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  1. So, first suggestions would be Gen Urobuchi and Satoshi Kon, masters of writing and directing, respectively. Anime is an interesting medium, because it affords a great deal of creative control. Put someone like Kon at the helm, and you get some of the finest motion pictures ever put to screen. Put someone else... And you may well get derivative, perverted garbage. This thread is for discussing anime. It is subject to moderation at any time. Any devolution into closeted pedophilia will be moderated with extreme prejudice. Any banal spergouts will be removed. Let's bring forward the best and mercilessly deride the worst of anime.
  2. Sturgeon

    General AFV Thread

    I'll start off with a couple Pathe videos:
  3. I know they are in the pocket of the Clintons lolololol
  4. Sturgeon

    The Whirlybird Thread

    A thread for helicopters, choppers, copters, helos, thopters, whirlybirds, eggbeaters, gyroplanes, slicks, autogyros, gyrocopters, ornithopters and other non-fixed-wing aerodromes. Our first topic: Attack helicopters. They are undoubtedly awesome, but in a large-scale conventional war, will they be resilient enough to have a presence on the battlefield?
  5. Since the PC Gaming thread is dominated by news, I figured I'd start a second thread specifically about what members of this forum are playing right now. Besides the games that have dedicated threads, I've been playing a total conversion Fallout New Vegas mod called Project Brazil, which adds a completely new start, story, and region to explore. Also, just started playing RAGE, Id Software's effort prior to the tour-de-force DOOM 2016. RAGE is interesting so far, because on the one hand it's a good game in its own right, but on the other you can tell Id learned a shitload from making it. Compare and contrast the beginnings of RAGE and DOOM '16 if you're that kind of nerd. Also been playing PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, which if it weren't such a stuttery mess would be one of my top competitive games right now. A lot of potential there, and PUBG should probably have its own thread here. Just installed Rust (I might be on a bit of a postapoc kick, who can say), looking forward to playing that. It seems like the sort of game I'd really sink my teeth into, but I am disappointed to hear that it's basically in beta hell. :/ Still it was on sale, might as well try it. Also began - for the first time because I am not a console guy - Bayonetta. So far, it's a fun fighting game, but I am not thrilled that you have to unlock difficulty levels. This is my Least Favorite Feature that unfortunately crops up in a number of my favorite games. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam is another competitive game I am trying out. So far, it's an improvement over RS1 IMO, as the mechanics are clearer and it feels like it's easier to get a hold of. Might just be that I'd already played RS1. I have minor beefs with the weapon fidelity, which I only mention because RS2 is a game that's gotten praise for having "realistic" weapon handling. Yeah, it's far from bad, but there are some problems. The game itself is a bit stuttery and seems poorly optimized. I noticed with the M60, pathing is so bad as to make that gun virtually unusable, but one of my buddies didn't have the same experience. So I dunno. I want this game to be good pretty hard, but if the gameplay issues aren't fixed I'll have to drop it. As for lately, that's about it. Thinking of picking up Life Is Strange again - played a decent amount of it while tremendously bored and had mixed feelings. Might see how I feel on a second go. So, what are we playing?
  6. Here's the way I think about it. The Republicans and Democrats are a cartel. Let's call them the Establecimiento cartel. Now, Establecimiento fights within itself, and there's constant tugs of war happening within them between the major factions, but ultimately they are all on board with needing to protect the cartel itself from outside influences and will do whatever it takes to maintain that status quo. Accordingly, they will routinely look the other way when rival factions within the cartel off informants, launder money, etc. Under normal circumstances they let these activities slide so as to not upset the balance. If they didn't, sure, they could gain a temporary advantage over their rivals, but the gloves would come off and soon everyone would be in jail or dead. So best to respect those boundaries. By the early 1990s, though, the inevitable was happening. The Azul faction of the Establecimiento cartel was biting at the edges. Taking little bits of territory here and there, stepping just enough over the line to get ahead without starting an all-out war. If they didn't stop, the minority faction, the Rojo, would effectively lose all power and be forcibly subsumed by the Azul who would effectively control the entire cartel and the country. The Rojo leadership, though, was weak and feared conflict. They were friends, if sometimes chilly friends, with many of the Azuls and didn't want an outright war. But their underlings, their soldados and sicarios, could smell this weakness and by the late 2000s doubt was the rule, not the exception, for Rojo peons. They knew the faction's leadership would not stick up for them or their needs, and eventually everyone would be ruled by the Azul, who would then be free to make reprisals. At the same time, Azul leadership was getting complacent in their success. They had enriched themselves beyond belief, and began to take their own soldados and sicarios for granted. Even though profits from the cartel business had boomed, there seemed to be fewer recipients, and pay for the rank and file had not only stagnated, but declined. Many within the faction began to realize that the Azul leaders were not, as they professed, men of the people, but men out for themselves. The deal was fealty for support - if you fight for us, we will take care of you. But that deal was increasingly one-sided only. Azul soldados were unfailingly reliable in their fealty, but they weren't being taken care of. Far from it. The conditions of the Rojo and Azul factions opened the door for new leadership to take power. If united, a coalition of Azul and Rojo soldados would be the equal even of united Azul and Rojo leales. It was in this storm front that an outsider, El Triunfo, to both the Azul and Rojo factions saw his chance. He would unite the most forgotten Azul soldados, and the neglected Rojos, under his banner. Like the Azul and Rojo leaders before him, he branded himself as a man of the people, but where they had long since stopped even paying lip service to this, he would feed the people targeted rhetoric that promised to right what the previous cartel leadership had let go wrong. Worse for the cartels, El Triunfo openly criticized their excesses and promised to cut fattening middlemen out of the operation entirely. The Establecimiento cartel could not long stand this. El Triunfo was nominally a Rojo, but the Rojo leadership saw him as a rival just as they saw the Azul, if not more. Their alliance with him was one of convenience, an attempt to win back some of the power the Azul had nibbled away from them over the years, but it was never designed to last. Even as the alliance was being formed, the Rojo leadership were already making plans to oust El Triunfo, and ideally to disgrace him so that he could be terminated permanently. That is the state of affairs now. Rojo and Azul are still trying to get ahead of one another, but the true conflict is for the destiny of the cartel itself. If Rojo or Azul leaders win, the status quo is maintained. If El Triunfo wins, both Rojo and Azul lose. El Triunfo has the loyalty of a plurality of cartel subjects, and his soldados and sicarios are heavily armed and could cause the cartel significant casualties, if not win, in an outright war. The Rojo-El Triunfo alliance will only last as long as the benefits to either one outweigh the risks. When El Triunfo gets too out of hand or can be safely eliminated, Rojo will attempt to eliminate him directly. When El Triunfo no longer needs Rojo support and protection, he will no longer vouch for them. Already El Triunfo is replacing as many Rojo officers with his own cronies as fast as possible so that by the time they realize they are in existential danger, it will be too late. If El Triunfo secures true, and permanent control over the Rojo faction, then the cartel conflict will re-establish itself along the classical Rojo-Azul lines, and no one need be the wiser. But although the old Rojo are increasingly bending the knee, there is still resistance within them, and they maintain plans to remove him if possible. Time will tell. Way I see, it, @Walter_Sobchak, you support maintenance of the old guard Establecimiento leadership. Any threat to this is existential and bad. But the cartel is just that, a cartel.
  7. Humans are involved. It's best not to have any illusions about what that implies.
  8. Obama's in the same camp as Nixon here, except he squeaked by without getting caught before he left office. Which makes him "better" than Nixon, I suppose. But if you look into the matter, you'll find that this kind of dirty play is actually not unheard of in US politics, so the "desperate times call for desperate measures" excuse doesn't really work here. Obama was one corrupt motherfucker (like almost all Presidents, I suspect), that's for fucking sure.
  9. Naw, I'm saying that I have no problem watching your gang of corrupt assholes get whaled on by a rival gang of corrupt assholes, but you seem to think this is The Greatest Injustice and The End of American Democracy. It's gang warfare, dude, the Republicans are just finally biting back. And your side is publicly clutching pearls while dealing coke and ordering hits on the side.
  10. For me. For me, for me, for me, but never for thee.
  11. Truly, that is the worst abuse of power of the last 30 years!
  12. Military.com has an interesting - if a bit pop-y - segment on body armor. One failed project mentioned, the "creeper tank", I cannot find any other information on.
  13. Sturgeon

