Add here even more darkness and non-stop rain, make everything grey and this is how game begins and continues for some time. Later it switched to color pellet of a turd, adding brown to grey and this combination of grey mixed with brown continues for almost whole singleplayer with few outdoor episodes that breave life in Timeshift's grey body. Grey soldiers hiding behind grey chesthigh walls while skies are covered in grey clouds makes Timeshift look boring as fuck, and capable to sneak into any Soviet concreate building as this amount of grey can work as a good camo. Technically it is not bad - bump mapping everywhere, shadows are rendered on everything from every object like in DooM 3, but overal picture is not great for human creature to behold as it invokes all those boring rainy days behind the window. I think a reason for such choice was to make grim atmosphere of opression (as main vilian time traveled back in time and became HronoHilter). But Half Life 2 was colorfull, and still managed to pull 1984 in the begining. This game do manage to opresses 2 things - my eyes and my desire to play it. Majority of the game is like this: And for several levels Timeshift decides to have a color: Buildings, locations, enemies and so on through a whole campaign uses 1.5 colors- grey-ish green, grey-ish blue and grey-ish grey. In case of HronoHitler's basic soldiers - they have exactly same gear in every level of the game made out of generic armor painted by same 1.5 colors as everything else. Animations of enemies are good and feel very smooth, which surprised me, facial animations - not so much. Overall - technically competent, but art design is lacking. Audio Usualy i don't mention it, but in Timeshift devs decided to make player uncomfortable with some of sounds choices. Main weapon for a big portion of Timeshift is a Generic Assault Rifle that during firing shoots grinding sounds. Quadbike also managed to poop some seriously generic soundfiles out of its exhaust pipe. Music is so generic that i would expect to hear it in movie that RLM watches in their Best of the Worst series. It is like everything was made to be grey, even music! Plot. In the far future people created 2 Crysis suits that are capable to turn on Maximum time manipulation superpower, and 1 of them was used by HronoHitler to sneak back in time and appear in Valve's Half-Life 2, where he created his Reich that painted City 17 in grey, made music generic and created a machine that make endless rains in Oppressedburg. Knowing what XXXGordon_FreemanXXX made to City 17's previous main villian, HronoHitler put his own Evil Tower of Evilness on top of giant grey metalic spider robot that walks around Oppressedburg by stepping on innocent childrens. Our main hero - Mr. Silent protagonist, discovered what HronoHilter done via unskippable cutscene and in his furious unexpressed emotion jumped back in time through cliche threshold to fight HronoHitler. HronoHitler than done something against main hero, Silent Protagonist done something back, but i don't remember what, why and where, as story writer of Timeshift also jumped back in time before he became competent. After jumping back in 2004, Main Hero discovered that not only he travaled into Half-Life 2 maps painted grey, but also in Half-Life 2 game structure where time traveling supersuit wearing scientist have few driving sections, solves puzzles, attacks Nova Prospekt jail (or something similar), have another driving section, then fight main villian. But during penetration through cliche threshold Main Zero clothes managed to catch few of cliches mixed with low budget, so he discoveres himself to be locked in crappy turret sections, but sadly his time bending powers don't allow him to skip them. During his tourism through Grey 17 Main hero also found rebels that mixed up our time traveling scientist with the other time traveling scientist with beard and glasses. They try to help us to fight endless waves of generic Comb... i mean Magistrate soldiers that got part of their AI brains snugged by HronoHitler from FEAR because he heard that FEAR AI was better than any other choices he had. Rebels are lead by Secondary NPC 1 and Secondary NPC 2, who are custom models of guys in grey with grey assault rifles speaking grey mission objectives onto main hero. I don't remember if he is important or not After completing those mission objectives by pressing endless buttons our suitcarrier have a climax fight with HronoHilter that doesn't happen inside of EvilTowerBottm as it would require to model it and accounting department is already very angry because of amount of budget used. Gameplay Timeshift for almost first half tries not only to wear parts of Half-Life 2 maps and structure as a sweater, with surgically implanted Doom 3 metal corridors with labs