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  1. Bronezhilet

    Designing A Rifle From Scratch(ish)

    Yeah, drawings can be an absolute bitch to make. If you ever need help with making drawings, just yell.
  2. Bronezhilet

    Syrian conflict.

    Sturgeons House Civil War 2.0; the blamening
  3. Bronezhilet

    General news thread

    Oh I'm sorry Don, I didn't realise this discussion was purely about the free speech regarding a French opposition politician and that no other things were allowed, I'm sorry. I wasn't specifically talking about those words but they did pop up in my mind as an example. But anyway, you say they are being regulated and that that regulation does not violate the First Amendment. But that sounds a lot like "You have freedom of speech, except when [...]". And how is this relevant to my point about governmental suppression of freedom of speech? I do admit I did include bad words into the definition of "obscenity" but apparently that's not the case, looking at Miller v. California.
  4. Bronezhilet

    General news thread

    And yes, I am awaiting those news messages where you'll explain to me where we reeeee the Netherlands doesn't have freedom of speech.
  5. Bronezhilet

    General news thread

    I find it kinda ironic when the Americans go full reeeee the EU doesn't have freedom of speech while they have a government agency watching TV to make sure you don't say those oh so dangerous words like fuck, shit and cunt. Meanwhile, in the Netherlands...
  6. Bronezhilet

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    No I haven't, but spotting distances start quite low and don't increase that much with crew skills.
  7. Bronezhilet

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    Helos are pretty fun to fly, but the helo matches are a shit flinging contest. The forward spotting distance is the same as your gun range, but your sideways spotting distance is LESS than the gun range, so you get fucked over and over and over again by people you can't see. Right now US helos are king since they're the quickest so they can dance all around the Hinds without them being able to follow you. And the Hinds have to get into close range because your 30 mil range is hot garbage at ~800 m.
  8. Bronezhilet

    General news thread

    Oh guys, I forgot, who are the legitimate rulers of the Gaza stretch and the West Bank? Can someone tell me?
  9. Bronezhilet

    General news thread

    inb4 "The Gaza stretch is one giant concentration and extermination camp!".
  10. Bronezhilet

    General news thread

    "Tamimi, along with her mother and cousin Nour, approached the two soldiers outside the Tamimi home, and were filmed slapping, kicking, and shoving them; the soldiers did not retaliate. " "Days later [...] Tamimi was arrested in a nighttime raid. " "On 24 March 2018, Tamimi agreed to a plea bargain" I wonder why she pleaded guilty
  11. Bronezhilet

    General news thread

    Try hitting a police officer in London and see what happens.
  12. Bronezhilet

    Israeli AFVs

    Downloadlink, my dude. Next time, click on the download button?
  13. Compact Fords are way more popular in the EU than they are in the USA. Although F-150 sales do exceed Galaxy sales in the Netherlands.
  14. Bronezhilet

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    Looks like a Panther: +5 tons