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  1. Aselsan truck mounted BMC lazer(AA?-UAV?) BMC Mortar carrier all thx 2 PDF Forum
  2. From the heavy point you are right, but from the looks of it and that the 30mm gun in the Kluiver turret is “reninforced” are things I like about it. Another option could be the modernised BMD-2 turret. From some BTR-82 shooting videos I watched the big gun wasn’t quite accurate! There was too much dispersion. Perhaps BTR is wheeled, but that’ not the main cause for not so accuracy I guess? There was also a BTR turret with the reinforcement for the main gun some years ago, but nothing new about it.
  3. Firtina II during winter trials
  4. Stimpy75

    Documents Repository: Small Arms

    after 8 hours trying to upload the book,it somehow failed! so i asked another member from here to do it. p.s. i managed it now but it´s in djvu format,just use any online converter Die G11 Story this is one of the online converter sites https://ebook.online-convert.com/convert-to-pdf
  5. Stimpy75

    Documents Repository: Small Arms

    i also have the developement story of the G11 rifle.....but it´s in the teutonic language, i.e german i am uploading right now,will take 1 hour
  6. Stimpy75

    Documents Repository: Small Arms

    Small Arms of the World by Smith Small Arms of the World
  7. PARS 4x4,thx to CombatMaster @PDF
  8. Stimpy75

    Documents for the Documents God

    many really awesome books,but the bests are in russian ...... i wish i could read it for example http://www.armourbook.com/bronetechnic/ http://www.armourbook.com/
  9. Stimpy75

    Documents Repository: Small Arms

    Pics of all the Weapons up to 2012 Modern Side Arms Pre 1946 Small Arms Modern Small Arms Supplemantary
  10. Stimpy75

    Documents Repository: Small Arms

    History of Sniping and Sharpshooting Colt 1911 Early Prototypes Full Auto Conversion for Browning Pistols(Don`t DIY!)