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  1. it´s the 107mm MTBRL from Roketsan,(copy of the chinese system) i believe sth like 11 km range here is the link to the products http://www.roketsan.com.tr/en/urunler-hizmetler/kara-sistemleri/satihtan-satiha-roket-sistemleri/107-mm-cok-namlulu-roketatar/
  2. Iranian Military Exhibition thx @PDF (https://defence.pk/pdf/threads/eghtedar-40-defense-exhibition.599895/)
  3. i hope i dont get any trouble when i share these here,have fun Automatic and conceable Firearms Design 1982 Automatic and conceable Firearms Design 1979 Vol.1 Automatic and conceable Firearms Design 1979 Vol.2
  4. Hizir Border security Vehicle with some gizmoz thx @ PDF
  5. Data sheet of Kaplan thx @PDF
  6. so instead of uploading and presenting it here,because of my shitty internet here the upload would take much toooo long just the link from this great side cartridges of the world 8th edition catridges of the World
  7. HARIMAU Medium Tank @IndoDfence 2018
  8. Model of Zaha @ Indo Defence 2018 thx @ Hexciter PDF
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