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  1. Bronezhilet

    General news thread

    What a fucking retarded statement. Fuck off.
  2. Bronezhilet

    Polish Armoured Vehicles

    Oh boy, we already had Uralvagonzavodskis vs Kharkovites, now we got KMW vs IBD as well? Nice!
  3. Bronezhilet


    This is a list of materials I've found in the papers I have about SLERA, NxRA and NERA. It is by no means complete or containing only materials that are actually fielded, it's just what I've found: Glycidyl azide polymer (GAP) hardened with Desmodur N100 GAP (hardened) with CaCO3 GAP (hardened) with Guanidinazotetrazolat GAP (hardened) with varying amounts of RDX "Rubber or GAP" with a layer of Dottikon Perbunan NBR PU FKM SI Dyneema HB26 Carbon reinforced rubber Glass reinforced rubber Kevlar reinforced rubber PBO reinforced rubber But there's probably more, this is all I could find in the grand total of three papers I have on this topic.
  4. Bronezhilet

    Future of AFVs

    Hydraulic fires are fun, right?!
  5. Bronezhilet

    Future of AFVs

    Of course, because things take time, the warhead has a certain velocity detonation waves have a certain velocity, shockwaves have a certain velocity and long rod penetrators have a certain velocity. Take all of these things together and it means that you have to detonate your warhead long before you reach the point you actually want to act on. And come on Zuk, I thought you had at least a middle schooler's level of understanding of physics. The fins simply give a ton more surface area for the shockwave to act on.
  6. Bronezhilet

    Future of AFVs

    See, this is what I meant with this: They work by acting on the fins of the APFSDS.
  7. Bronezhilet

    Future of AFVs

    I thought you knew how APS intercepts APFSDS, my dude. You should take a look at linear actuators. They're basically hydraulics but electric, but also retardedly quick. 50 kg pushing force at 1 m/s is standard for these things. Add a lever action or gearing or whatever and suddenly you can open and close heavily armoured shutters in milliseconds. You want guided shells, but also KETF, see how you can combine those two. You can't mount the guiding in the front because that would interfere with proper KETF operation, and if you mount them in the rear you need to fold the fins somewhere, eating into your available space at astonishing rates.
  8. Bronezhilet

    DRDO; India's Porsche

    @Collimatrix look what I found! https://defenceforumindia.com/forum/threads/arjun-main-battle-tank-mbt-mark-i.9558/page-309#post-1378368
  9. Bronezhilet

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    Visible barrel length vs actual barrel length of a Leopard 2A6 barrel:
  10. Bronezhilet

    Future of AFVs

    You want them to impact them at about the same time as to not give him time to react. But that doesn't even matter if you can't get them to hit in the same place in the first place. Both projectiles are so ballistically dissimilar it's hilarious. Lets just quickly compare the data of two projectiles I have a bunch of data of, M829A1 and M830. Lets say you have everything dialed in so that they should hit the same thing at 3 km, but lets say you...: calculated crosswinds wrong, it's 10 m/s more than you thought. The impact point of M829A1 shifts by about 1 meter, the impact point for M830 shifts 16 meters. calculated the wrong muzzle velocity, it's 20 m/s more than you thought. The vertical impact point of M829A1 shifts by about 0,5 meters, for M830 it's 2,8 meters. used a wrong expected amount of drag, it's 5% less than you thought. The vertical impact point of M829A1 shifts by about 10 centimeters, for M830 it's 3 meters. Lemme rephrase that last one, for only a 5% decrease in drag, M829A1 will still hit the target, but M830 overshoots the target by about... 76 meters.
  11. Bronezhilet

    Future of AFVs

    Yeah no. ~30mm autocannons have what, a muzzle velocity of around 1000-1100 m/s? Tank guns are at least 1500 m/s with way superiour external ballistics. I mean, the long rod penetrator has about the same diameter while being at least ten times as heavy. Getting the two types of projectiles to hit in the same place at range will be a timing nightmare. That is, if the autocannons can even reach the required distance in the first place. At 4 kilometers your autocannon rounds are practically falling out of the sky from misery, but 120 mm APFSDS will still be going at a happy 1400+ m/s.
  12. Bronezhilet

    Tank Layout

    @XDrake https://mega.nz/#!19N3VbbY!tSb2gj4Ms9Lzk__m7tSVna2CNqdMu4twjIiU_pF2Wa0 "Theoretical Study of a Diesel-Filled Airtight Structure Unit Subjected to Shaped Charge Jet Impact" by Gao et al Enjoy.
  13. Bronezhilet

    The Leopard 2 Thread

    The best way to deal with Damian is to let him roast himself:
  14. Bronezhilet

    Syrian conflict.

    I guess Turkey just got quite a bit larger.
  15. Bronezhilet

    Tanks guns and ammunition.

    @Ramlaen just an FYI, the BTS8 PELE round has about the same drag coƫfficient as normal 125mm HEAT.