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  1. Probably the most egregious military reformer (מַּח שְׁמוֹ) belief that I sort-of-kind-of entertain is the idea that aircraft carriers may go the way of the battleship and prove to be too expensive and too vulnerable for the capability that they provide. Now. OK. Calm down. Honestly, I am not a naval expert and I know it. So this is more of a feeling that I have than a measured assessment that I can give. This is even further softballed by the fact that carriers are a really complex issue, involving things like the political careers of Navy brass, the extensive defenses required to maintain a carrier presence in the face of real opposition, the capabilities that carriers provide, and the nature of future warfare. This all snowballs together into an issue that I really have no hope of assessing at my level of expertise on this topic (which is basically dogshit). So, instead, I want to put a thread out there and let the folks on this board who actually know what they're talking about hash it out. This is the aircraft carrier shitstorm thread.
  2. I mean... I agree with all that, but I still think this looks bad for Trump and might affect his appeal. At least, it has a better chance than anything else the Democrats have.
  3. Obviously it's because of the death camps Trump's about to set up!
  4. Maybe. That seems like higher-order thinking than most people usually practice, to me.
  5. If you'd like to throw some knowledge my way, I wouldn't turn it down. Maybe you're right.
  6. CLARIFYING: Since a couple of people have responded in ways that make me think they read this as a moral statement, I'd like to clarify that the below is all game talk. I am talking about how this might affect the two sides in their political contest, not who's right and who's wrong. Hrm, I would have thought Adams of all people would have seen the bad optics here. Frankly, I think this is where the Democrats are politically strongest right now. It's not much, but it's... Something. On a technical level, I agree that if you're stopping people at the border, and you're not holding children accountable for their parents' crimes, then yeah, separations will be a part of that. But the optics of crying children inside cages like you'd see at the dog shelter are unbelievably bad.
  7. I will begin. Ever wonder what a Mercury-derived Lunar mission would look like? Something like this, maybe: Or maybe you've always been convinced that the US Air Force had a secret Gemini-derived Lunar program. Well, they didn't, but the Kerbal States Air Force did! The launch of the KSAF Air Force Orbital Surveyor: In orbit around the Mun after having released its unmanned lander: The launch of the Munar Occupied Laboratory: The Munar-Lander Big Gemini, a ten-man Gemini-derived Munar lander: The Munar Populator Mission launches its five Kerbals, each in separate B-58 Hustler-derived Landing Vehicles, on their journey to the Munar surface: Shhhh! It's the KSAF's sooper sekrit Munar base!
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    General AFV Thread

    I'll start off with a couple Pathe videos:
  9. Sturgeon

    The Whirlybird Thread

    A thread for helicopters, choppers, copters, helos, thopters, whirlybirds, eggbeaters, gyroplanes, slicks, autogyros, gyrocopters, ornithopters and other non-fixed-wing aerodromes. Our first topic: Attack helicopters. They are undoubtedly awesome, but in a large-scale conventional war, will they be resilient enough to have a presence on the battlefield?
  10. Sturgeon

    United States Gun Control Megathread

    In which Crowder becomes a prophet, apparently David Hogg's March for Our Lives tour has kicked off... To almost no media coverage, it seems.
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    Curious Droid, as always gives us a great treatment of his subjects:
  12. GE D2 'test payload' and transtage atop a Matin-Marietta Barbarian first stage: The Barbarian was a real proposal from the 1980s after Shuttle was grounded during the Challenger disaster: 5- and 10-way symmetry courtesy of Editor Extensions Redux.
  13. AK-203 is what they are calling the 100-series upgrade kits now, I guess?
  14. Military.com has an interesting - if a bit pop-y - segment on body armor. One failed project mentioned, the "creeper tank", I cannot find any other information on.
  15. Titan-derived moonshot. Stage 0: 4x UA1207 boosters Stage 1: Titan-derived tank, diameter increased to 15 ft from 10 ft. 7x single chamber LR-87-11-1 engines Stage 2: Titan-derived 15ft tank, 5x RL-10A engines (I wanted it to be 7x AJ-10-133s, but the ones from the General Electric D-2 pack are not usable for this since they take liquid fuel instead of LH2) Capable of putting over 20 metric tonnes (that's about 12 Kerbal tons) into Moon-intercept. Martin-Marietta cross
  16. Fishing is the most dangerous job in America, by a lot, apparently.
  17. Alternate Apollo 8, courtesy of General Electric:
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    Fifteen whole US dollars!
  19. I can't be the only one here who plays Richard Garfield's Money Siphon for Impoverishing Extremely Stinky Males, can I? Can I?
  20. Since the PC Gaming thread is dominated by news, I figured I'd start a second thread specifically about what members of this forum are playing right now. Besides the games that have dedicated threads, I've been playing a total conversion Fallout New Vegas mod called Project Brazil, which adds a completely new start, story, and region to explore. Also, just started playing RAGE, Id Software's effort prior to the tour-de-force DOOM 2016. RAGE is interesting so far, because on the one hand it's a good game in its own right, but on the other you can tell Id learned a shitload from making it. Compare and contrast the beginnings of RAGE and DOOM '16 if you're that kind of nerd. Also been playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which if it weren't such a stuttery mess would be one of my top competitive games right now. A lot of potential there, and PUBG should probably have its own thread here. Just installed Rust (I might be on a bit of a postapoc kick, who can say), looking forward to playing that. It seems like the sort of game I'd really sink my teeth into, but I am disappointed to hear that it's basically in beta hell. :/ Still it was on sale, might as well try it. Also began - for the first time because I am not a console guy - Bayonetta. So far, it's a fun fighting game, but I am not thrilled that you have to unlock difficulty levels. This is my Least Favorite Feature that unfortunately crops up in a number of my favorite games. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is another competitive game I am trying out. So far, it's an improvement over RS1 IMO, as the mechanics are clearer and it feels like it's easier to get a hold of. Might just be that I'd already played RS1. I have minor beefs with the weapon fidelity, which I only mention because RS2 is a game that's gotten praise for having "realistic" weapon handling. Yeah, it's far from bad, but there are some problems. The game itself is a bit stuttery and seems poorly optimized. I noticed with the M60, pathing is so bad as to make that gun virtually unusable, but one of my buddies didn't have the same experience. So I dunno. I want this game to be good pretty hard, but if the gameplay issues aren't fixed I'll have to drop it. As for lately, that's about it. Thinking of picking up Life Is Strange again - played a decent amount of it while tremendously bored and had mixed feelings. Might see how I feel on a second go. So, what are we playing?