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  1. We have been doing an awful job of keeping this thread up to day. Starship got stacked today: There's lots of other details about it on the discord.
  2. Yeah, fun fact, the accuser was one of the Clinton lawyers during the case that resulted in Bill's impeachment. And guess who co-authored the critical Starr Report?
  3. Those goddamn kraut top covers are the weak point in a lot of belt feds. Time to move on to a more robust design.
  4. Sturgeon's remarks: So, this competition was a mixed bag in terms of the administrative side of it. The initial solicitation was probably a bit too technically demanding for most people who would be otherwise interested, and then once we did get submissions that were complete the judges had a difficult time coordinating with each other to create a decision. Also, in many cases the specifications were too complex to be easily evaluated by some of the judges, and therefore the decision was sort of "parted" out with different aspects being determined by different judges. This did not have a major effect on the competition, as it turned out there were only two complete entries and all judges' preferences lined up the same way. Team Mahan/Moo/OSC/CK and Toxn's submissions were very close, but Toxn's submission was slightly more refined and also fit with the spirit of the initial solicitation a little better. I should emphasize that all judges agreed both entries were very close. The minor flaws of Team M/M/O/CK's submission with regard to armor layout and crew accessibility didn't necessarily represent intrinsic problems with the design, but we felt were more the result of the team falling into pit traps that were unintentional side effects of the very complex initial solicitation. Both complete submissions were very impressive and both should be commended. In particular, the team submission was a massive improvement over their previous entry into the Cascadian competition. Overall, we agreed Toxn's was slightly better, but we are really pleased with the effort that went into both submissions. Additionally, we were happy with the degree to which other people participated, even if their submissions did not get finished. We feel that many people were discouraged from finishing due to how technically demanding the initial solicitation was. I think this contest showed that our process for running these events needs a little work. The forum leadership is discussing how to improve competitions for the future, make them more accessible and fun.
  5. Sturgeon


    It looks like a certain ex-member of the forum is trying to promote a second spoof Discord server in competition to the actual SH one. It has the same SH name and icon. If the server that you are on is not the same as the one embedded on the right of the website, you are on the wrong discord. If you like the other discord better, fine, no skin off my back, but I felt that users here should be aware that there is a fake out there.
  6. Comrade @Collimatrix has been liquidated for his insults to the glorious Dianetic People's Republic of California.
  7. I've long suspected this. The issue has been known in the M16 family for decades, hence the emergence of free float rails (which fix it). Heck, even the Finns knew about it, that's why the M39's barrel is an odd 27 inches (they adjusted barrel length until a node sat at the forward stock bedding point). I had wondered if the prevalence of magazine-grip holds among AK users was in part an attempt to address this (it's also a good way to avoid burns).
  8. A guide to first amendment protections on speech in the US.
  9. That's it. That's the whole text of the 2nd Amendment, the highest law in the land. Pretty straightforward. Now, a lot of people are motivated to throw smokescreens around this, talking about how the word "regulated" means gun control is OK, dumb shit like that. That's all false, and even left-wing scholars in the US have refuted that.* It's also really self-evident if you read Madison's writing, such as Federalist 46 (where he wargames private citizens fighting an invading foreign power with their personally owned weapons of war). *Sources here: https://www.nytimes.com/2007/05/06/us/06firearms.html https://www.nationalreview.com/magazine/2018/08/27/the-truth-about-the-second-amendment/ https://reason.com/2015/10/06/yes-the-second-amendment-protects-indivi/ https://scholarship.law.georgetown.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=2550&context=facpub https://www.newsweek.com/unlikely-liberal-case-gun-rights-75381 http://www2.law.ucla.edu/volokh/beararms/
  10. We should make it a little more clear: Owning lethal weapons with which to defend yourself and your country is a right here. I'd say "like free speech", but even free speech is a right here in a way it isn't in most places in Europe.
  11. By the way, @Xoon, guarantee you every single person you're talking to here would be seen as "stockpiling the kinds of weapons used in mass shootings". I own three AR-15s, an AK-74, and a host of other similar guns. You don't want to know what Ulric has. Because this ain't Norway, Chief.
  12. If our responses sound oddly prickly, it's because while you @Xoon have possibly never had this discussion before, we have had it hundreds if not thousands of times. I remember having this exact discussion in high school. Every time there's a mass shooting we end up getting into it, and it always brings out mean-wells like you who nevertheless don't really have the first clue what they're talking about. You don't know what a Form 4473 is, you don't know that obliterating serials is a felony, you don't seem to be aware that you can swap magazines between two different guns, and you are proposing absolutely asinine shit like registration or a tax on a made-up class of weapons, and then you (seemingly, from our end) have the gall to ask us if that's OK? Most of the Americans participating in this thread don't think we need more nanny state bullshit telling us what we can and can't buy or do with our guns. We think the laws we already have are excessive. And we're really tired of people who don't have the first clue trying to slide more bullshit onto our plate. I think you asked an honest question, but that's the state of things.
  13. I'll do my best, but up front you should probably be aware that US gun owners pretty much always groan out loud when people from other countries ask us questions like this. Not because the question(s) is intrinsically aggressive, but because often there's a bias behind them. So, it's a touchy subject, is what I'm saying. US firearms are required by law to have a serial number. It is not registered to an owner, although the sale of a firearm to someone (including its serial number, make, and model) are recorded on the Form 4473. Not at their residence, that would be a violation of the 4th Amendment. Police do check on stolen firearms, though, in the event they turn up, and provided the person it was stolen from reported it. There is a regulation in the US regarding the depth of the serial number, and if it is obliterated it's a felony with a sentence of 10 years in federal prison, as I recall. You're not the first rando to suggest registration. Also, this did the typical thing and went from "questions" to "here's my proposal for 'fixing' your gun laws in complete ignorance of how they work already". This is the exact reason why Americans lose patience quickly with people from other countries on this subject. US gun owners do not like registration. "Registration always leads to confiscation." "Registration always leads to confiscation." The police and the Feds are incompetent. Look at the Sutherland Springs shooting. What about the government not telling me what I can and can't buy? "Shall not be infringed." Yeah. My patience is gone already. Here's the thing, buddy. I know you mean well. Or, at least, I assume you do. Maybe you don't. Anyway, here's the problem with your suggestion: You're woefully ignorant. Not just about US firearms laws, but the firearms themselves. Take a Glock 26. Look! It's a small compact pistol with less than 15 rounds in the magazine! Aaaand here's the exact same kind of gun with a 33 round mag: So, when you asked this question, it tells me that you not only don't have a clue about US firearms laws or US gun culture, but you also don't really know anything about guns either. Because even someone with a very cursory knowledge of firearms is aware that you can swap magazines. We had an outright ban from 1994-2004. It did nothing. Even the biased people who were for the law admitted it did nothing. The idea is apparently predicated on the notion that a mass shooter with no criminal record would see a 15% tax and go "oh shit I guess I'm not murdering people today. I was going to, but then I'd have to pay $60 in tax and I'm just not willing to do THAT!" Pass.
  14. I am not sure what the health care service in the US is, but Norway's healthcare is "adequate", or a bit worse. I once met a guy in holding who had his entire hand cut off by a sword and then reattached. It still worked. Also, all of your medicine, procedures, and devices are developed in the US.
  15. I wouldn't mind the US annexing every territorial body that we already pay the majority of defense costs for, tbh. And taxing them. Heavily.
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