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  1. nice to see that the Groza is still in use after Chechnya... after the Val the gun i liked most while playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R ...but are the Groza's still in use today 2020?
  2. Altay during testing in Oman
  3. Perhaps one of you guys is a proud owner of a PSG1..... here is a service manual(sry in german)
  4. thank God no one was injured and Blackhawk has been hooklifted by a Chinook
  5. Johnson Rifles, 274 pages Johnson Rifles and Machineguns
  6. i played this mod since day 1 and i still play once in a while...and you are right when stalker 2 comes out (2023?) it s a good time to spend with this mod
  7. Very old pic from Turkish truck mounted Artillery from 1937 the trucks are Russian ZIS-6 and the gun SKODA M1930 105mm mountain gun thx @DENO
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