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  1. Bronezhilet

    Syrian conflict.

    We need an Iranian on SH for triple the fun.
  2. Bronezhilet

    Syrian conflict.

    Where did I mention Jews?
  3. Bronezhilet

    Syrian conflict.

    You're an Israeli with an opinion. Of course that's haram.
  4. Bronezhilet

    General news thread

    So basically instead of selective killing you straight up advocate mass murder? Because you and I both know that if the border is breached, people are going to rush in en masse. At which point you say the Israelis are allowed to gun them down. And I'm pretty sure a couple of rifles won't be enough. You'd need to machine gun them down. I wonder how the English would react if Scotland and Northern Ireland would employ the same tactics against England over the whole EU issue. I'm willing to bet they won't go "Oh I'm so sorry, we'll stay in the EU, or you can leave the UK to join the EU.".
  5. Bronezhilet

    General news thread

    The main question is though... Will it be an AP-API-HE-T belt or a AP-AP-HE-T belt?
  6. Bronezhilet

    Tank Layout

    5. 6 is actually the worst because you trap the overpressure below your vehicle and because you focus the pressure on a single seam.
  7. Bronezhilet

    105x617 DM53 APFSDS-T?

    Mind sending me a private message with whom you asked?
  8. Bronezhilet

    Israeli AFVs

    Nothing, the paper is more about methodology and not so much about the results of that specific design. The authors completely "namedropped" that design though. Some talk about simulations vs real life tests, and suddenly, *boom*, this is our scale model.
  9. Bronezhilet

    Israeli AFVs

    Gabai, M. et al. 2017. “MEDIUM-WEIGHT COMBAT VEHICLES MINE PROTECTION DEVELOPMENT METHODOLOGY” 30th International Symposium on Ballistics, Long Beach, California, September 11-15, 2017. Lancaster, PA, USA: DEStech Publications, Inc., Electronic product—9 pp. @Mighty_Zuk Recognise that?
  10. Bronezhilet

    Explosive Reactive Armor

    Dingdingding we have a winner!
  11. Bronezhilet

    105x617 DM53 APFSDS-T?

    Well get ready to type that mail because knowing our MoD, KCWM will never get your question.
  12. Bronezhilet

    Explosive Reactive Armor

    Problem is that your jet integrity goes to complete shit when the liner collapse speed exceeds the speed of sound in the liner material.
  13. Bronezhilet

    General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    @Collimatrix do you know anything about an improvement program for the MK48 torpedo, which started possibly 3-4 years ago and lasts until at least 2022?
  14. Bronezhilet

    105x617 DM53 APFSDS-T?

    Whom did you contact there by the way?
  15. Bronezhilet

    105x617 DM53 APFSDS-T?

    Does that display even have a sign? I don't remember there being one, although it's been 2 years since I was there so my memory is probably faulty.