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  1. Well, yes. After Bele posted something about Trump and "beautiful", I just googled the two words and posted whatever article showed up. Anyhow, Trump does like to call things beautiful.
  2. 21 unexpected things that Donald Trump thinks are beautiful
  3. Many years ago I worked for a couple months in a bakery where the guy in charge would only play Zappa and free form jazz on the boom box. I have an intense hatred for both as a result.
  4. My comments concerning the law were not specific to any particular issue since Ulric posed the question in a very general sense. However, since you want to know my opinion... As to immigration, I am no expert on immigration or immigration law. To me, it seems resonable to provide a path to citizenship for the Dreamers. We also need a workable program for migrant workers to come to the US and do the jobs most Americans don't want to do. From the statistics I have seen, illegal immigration is at an all time low compared to it's peak in the 1990's. While illegal immigration in that period was characterized by single males looking for work, we currently are seeing an uptick in entire families travelling to the border, many from Honduras. Perhaps the US should do something to help stabilize Honduras, although that sort of thing is always easier said than done. These are somewhat separate issues from border security, which deals not just with people, but with drugs and criminal activity. As I understand it, most illegal drugs and illegal immigrants come into the country via legal means, not through the deserts of the American Southwest. It seems to me that investments in technology and tools, better training for border agents and fencing in appropriate areas is a better solution than a monolithic wall stretching from sea to shining sea. I am particularly opposed to the seizure of private lands through emminent domain to make room for the wall. As to the voting issue, I take claims that massive numbers of illegal immigrants vote with a grain of salt. It seems to be an article of faith among conservatives, and yet Trump's own commission on voter fraud failed to provide much compelling evidence. That an illegal immigrant would risk exposing their status for the sake of voting seems a bit unlikely to me. That said, I do not believe that Democrats are not above a bit of electoral shenanigans. Kennedy won Chicago in 1960 with the help of many a dead voter. Auditing voter rolls is all well and good, assuming it's done in a fair and impartial manner. Voter data should be in the hands of impartial, non partisan regulators. This way we could help alleviate conservatives fears of non-citizens voting as well as liberal's fears of voter purges being used to target African American voters. Same goes for drawing districts. We need to end partisan gerrymandering.
  5. If you mean your question about the law, I think that in general the law should be followed. Law is the foundation of civilization. That said, my favorite quote regarding the law is from Frank Zappa who said "The United States is a nation of laws, badly written and randomly enforced.” (For the record, I am not a Frank Zappa fan, but I do like that particular quote.)
  6. I look forward to the great South American tank battle featuring Venezuelan AMX-30 tanks versus Brazillian Leopard 1 tanks.
  7. The first sentence of that wiki article is" The economic impact of illegal immigrants in the United States is challenging to measure and politically contentious." Ther first line in my post was "The costs to the American tax payer caused by illegal immigration is actually pretty hard to measure." You were the one that made the blanket statement that illegal immigrants cost US taxpayers billions of dollars. I said "it's more complicated than that", and you respond by saying "it's hard to measure."
  8. Next time I post a link to wikipedia, I'll be sure to post a trigger warning.
  9. The costs to the American tax payer caused by illegal immigration is actually pretty hard to measure. That said, many of these immigrants pay taxes while being ineligable for most government assistance. Wiki has a pretty good rundown of the ecomonic impact. Professor of Law Francine Lipman writes that the belief that illegal migrants are exploiting the US economy and that they cost more in services than they contribute to the economy is "undeniably false".[43] Lipman asserts that "illegal immigrants actually contribute more to public coffers in taxes than they cost in social services" and "contribute to the U.S. economy through their investments and consumption of goods and services; filling of millions of essential worker positions resulting in subsidiary job creation, increased productivity and lower costs of goods and services; and unrequited contributions to Social Security, Medicare and unemployment insurance programs."
  10. Meanwhile.... Shutdown Over Wall Straining Border Patrol Agents Working Overtime Without Pay
  11. Wheels work. Everyone knows this. The Czar tank had wheels. Therefore, the Czar tank worked and should have been built in large numbers. That's the logical core of your argument.
  12. Imagine you own a piece of property. Now, imagine your neighbor has some animals that like to wander into your yard. Sometimes trash blows from your neighbors yard into your property. You think to yourself, I should probably get a fence. And along comes Don. Don is a fence builder. He wants to be the one to build your fence, and unlike the other fence contractors, he promises that he will get your neighbor to pay for it. So you sign a contract with Don. After two years of delay, no money has come from your neighbor and Don has not built anything. He now comes to you and says that you have to pay for the fence, and if you don't, he will cut off your water and electricity. That's pretty much how I see this situation.
  13. Regardless, it shows that "the average American" is pretty split on the issue. This contradicts Jeeps previous claim that "the Average American" wants the wall.
  14. There is no point to miss. Yes, walls exist and people have them. No one is arguing that walls, as a basic concept, are wrong or useless. That's a straw man you just threw out there and a pretty dishonest way to argue. The issue at hand is whether or not it's worth spending billions of dollars on building a "big beautiful" wall on the Southern Boarder of the USA to solve the issue of illegal immigration. Seeing as the majority of illegal immigrants enter the US legally and then overstay their visa, I don't see how the wall changes that at all. We already have a significant amount of barriers on the Southern Boarder and drug cartels have tunnelled under them. Anyhow, the majority of drugs enter the US through legal points of entry hidden in legal cargo. Building the wall would require significant use of emminent domain to take private property, something I am generally not in favor of (a sentiment many conservatives share). The wall is a poor solution to the problem of boarder security. Anyhow, Trump could have had $25 billion for his wall if he had given the Democrats what they wanted on DACA. You know, he could have made a deal, something he claims to be good at. And if he really wanted the wall or thought it was important, he would have taken that deal. But like I said in an earlier post, what he really wants is the political fight over the wall so he can look tough in the eyes of his base. The wall is just a political talking point for him.