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  1. I see the Dems are down to hoping the Republican leadership will literally just hand them the presidency for no reason.
  2. Are you tired of winning yet? To translate that into real terms, that is enough to buy 447 (four hundred and forty-seven) F-35As at 2018 prices.
  3. It would be if Trump were a renowned aircraft expert. Still a funny slip, though.
  4. He built a coalition of the willing, not of the morally pure. But yeah, it's weird. Everything is weird when the impossible has happened.
  5. So that article just made everyone who read it aware of the global standard for speech and press suppression agaibst which Trump should be judged. Why do all of Trump's enemies completely fail to grasp the art of persuasion?
  6. Your Gun Porn Thread

    Curious why you chose that upper as well. It's heavier than a standard forged unit, I believe. For an ultralight, you want something like this.
  7. Your Gun Porn Thread

    You probably don't want a pistol length gas tube, buddy.
  8. I dunno about that. Maybe. You get a bit of a push when you're the VP of the last guy, seems to be related to the incumbent effect. OTOH, if voters wanted 4 more years of Obama, they would have elected Clinton.
  9. Yet she lost anyway, and the polls meant exactly squat. Interestingly, in the Politico article that wasn't actually linked by Sco, Biden underperforms compared to a generic Democrat. So, uh, I'll take the result with a grain of salt.
  10. Weapons Promotional Videos

    That's the Glock MHS gun.
  11. The Star Wars General Discussion Thread

    Chris Hernandez rips on Admiral Hoebag.