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  1. Syrian conflict.

    Not just some militants, it's HTS. Seems like the footage has been edited:
  2. Bar / Cage armour + LASSO + RPGnet

    It's possible but depends on quite a few variables, both from the warheads and armour. How are the warheads fused? Do the fuses stay intact? Is there enough distance between the slat armour and main armour to make the main warhead hit the slats? Are the slats strong enough to still damage the main warhead after the precursor has passed through? I can do some simulations after my workstation has arrived, which will probably take a few weeks.
  3. Syrian conflict.

    The SAA steamroll train is getting up to speed. Next station: Abu Duhur. Choochoo HTS bastards, choo choo.
  4. Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

  5. General AFV Thread

    Not that I know of, but I guess "operational fuckup" could be used. That whole post reads like one big meme, it's pretty hilarious actually.
  6. General AFV Thread

    I'm not sure about English terminology, but in Dutch we differentiate between howitzers and mortars by their trajectory. In Dutch tank guns are "vlakbaangeschut" (artillery with flat trajectory), howitzers are krombaangeschut (artillery with medium arc) and mortars are stijlbaangeschut (artillery with high arc). So even if it has more propellant, it would still be a mortar because it retains its trajectory. And that type of trajectory can make a difference with for example reverse slope shots. So yes, it would still be different purely because of that. Although you can argue the usefulness of that.
  7. General AFV Thread

    And how are they going to make a RAP mortar shell exactly? Edit: Apparently some madmen actually made RAP mortar shells.
  8. Bash the Pak-Fa thread

    Welcome to SH!
  9. Bash the F-35 thred.

    Questionable expertise, questionable morals.
  10. Bash the F-35 thred.

    Too bad the people behind the CAB show are complete retards.
  11. Tanks guns and ammunition.

    This is what Colli means by "rocket-assisted, gun fired projectile" by the way:
  12. The Crossout thread.

    What was that about grenade launchers?