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  1. We had a guy in our unit lose the tip of a finger doing pretty much the same thing. Transferring ammo from one side of the rack to the other, the TC's side is un-powered and it rolled back and the guy didn't get his hand out of the way quick enough. Nick's wistful reminition on being back in the tank, I've felt that as well. You spend as many hours in these things as you do, they grow on you. I guess that's how sailors feel when they go back aboard ships that they've served on.
  2. ZloyKrolik

    Movie tanks and terrible Vismods

    Other than the Sherman bogies, that is not bad.
  3. Here's one from my personal way back machine. Bon Jovi on a tank, 5/77 Armor, Mannheim Germany, 1984. We had a guy in our battalion, Terry Svejda, that was always going on about how he "knew" people in the music business. His dad owned a few music store in Chicago. He was a huge KISS fan and they were touring Europe, and he said he was going to get them to come visit our unit. Turns out he just got the opening band, Bon Jovi. Terry is standing on the right in the black jacket.
  4. ZloyKrolik

    Tanks of the Commonwealth in WWII thread

    A crew from the 16th/5th Lancers, 6th Armored Division, clean the gun barrel of their Crusader tank at El Aroussa in Tunisia, May 1943.
  5. ZloyKrolik

    Tanks of the Commonwealth in WWII thread

    The armor is thicker in the unedited version.
  6. ZloyKrolik

    Books About Tanks

    When I was in C Co 1/70 AR (1983-84), my platoon sergeant told us that when he was a SGT, he was a gunner on an M60A2. He said that the FCS was quite accurate, but a maintenance nightmare. If it worked, it was great.
  7. ZloyKrolik

    Britons are in trouble

    This one time, at the tank plant.....
  8. Only if you disguise it as an ambulance.
  9. I like how they put Armorall or something like it on the tires to shine them up, but the rest of the vehicle is still all dirty/dusty.
  10. Glad to see the M.I.L.E.S. is still appreciated and liked by the end users. I hated it as well.