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    Competition Suggestions

    This thread is for suggesting contest subjects for the forum to participate in!
  2. Big whopping thank-you to @Xoon, who donated to keep the forum going! I am in awe of your chiseled visage, friend!
  3. All forum members are asked and encouraged to donate money to help keep the forum running. Every dollar helps. If you are interested in donating, please send money via PayPal to nfitch84@gmail.com. You have my thanks, and my assurance that your money will only be used to help keep the forum running, not for personal purposes. This is not e-begging; this site is run "FUBU" - for us by us. I will take care of any payment that does not get covered by the community, but help is wanted! Keep in mind that as the forum grows, the cost to keep it going will go up. All contributors of any amount - even a just a cent - will get their names recorded below. If you do not want your name recorded, be sure to send me a PM saying so. Unstart has already contributed, paying the full amount for this month's service, which has just been paid off. Thank you very much Unstart and anyone else who chooses to donate.
  4. Sturgeon

    I Learned Something Today

    His videos are fucking hilarious IMO.
  5. Sturgeon

    Competition Suggestions

    So, Cali heavy tank comp in March?
  6. Sturgeon

    I Learned Something Today

    A little birdy told you about it, I'm guessing.
  7. Stan and I are trolling Tony's forum with the M14. Proof that Studler was on to something:
  8. They are terrified because of their country's state-controlled media were reporting on that much violence at home, they really would have something to worry about. It's the Florida Man effect. The US is one of the safest, most open places in the world, but it also has some of the best transparency policies, and in the big scheme of things it's one of the least corrupt places in the world. So the picture people see is not as polished as it would be elsewhere.
  9. Since the PC Gaming thread is dominated by news, I figured I'd start a second thread specifically about what members of this forum are playing right now. Besides the games that have dedicated threads, I've been playing a total conversion Fallout New Vegas mod called Project Brazil, which adds a completely new start, story, and region to explore. Also, just started playing RAGE, Id Software's effort prior to the tour-de-force DOOM 2016. RAGE is interesting so far, because on the one hand it's a good game in its own right, but on the other you can tell Id learned a shitload from making it. Compare and contrast the beginnings of RAGE and DOOM '16 if you're that kind of nerd. Also been playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which if it weren't such a stuttery mess would be one of my top competitive games right now. A lot of potential there, and PUBG should probably have its own thread here. Just installed Rust (I might be on a bit of a postapoc kick, who can say), looking forward to playing that. It seems like the sort of game I'd really sink my teeth into, but I am disappointed to hear that it's basically in beta hell. :/ Still it was on sale, might as well try it. Also began - for the first time because I am not a console guy - Bayonetta. So far, it's a fun fighting game, but I am not thrilled that you have to unlock difficulty levels. This is my Least Favorite Feature that unfortunately crops up in a number of my favorite games. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is another competitive game I am trying out. So far, it's an improvement over RS1 IMO, as the mechanics are clearer and it feels like it's easier to get a hold of. Might just be that I'd already played RS1. I have minor beefs with the weapon fidelity, which I only mention because RS2 is a game that's gotten praise for having "realistic" weapon handling. Yeah, it's far from bad, but there are some problems. The game itself is a bit stuttery and seems poorly optimized. I noticed with the M60, pathing is so bad as to make that gun virtually unusable, but one of my buddies didn't have the same experience. So I dunno. I want this game to be good pretty hard, but if the gameplay issues aren't fixed I'll have to drop it. As for lately, that's about it. Thinking of picking up Life Is Strange again - played a decent amount of it while tremendously bored and had mixed feelings. Might see how I feel on a second go. So, what are we playing?
  10. Would be interested to see a fact check on this:
  11. I think a lot of people on this forum are interested in this game, so I figured we might as well have a thread. I haven't bought it yet. Interested to hear which "level" of purchase people think are worth it. EoD is expensive, but I guess it does give you a Season Pass? And the game is supposed to have no microtransactions. From what I have read, all of the perks of the different preorder levels only come with release; everyone gets the same shit in alpha/beta. But of course, that's all promises as of yet. From what I hear though, the actual game itself is shockingly polished for an "alpha". It is supposed to be heading into beta soon, but evidently you can still get the preorder perks during beta, so there doesn't seem to be any rush to buy the game. I've heard there are server issues right now, and it can take up to an hour to connect. Not good. Hopefully fixed in beta? I'm not sure what to think. I'll probably buy in at at least the lowest level here soon. Considering EoD, but I'd really like more assurances that this game isn't going to be dropped like a hot potato once the devs cash in.
  12. That's awful. I wish one of the good guys had had a gun, too.
  13. This is a thread for the sharing of creative ideas. If you don't have any creative ideas or do but don't want to share them, you may not enjoy this thread. We'll start off with some awesome fanfiction I wrote a while back about how we shouldn't give young children absolute control over metaphysics.
  14. Sturgeon

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    Since Colli asked about it, here's a crew layout for the Sandy E4: The driver would be reclined in practice but I didn't bother to change the model, hence feet through the floor.
  15. Sturgeon

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    Welp, I've officially quit WT. Back to WoT like the whipped bitch I am, I guess. Gotta get my tank fix somehow.
  16. I can think of one Democrat that isn't having a blue wave this November:
  17. Sturgeon

    I Learned Something Today

    Oh, you mean the Nazis.
  18. Sturgeon

    I Learned Something Today

    Elizabeth Warren.
  19. I've watched hours of SASC testimony with her in it and she is like clinically retarded, dude.