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  1. Sturgeon

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    In which Crowder becomes a prophet, apparently David Hogg's March for Our Lives tour has kicked off... To almost no media coverage, it seems.
  2. GE D2 'test payload' and transtage atop a Matin-Marietta Barbarian first stage: The Barbarian was a real proposal from the 1980s after Shuttle was grounded during the Challenger disaster: 5- and 10-way symmetry courtesy of Editor Extensions Redux.
  3. AK-203 is what they are calling the 100-series upgrade kits now, I guess?
  4. Titan-derived moonshot. Stage 0: 4x UA1207 boosters Stage 1: Titan-derived tank, diameter increased to 15 ft from 10 ft. 7x single chamber LR-87-11-1 engines Stage 2: Titan-derived 15ft tank, 5x RL-10A engines (I wanted it to be 7x AJ-10-133s, but the ones from the General Electric D-2 pack are not usable for this since they take liquid fuel instead of LH2) Capable of putting over 20 metric tonnes (that's about 12 Kerbal tons) into Moon-intercept. Martin-Marietta cross
  5. Alternate Apollo 8, courtesy of General Electric:
  6. Sturgeon


    Fifteen whole US dollars!
  7. Alternate Apollo: GE D2 proposal on a Titan IIIC Roughly equivalent to the North American Apollo on a Saturn IB.
  8. Sturgeon


    The former, though I'd like to blame it on the liquor. Drafted the new set, Dominaria, this evening. It was a ton of fun, kind of brought the excitement back for me.
  9. Matt Easton makes a worthwhile point in this video: Quote: "They knew that any type of sidearm that they gave out to regular infantry was gonna get abused; it was gonna get used for chopping wood, it was probably gonna get used for breaking and levering and all sorts of jobs that it wasn't really ideally designed for, so they kind of partially designed it for those jobs to make it more effective at doing the things that it wasn't really supposed to do, which is an interesting design ethos when you think about it, and I think this applied to firearms as well." As in everything, firearms design is a tradeoff. Do you sacrifice the handling and speed of a weapon to make it a better maul or club? Do you refine the weapon as much as humanly possible, or do you keep a bit of "meat" on it to add toughness and strength - even when it may not be required? There is no right answer here, to be honest. We see both ends of the spectrum being very successful; the AR-15 and AKM on one end, both being pretty refined and more or less "lifed" by when their components are expected to wear out, and things like the Valmet series of milled Kalashnikovs on the other - where receivers are so durable and tough that individual rifles can be expected to serve for over 70 years. One of the most instructive examples of this is the change from the M16A1 to M16A2. While the M16A2 is much maligned, what cannot be seriously claimed is that it did not provide a meaningful improvement in durability and resilience over its predecessor. It certainly has received valid criticism for its lack of full auto mode, longer stock, and "heavy in the wrong places" barrel profile, but the rifle did close the door on the durability issues that had tarnished the M16A1 even through the 1970s. And while the M16A2 is now considered an overly heavy and cumbersome weapon (a reputation exacerbated by the heavy railed M16A4 variant), at the time of its introduction it was still one of the lightest service rifles in the world, adding in total less than half a pound over the fully mature M16A1.
  10. I can't be the only one here who plays Richard Garfield's Money Siphon for Impoverishing Extremely Stinky Males, can I? Can I?
  11. I agree with Walt, I think it's best if everyone took a little break.