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  1. Just because we have the Consitution doesn't mean our government always follows it. E.g., Patriot Act.
  2. Unless it's the 6.8 GP, the Army will never buy it. At least for now. Yes it would be possible. Oh, you want a Valkyrie-specific EPR with some weird polymer hybrid case, do you?
  3. Not demonstrably as far as I know, though yes 7.62x39 is perhaps the "worky-est" rifle round ever made.
  4. I dunno exactly why he was opposed to 5.45, other than that he thought an improved 7.62x39 made more sense. Maybe he was thinking logistics?
  5. Still a heretic, then. Somewhere in Secular Communist Non-Denominational Heaven, Mikhail is sad.
  6. @Alex C., btw did my numerous articles on the subject ever convince you Schmeisser didn't design the AK-47?
  7. Did they just take the AK-74 bolt and mill it out?
  8. What's with the more relieved bolt face? Is it just different proportions but the same diameter cut? Rk. 62 plz.
  9. I usually call them Type 56s because as you point out they really are their own thing. @Vlad
  10. That's one of 3 (or four?) select-fire Type 3 AKs imported by Sam Cummings circa ~1960. The CIA requested two, and Sam seeing an opportunity didn't stop there. So that's one of the first if not the first AK pattern rifles in the US. It's not clear what the gun would have been designated in Polish service, but it's probably a kbk AK or pmK. The guys at Circle 11 factory really knew what they were doing, too as that gun has the slickest bolt of any AK I've ever handled, period. Puts even Finnish guns to shame.
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