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  1. Stimpy75

    Documents Repository: Small Arms

    so instead of uploading and presenting it here,because of my shitty internet here the upload would take much toooo long just the link from this great side cartridges of the world 8th edition catridges of the World
  2. Stimpy75

    Turkish touch

    HARIMAU Medium Tank @IndoDfence 2018
  3. Stimpy75

    Turkish touch

    Model of Zaha @ Indo Defence 2018 thx @ Hexciter PDF
  4. Stimpy75

    Turkish touch

    FNSS first concept and later ....
  5. Stimpy75

    Turkish touch

    I am afraid you have fallen to the propaganda of those gote rapists! Just Altay Prototypes(4) no combat employment. Afrin operation was at the beginning 2018 i.e winter and Afrin is more mountainous and more vegetation. They just recycled old footage to show how badass they are. More like dumbasses. They even stole footage of daesh.
  6. Stimpy75

    Turkish touch

    rly? Altay? a little more research plz! Altay didn´t see any combat. there are just prototypes and serial production will start soon i hope.
  7. Stimpy75

    Turkish touch

    ....ready to get kebabed
  8. Stimpy75

    General AFV Thread

    Nurol Yörük M60A3M
  9. Stimpy75

    General AFV Thread

    Altay rumoured to be tested in Qatar thx to cabatli53 @PDF