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  1. If it's not obvious to you, I can't explain it. Trump is a man of such low character that it should be obvious. His only real skill is that of a carnival barker and of making appeals to the worst angels of people's nature. His disregard for the law and basic decency is well documented. His leadership skills, if you can call them that, are illustrated in an administration that parallels the chaos of one of his terrible reality TV shows. We have had men of weak character in the office of President before, but Trump has lowered the bar several levels of magnitude. The conflicts of interest, the nepotism, the complete lack of dignity. It's appalling. Its embarrassing. It's making us a laughingstock around the world. There is no point arguing about this. You will never change my mind about this. And more than half the country shares my complete disgust regarding POTUS. That is why the Republicans are losing special elections in areas that should be safe victories.
  2. Normally, one would expect to see some reason and maturity from the president, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards either.
  3. Is it normal for a four star general to declare the President of the United State to be a security risk?
  4. Books About Tanks

  5. Hi, I'm MrCatKK and I cannot Post

    Well, that was really fucking stupid. Kinda reminded me of the glory days of HAV.
  6. Books About Tanks

    Oh man, I had not seen that before. Here is the link. http://www.amps-armor.org/SiteReviews/ShowReview.aspx?ID=4114
  7. Books About Tanks

    No, the best they can come up with a Stuart. Very sad.
  8. Books About Tanks

    I have no idea, but since I found it online for like a dollar, I had to buy it. Its terrible. The girls and the tanks both look pretty embarrassed to be involved with it.
  9. Books About Tanks

    I don't have that one, so it's not on my list. I really considered adding "Tank Girls" to the list, but I figured my wife might watch the video and be irritated.
  10. Books About Tanks

    T_A and I got to look at a copy at a military show last summer. It's a very pretty book. Didn't have time to read the content. We discussed it over at Tank.net a while ago, the general opinion was that no one was very excited about it. I'd like to have a copy, just to satisfy my curiosity. Right now I am editing a video of four of my least favorite tank books. If I had a copy of the DeJohn book, I probably could have added a book to the video.
  11. AFV Engines

    Ya gotta love the whole "1200 HP is just fine and as good as other tanks with 1500hp" and then a few sentences later they talk about a Mk 4 version with a 1500 hp engine. Geez guys, I thought 1200 was enough? Or perhaps this author is more of a cheerleader for the IDF than a sober analyst.
  12. The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)

    Yikes, that's pretty rough. I assume that particular footage didn't make it into the newsreels back home.
  13. AFV Engines

    That is indeed the argument that the Israeli's make in regards to the 1200hp engine in the Merkava 3. And it's true that the Renk transmission is more efficient than the Allison transmission in the M1. I suspect that when they claim to have similar power "at the drive sprocket", they are exaggerating a bit. Not all the power loss is in the transmission, there is also power loss from cooling systems and other engine accessories, so even a powerpack with a 100% efficient transmission will not produce it's stated gross HP at the sprocket. In case anyone ever wondered why the Merkava 1 has an engine with 908HP, that figure was intentional on the part of Teledyne Continental. The Israelis specified that they wanted a specific power output at the sprocket (I forget the number, but it was a round figure like 600 or 650) and the Teledyne engineers calculated they needed 908hp gross to get to that figure.
  14. The terrible movies and reviews thread

    They found someone that looks so much like Charles Bronson it's kind of scary.