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  1. I can guarantee that if HIllary were to be the 2020 nominee for president, the Democratic base would revolt. One thing this midterm showed is that the Democratic base wants fresh faces. As a liberal, I do not think I could vote for Hillary in 2020 if she were the nominee. She had her chance, time for someone new.
  2. News story about the US gunner in that famous film footage of the Pershing/Panther duel. A World War II hero returns to Germany to solve a mystery -- and meet an enemy
  3. Walter_Sobchak

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    Interesting article about bogus health products shilled by both the right and the left. https://qz.com/1010684/all-the-wellness-products-american-love-to-buy-are-sold-on-both-infowars-and-goop/
  4. oh, i agree the optics on this are terrible.
  5. Cruz is eligable to vote because he has not been convicted yet. Are we going to start taking away voting rights to people not convicted? That makes no sense.
  6. I'm confused. The last two years, Trump has done everything he can to piss all over NATO and our European allies, including failing to publicly assert NATO article 5 to revoking the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty. So in response, French President Macron states the obvious, that perhaps the EU needs to create it's own military force since the US is not much of a reliable ally anymore. And so Trump freaks out on twitter. What the heck did he expect our European allies to do? If I were a European leader and I had watched the ridiculous press conference Trump had with Putin earier this year I sure as shit wouldn't consider the US much of a reliable ally anymore.
  7. Apparently, Secretary of Defense Mattis has changed the name of Operation Faithfull Patriot to the somewhat less exciting yet more accurate name of "border support."
  8. Even better, we managed to piss of Ted Nugent. Ted Nugent upset that Michigan is turning 'into a California s***hole' after Election Day
  9. He was my favorite Kate Mckinnon character on SNL.
  10. The other thing I found fairly shocking was that Axl Rose is anti-Trump. I would not have guessed that one.
  11. One thing that did surprise me was how debate around the 14th amendment seemed to overshadow debate around 2nd amendment issues this election cycle. I had assumed that this was going to be the election in which the gun issue was really going to get heated. Instead, it seemed to take a backseat somethat to immigration.
  12. I'll have to take your word for it. I have been avoiding this thread for the past few weeks, so I haven't read all the posts here. Anyhow, here are my observations thus far. I don't think any of these are particularly controvertial or original: 1) Trump continues to be a polarizing figure, driving up voter turnout both amongst his supporters and opponents. 2) The historical trend of Party holding the presidency losing seats in congress holds true, although the Republicans were able to avoid trouble in the Senate due to a very favorable election map (repubs were defending far fewer senate seats than dems). 3) Holding onto the Senate allows the Republicans to continue dominating high court appointments, something that has been a priority for them, and will continue to cause Dems great consternation. 4) Gaining control of the House allows Dems to proceed with more investigations against Trump. Whether this tactic will ultimately hurt or help them remains to be seen. 5) While I haven't seen detailed breakdowns of the voting demographics, it would appear that the electorate is becoming more polarized along rural/urban lines and race and gender. Certainly the election rhetoric was some of the most highly charged that I have seen in my lifetime. 6) Republicans should probably be concerned that they lost so many House seats despite the strength of the economy. They did not seem to be able to capitalize on the economy issue as much as one would expect, although its been a weird sort of recovery in which real wages for working people have not been going up as much as overall economic growth would suggest. Trump seemed more interested in promoting divisive social issues than in running on the strength of the economy, which probably plays well with his base but less well with the middle. 7) Democrats still have yet to come up with a really compelling, unified vision. They can't just run against Trump, they need to figure out a way to stop letting Trump take up all the oxygen in the room. They also need to make sure the Clintons go away, never to be heard from again. 8) There is a lot of chatter that there may be a good deal of turnover in the Whitehouse following the midterm. Personally, I hope General's Mattis and Kelly stay onboard, they seem to provide a stabilizing influence on President's Trumps somewhat mecurial and unpredictable tendencies. 9) Be prepared for a couple years of congressional gridlock. 10) I have no idea how the situation at the Justice Dept and the Mueller probe will eventually play out. Does Trump try to clean house? If so, does it turn into a modern "Saturday Night Massacre"? Does Mueller actually have the goods to get more indictments? What legal powers does he even have to pursue indictments against a sitting president? Will Trump play the pardon card if push comes to shove? There are so many x factors regarding this stuff that I could see it going in all sorts of different directions. It's going to be an interesting couple of years. And by interesting, I mean my consumption of Alka-Seltzer will probably keep increasing. What times we live in....
  13. I'm happy that here in Michigan, we overwhelmingly passed three state ballot initiatives that a lot of people had been working on. Recreational pot is now legal in Michigan, Michigan citizens are now automatically registered to vote when they get their drivers license/state ID, and the creation of voting districts will now be in the hands of a non-partisan citizen board, which should reduce gerrymandering.
  14. Seems last night went pretty much as the polls predicted. Perhaps polling is not dead after all.
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