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  1. What are we playing?

    I'm updating and getting on StarCraft Remastered. Somebody hmu, I need a duel.
  2. Hahahahah. It's hilarious and terrifying how incredibly un-self aware these kinds of people are.
  3. Yeah, the Lost Causers are the children and grandchildren of the Civil War era southern Democrats. I mean, here's how old the bastards who actually fought were by the 1890s: These guys were retirees, practically. Here's the thing, and they only sort of teach you think in school: We as a nation had achieved practically all the goals of the Civil Rights movement (for men, at least) by 1870. Black people were desegregated, they were free, they were voting, they were treated as equals... Because the Northern troops made the South do it at the barrel of a gun. And I don't mean "we fought a war", I mean there were literally Union troops stationed in the South, occupying it, pointing guns at the Southerners to make sure they guaranteed the rights of the Negro. And then the Compromise of 1877 happened, and the North just abandoned the Southern blacks. They just up and left, and everything they'd achieved to that point was lost. They don't drive this home in school like I think they should: The North failed to secure the rights of the Southern blacks at the end of the Civil War, and as a consequence the only thing that long and bloody conflict decided was whether states could secede or not. The whole reason there was a Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and '60s was due to that failure. The failure of Reconstruction is a shameful mark on our country, especially the Yankees, and I think that needs to hammered in to schoolchildren as such. More optimistically, the Yanks seemed to have learned their lesson eventually, because they did not let the same thing happen in Japan and Germany after World War II. Which is why we still have large military bases in those countries.
  4. Bash the EM-2 Thread

    Don't use Photobucket.
  5. Being even handed. What a shocking and divisive President!
  6. I should also note that in the South the period from 1877-1893 is sometimes euphemistically called the Redemption or the Redemption Era, after the Redeemers. It certainly wasn't that. I went to school in Maryland, and the textbooks there were 100% Yankee. No way they would have called it that.
  7. BTW, this has been driving me nuts for a while now. In high school, I was taught that there were two periods after the Civil War: Reconstruction, and another one which is usually called "the Gilded Age". However, in one of my classes the period after Reconstruction was referred to by another name, which also started with an "R" like Reconstruction. I want to say they called it Reclamation, but I'm not sure. I can find no evidence on the web of this alternate time period in US history, but I'm certain it existed, because I used to refer to it all the time. Anybody have any ideas? Does this period exist? Am I crazy? Am I a victim of mid-2000s revisionist history textbooks?
  8. Not at all in my interest to defend statues put up by overly romantic Lost Causers from the Gilded Age, but I think the people tearing them down don't care a whit about that, either. This is what we'll get if some whips don't get cracked soon: 1. Confederate flags get taken down due to minority outcry. ✔ 2. Confederate statues are hurriedly taken down under pressure from the same. ✔ 3. Confederate statues are personally defaced/destroyed by the same. ✔ 4. Destruction/defacing of Confederate and Union graveyards. 4. Escalation. Destruction of other property, monuments, etc. Destruction of historical sites as the mob is emboldened. 5. Assaults and possibly murder/manslaughter as escalation continues. We've got a mob that is trying to see just how far they can push things. I don't think this is really about Confederate statues. They are a convenient outlet. This is about politics by other means.
  9. Listening to Rush Limbaugh makes you a Nazi. I read it on the Internet you guys.
  10. An actual conversation I had on Imgur this morning: TL;DR, I point out that calling people Nazis for no reason just makes more Nazis, then a guy proceeds to say everyone who reads Breitbart wants to commit genocide. Formatting this so it made any sense was an absolute pain in the ass, but I did want to preserve the complete lack of self-awareness.
  11. There's something darkly poetic about people who want to pick a fight woth half the country tearing down statues that remind them of the last time the country fought itself.
  12. Bash the EM-2 Thread

    The EM-2 uses the barrel as the spine for the whole rifle, which is one of the only sound ways to build a light bullpup. A fact that rather suggests bullpups in general are perhaps not the greatest of ideas.