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  1. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    More about how this works can be found in this paper: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/281489377_Theoretical_Study_of_a_Diesel-Filled_Airtight_Structure_Unit_Subjected_to_Shaped_Charge_Jet_Impact If you want the full paper, PM Me.
  2. Hi, I'm MrCatKK and I cannot Post

    Every time I think I've met the dumbest person I'd ever meet, there will be *someone* going to prove me wrong.
  3. Is here anybody from "thesovietarmourblog"?

    Yeah. Dude told me to kill myself after he couldn't 'win' an argument with me. Said all kinds of silly things about me, mainly about how I knew jack shit. So I kindly asked him why he was using me as a source on his blog. Sadly he was just banned when I said that. But he did remove me as a source from his website!
  4. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    He knew what he was doing, and did it multiple times. Did you not read Jagdika's topic?
  5. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    Considering it turned out WaifuTrucker is a lying dick, I'm not trusting this one. Especially since it has some of that "oooh look at me typing text and blacking it out im so secret" stuff.
  6. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    Registering and logging in worked for me. Also Google Translate doesn't work on pictures.
  7. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    I can't see the pictures in either of those links, but I did register at the forum, maybe that helps.
  8. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    Considering this was posted by someone new, I had it checked with a translator I know. And yes, this is about cameras, not tanks. Also you can say bullshit and fuck on this forum, welcome to the club.
  9. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    So which one is it, do you have the full document or not?
  10. Contemporary Western Tank Rumble!

    So basically Damian is having a meltdown. What a shock.
  11. No, it's a mobile bridge they were using to try and cross an anti-tank ditch on the eastern side of the Ghouta pocket.
  12. No, Nozh doesn't work as advertised

    @Collimatrix @Mighty_Zuk @SH_MM @LoooSeR @Militarysta @Xlucine Yeah I took 'some' liberties with the jet, but that mainly has to do with this being a rough first look at Nozh, I'll do a more properly shaped jet later. tl;dw: Yes, a copper jet can cut through a wolfram penetrator but the jet is not nearly long enough. Edit: This is also a frictionless simulation so the jet penetrating the steel plate doesn't slow it down at all. All in all, this is a best case scenario for Nozh.
  13. No, Nozh doesn't work as advertised

    A rough model of a linear shaped charge about to hit a long rod penetrator after penetrating a 15mm thick steel plate.
  14. No, Nozh doesn't work as advertised

    So I have been doing a bunch of simulations and indeed Nozh does not work as advertised. But it doesn't due to the reasons @Collimatrix and I predicted. I'm going to do some more simulations to get a clearer picture. To be continued...