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  1. What are we playing?

    Got talked into buying Autism Simulator 2017
  2. HAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHHA Remember all the times antifa was throwing rocks through windows and burning down buildings? Remember how they were violently ganging up and attacking people with any opinion different than their's? My school never made a single peep about that, even though I know for a fact that people around here were getting genuinely worried about that stuff. If the far right holds even a single rally almost a thousand miles away, the school president makes sure to send everyone an email to denounce it and reaffirm their commitment towards tolerance, diversity, and social justice, as well as how we need to combat hate. It isn't bigotry or hatred if they're dressed in black hoodies instead of white robes! I guess we're talking about this anyways, but certain people are pretty damn oblivious to the fact that such lopsided treatment of political extremes is going to drive further support to far right movements. inb4 Weimar Germany. imgur comments are absolute cancer. That's your problem
  3. Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    Was running some errands today different than the usual, came across this particular B-29. Photo is pulled from google and not what I took since I wasn't able to actually get out and look at the thing. Did get to drive pretty close to it, but that's about it. There's also what I assume is an AH-1F a mile from my campus, I should check it out sometime when I move back. Funnily enough, it's not listed on wikipedia's list on AH-1s on display.
  4. WoT v WT effort-thread

    The text itself is "Pick As ist Trumpf", so you've got to be sneaky and be able to get Trump to show without the words before it or the f. Also requires a lot of grinding, you need a German tier 4 thing spaded. Also, did anyone bother to do that SUMMER event? I'm curious about the Lancer, but everything else didn't look to amazing to me.
  5. The Crossout thread.

    Incidentally, without having checked this thread, just now had my first FFA match as well. Got cheated out of first place since I was tied at 9 kills with someone else, yet he had <30 points more than I did. Seeing as I got 125 scrap for second place, this mode seems pretty great for grinding. If I can earn 9.00 shekels per battle, that'd be a pretty great leap over what I get in normal battles.
  6. Their "voluntary upgrade" won't impact the army contract stuff any and I can only hope that this is so they can get a more proper fix in. How will SIG ever recover!
  7. The Crossout thread.

    The grind in this game kinda really sucks if you don't want to throw money at the game. I bought the bear cabin and a few spikey shotguns, but I still have yet to be able to get any purple pieces. Also, since this seems to win me the vast majority of battles I get with it, here's my current leviathan design. It's got 6 fixed 57mm cannons sitting directly on frame pieces, 4 turret 57mm guns on either the cabin or other durable pieces, and 3 turret spawners. I have no clue how effective the turrets are, but cannons are still clearly the best gun for these. They don't have a max range, the shells travel relatively fast, the guns themselves don't break easily, and they hit hard. Rockets can really mess stuff up when they hit you, but I don't feel like the AI makes much effort to bring them to bear. Autocannons can be annoying as well, but they just don't have the same punch. MGs, shotguns, and flying drones are pointless unless the players gets closer than they should. Spamming wheeled drones could be effective as well since they'd be hard targets for a lot of the rides people bring to kill leviathans. Also, when fighting leviathans, it's worth noting that the AI is stupid and only aims for your cabin, never any other part.
  8. With the merit-based immigration and now the affirmative action thing, places like Vice are starting to sound a lot like /pol/. Who knew they would be the ones to start using white as a synonym for a hard-working and capable person. Vice might be low handing fruit, but it's still fruit. I remember not too long back when just about everyone would agree that this is the good and fair thing to do.
  9. The Crossout thread.

    This seems to be what drove up the price of blues. You don't get one free one per week anymore
  10. http://archive.is/5bjJx
  11. The Crossout thread.

    How very gaijin of gaijin. As if the grind in this game weren't killer enough, they change it so that the crates you get from drops only give you 2hr rentals of blue parts at best now, you don't get to keep them from my understanding. Blue crates you get once a week got a similar treatment. There's also an event starting now where you can get speshul parts like an extra spike shotgun, giant crossbow turret, and suicide drones (wheeled ones). The coin things you get to unlock the crates they're in are either a trickle of one per win in PvP or 100 per daily task completed. Super duper special crates need 300 super special coins, 1500 scrap, and 50 copper.
  12. Don't really have any details since I'm posting from break at work, but there's apparently some drama about the FBI getting involved with some Pakistani IT nerds working for the DNC. I've seen little trickles of this in the past, but enough sketchy stuff has happened with it that the FBI is getting itself involved apparently. I've got a quick rundown that I'll add to this post when I'm off.