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  1. No Comment ... Strange, I know ...

  2. Hmmm ... Maybe she would ... Note to Self - Cookies for Walter, flowers for Walter's wid wife ...
  3. I'm just here for the beer ...

  4. I remember when those books were first-run items in the bookstores ... At $65 to $100 each, I could never justify buying one vs the latest ASL module (or a couple of them). Boy, was I stupid ... =============== Hey Walter, will those books to me, would ya? I'll send you some cookies next month ....
  5. Years ago, when I was milling-about in a Sears store one afternoon, I encountered a blonde, blue-eyed caucasian woman whose conversation in English with another woman carried a German accent. When I addressed her auf Deutshce, she replied that she just happened to speak German but was in fact Persian. She had studied German in Tehran, but before traveling [escaping] to the US, had never been outside the country. At that time, she told me that the average Iranian held greater favor for Americans than the Iranian government was putting-on. Every now and then, I catch a glimpse of
  6. Except for the oil ... Daniel Yergin, The Prize is a great read ... ==================================== Still RO'd on the house forum. Looks like one or both of those nitwits have skated again.
  7. Sorry, but I didn't read any further before replying ... most of you already know that I often do that ... Based on the info in the newspaper article, the Russians may not yet have destroyed or captured a Nashorn, but rather may have observed it from a distance as it shot at them from a hull-down poz ...
  8. Really? I like the one on the right, but all of us could probably agree that the one on the left is ugly ... At least until the pub closes, after 6 hours of hard drinking ...
  9. Neon-yellow/green safety vest ... LOL ... Sadistic theocratic middle-east regime uses a sword (Saudi National Razor) instead of more efficient guillotine (French National Razor) ...
  10. I'm surprised at the docility of this animal, given the reputation of it's species ... (If it really is an Architeuthis)
  11. T-62 ... 115mm Smooth-Bore FTW I'm just an Old Guy with a fading memory, but I can recall smuggled footage and photos of T-62s in Prague, 1968 That was my first glimpse of them and the ASU-85.
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