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  1. General news thread

  2. I think a lot of people on this forum are interested in this game, so I figured we might as well have a thread. I haven't bought it yet. Interested to hear which "level" of purchase people think are worth it. EoD is expensive, but I guess it does give you a Season Pass? And the game is supposed to have no microtransactions. From what I have read, all of the perks of the different preorder levels only come with release; everyone gets the same shit in alpha/beta. But of course, that's all promises as of yet. From what I hear though, the actual game itself is shockingly polished for an "alpha". It is supposed to be heading into beta soon, but evidently you can still get the preorder perks during beta, so there doesn't seem to be any rush to buy the game. I've heard there are server issues right now, and it can take up to an hour to connect. Not good. Hopefully fixed in beta? I'm not sure what to think. I'll probably buy in at at least the lowest level here soon. Considering EoD, but I'd really like more assurances that this game isn't going to be dropped like a hot potato once the devs cash in.
  3. Bash the F-35 thred.

    Yes but that whole episode is nothing but citations so it's ok.
  4. For a "hyper realistic" game, there's a bunch of cheaty BS you can pull in EFT. Like healing while ADS, and magically reloading your mags from spare rounds instantly.
  5. Pinker, as usual, can go get stuffed. (I think my favorite part is how Pinker contradicts his own thesis when trying to criticize the paper.)
  6. General news thread

    Not accepting the point because it's patently false is not the same thing as "missing it".
  7. General news thread

    Easy peasey, you cut out their tongues.
  8. General news thread

    I think the existence of the word "subjugate" proves these assertions false. We live in a pretty nice world where nobody hardly ever actually subjugates anyone else anymore, but, yeah, breaking someone's will without killing them is totes possible.
  9. General news thread

    On the contrary, the very concept of rights originates in the power of those who held them, e.g., the rights of kings. It was very recently that the concept of universal human rights was developed. You are correct in one way, however: The control of rights that certain parties in the US aspire to - asserting rights to bathrooms, and to speak uncontradicted for themselves, and to deny rights to guns and religion to others - does not stem from their own power, but from government power. When they've unleashed that beast from its cage of tradition and public sentiment, how soon till it devours them, too? They do not seem to be asking themselves this question.
  10. General AFV Thread

    I'll start off with a couple Pathe videos:
  11. Military.com has an interesting - if a bit pop-y - segment on body armor. One failed project mentioned, the "creeper tank", I cannot find any other information on.
  12. Bash the F-35 thred.

    Dunno if this has already been LoooSeR'd, but it's still great:
  13. Youtube general?

    Worth watching all the way through
  14. So, first suggestions would be Gen Urobuchi and Satoshi Kon, masters of writing and directing, respectively. Anime is an interesting medium, because it affords a great deal of creative control. Put someone like Kon at the helm, and you get some of the finest motion pictures ever put to screen. Put someone else... And you may well get derivative, perverted garbage. This thread is for discussing anime. It is subject to moderation at any time. Any devolution into closeted pedophilia will be moderated with extreme prejudice. Any banal spergouts will be removed. Let's bring forward the best and mercilessly deride the worst of anime.
  15. Non-exploding infantry hardware thread.

    Jesus Christ, Tony wrote an article about trollies for Nick Drummond's blog.
  16. Documents Repository: Small Arms

    Page 17 has a shadowgraph of a fleet yaw angle over 90 degrees.
  17. No, I don't think they are going to get more votes. By 2020, Trump will be a proven candidate, and the Democrats will have doubled, tripled, quadrupled, quintupled down on everything that leeched votes from them in 2016.
  18. I just get this feeling that when Trump and Elon Musk align on something, it will become a reality in the near future.
  19. Oh shit that's right, we need like a special SH civics class to cover all the bizarre terminology and concepts that I and @Collimatrix use.