    Designing A Rifle From Scratch(ish)

    It's actually just there for disassembly and to give enough thickness to the lower. You could probably shorten things, if you wanted.
  14. I woke up one day and decided "why not design an entirely new rifle from scratch, and live blog it?" So here we are. About ten minutes in and we've got the beginnings of a receiver extrusion made from 7075 T6 aluminum: Currently I think the rifle will be in 5.56mm. It will not use STANAG magazines. @Ulric plz halp design new mag?
  15. Sturgeon

    Designing A Rifle From Scratch(ish)

    Enlarged the ejection port and added the gasket (finally):
  16. Yeah it was breathlessly reported as Trump blasting his own spending bill, but look at the actual tweet: Trump doesn't say the spending bill was bad. He isn't lampooning the people who passed it. He's saying it's big. He said it was big before the bill passed (he advertised it, in fact). So the angle that Trump is one-eightying here is based entirely on one word: "Crazy!". Well "crazy" probably just refers to $716,000,000,000 which is an undeniably crazy amount of money.
  17. I feel like I'm the only person that gets the angle here. Trump is saying "it's good that we passed the spending bill, but isn't it ridiculous that we have to spend so much on defense?" That's the angle. Now is this political maneuvering? You betcha. He's definitely sending signals to the MIC deliberately. He does that all the time, see ye olde "watchout Lockheed or we'll buy Super Hornets instead of Panthers!". Of course you wouldn't call a spending bill "crazy" before it had passed. Trump isn't stupid.