and FEAR's industrial levels as pants, but also tries to play like Half-Life 2 with it's action-puzzle gameloop. It gives us rather generic guns, slows down speed of our silent hero, and than spawn squads of not stupid enemies from FEAR in generic grey levels and claims that this is a gameplay of the FPS based on time travelling abilities. Than those firefights are mixed with very basic time-powers puzzles, which games allow to solve by pressing "solve puzzle" button. Time travel powers are Max Payne's bullet time, time stop and rewind. In the rain those powers look cool with raindrops stopping or starting to move back depending on powers used. All those time manipulations are limited - you can't rewind much or stop for too long. During this moments game became slightly interesting as during slow mo you can move faster, during time stop you can take enemies weapons from their hands (not always), fire many bullets in them, kick them and after time stop ends they fly away as impulses are summarized. Rewind is for psychos that want to kill same guy several times, but usually used to solve puzzles like "bridge was blown up but you need to cross it! What you will do, Player_1?"... and this game is so terrified of player not being able to figure things out that before bridge explodes your build-in AI (one of plot devices stuck in your suit from cliche fields travel) will say to you what to do next and gametip will point at "solve puzzle" button. During rewind you can't do anything with obejcts around. And this is all powers you get through whole game. Shooting itself become not completely bland after getting Fully semiatomatic crossbow with explosives bolts and SMG that fires incendiary rounds and have underbarrel flamethrower, with first and secondary firemodes setting enemies on fire. But all other guns are bland and what you expect from FPS. SMG from early build of Timeshift before devs deleted details and painted it in grey AI and enemies AI in Timeshift is rather good, well animated enemies doing some competent things. They communicate with each other, although in low-budget bad acting kind of way. AI can take cover, mooks move around, throw grenades and remind me FEAR Replicals a bit. Hell, in an inteview one of devs directly said that they were looking at how other games were programmed, and seeing some of familiar behavior of FEAR replicants i am almost 100% sure they copied at least part of AI system from FEAR. One of enemies even have a copy-pasted helmet design from FEAR, haha. Some of them could be easily mistaken with bad guys from FEAR based on their looks and some parts of behavior Vast majority of main hero opponents are those soldiers. Sometimes there are snipers, turrets and robots, but it is rare. Near the end part of Timeshift devs introduced special types of grunts with time powers that result in... grunts moving faster. Well, at least they move very fast in bursts, which mean some sort of variety as they can run past you and you will have hard to time to catch them without using slow mo. It is rather obvious that devs wanted to do FEAR-like shooter and bad guys, but enemies in FEAR had character and emotion in actions and speech, while those guys - not so much. When you kill those special time powered mooks they die and voice their death in bored "i guess i am dead now" way, Also any action in FEAR, even a fart, resulted in series of explosions and human babies sized pieces of walls flying around in uncountable amounts. In Timeshift you get some sparkler here and there with devs standing near and saying "sorry mate, this is what we can get for a budget". For Vladimir Putin!!! As already was mantioned i was surprised by quality of work done with visual part of models/AI movement - animations not only feel smooth, but i never saw (or can't remember) AI jerking/interrupting animation is some very inhumane way or to brake and not work properly, stare at walls and so on. Conclusion. Timeshift have very little original inside. Sabre used other popular FPS to frankenstein their creation mixing themes, pieces of plot and gameplay loop from Half-Life 2 with FEAR firefights, adding little with basic time bending powers. Result is mostly bland shooter with very few moments of potential looking through layers of grey paint. Sad part is that technical skill is presented - game is polished, no serious bugs and even small problems were spotted during playing Timeshift. But for what it is, Timeshift is well made block of grey concrete.
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    No, Nozh doesn't work as advertised

    http://milnavigator.com.ua/українські-танки-отримають-новий-дин/ Credit on the finding to Stayh78 from waronline.org forum. Translation for each page directly above it.
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