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  1. Bronezhilet

    Designing A Rifle From Scratch(ish)

    And now: Drawings, so you can actually make the thing!
  2. Bronezhilet

    Turkish touch

    Oh I see how it be.
  3. Bronezhilet

    Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    If I drive for 26 hours I've driven to Italy... ...and back. Or I've ended up in in St. Petersburg.
  4. Bronezhilet

    Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    I find it interesting that a lot of people, especially in the EU, seem to forget/ignore just how gigantic the USA actually is. For me a one hour drive is a long drive because that means I'm either halfway across the country, or I've driven into Germany.
  5. Bronezhilet

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    Y'all are playing WoT again and yet here I am, playing Armored Whorefare.
  6. It's almost like admins can do admin stuff.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Capital-Ships-Imperial-Japanese-1868-1945-ebook/dp/B00R85ORKO/ Turns out that the Musashi's 28 knots top speed was in shallow water. Whoopsy daisy, there goes @Peasant's argument.
  8. Can't find anything. But nice try at trying to steer the conversation, my dude. If the reports don't state it's in shallow water, then neither can you.
  9. You keep repeating the shallow water meme, but where in the fuck did you get it from? I've been looking for a while for sources on it, but I can't find anything. Only thing I can find is that the New Jersey sailed at 35.2 knots for 6 hours straight. So you're saying that it found a 390 km long stretch of shallow water at exactly the right depth?
  10. Running at 35.2 in shallow water for 6 hours straight?
  11. The Yamato reportedly achieved 28.05 knots during overload power and 27.61 at official trail power. Iowa achieved the 32.5 knots in actual battle. In machinery trails the Iowa reached 35.2 knots. So what are we going to compare, trail speeds or combat speeds? Either way, the Yamato is getting stomped.
  12. Where did you get the 27 knots for the Yamato and the 30 knots for the Iowa?