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  1. Ascod 2 with Israeli turret offer for the Phillipines
  2. Tulpar during tests and ACV-15 after modernization
  3. thx @David Moyes but i couldn't get the spoiler done right
  4. Vietnamese T-62 sry can anoyone see the pic? because i can't!
  5. The Mac Man- Gordon B. Ingram and his Sub Machine Guns sry but i share most of the single books, because downloading and uploading takes a bit of time. Enjoy
  6. Field Maintenace Cal.30 Browning Automatic Rifle Guns of the Gurkhas The Book of Guns & Gunssmith
  7. U.S. Military Bolt Action Rifles by Bruce N. Canfield
  8. https://www.benning.army.mil/Library/CavalryArmorJournal/index.html Check here @Sovngard
  9. FİRİNG NOW! (TANK,ANTİ-Tank and Self-Propelled Artillery Ammunition UK&USA 1939-1945
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