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  1. General AFV Thread

    Do you expect the racist Gulf states to treat African soldiers unlike cannon fodder?
  2. General AFV Thread

    Qatar just doesn't have the population to have such a large military. Only about 12% of their population (so about 300k) are actual Qataris and not foreigners. Though, Qatar could just buy soldiers from Africa or pilots from the US/elsewhere if it really needed manpower to go along with all its new toys. Hell, the UAE and Saudi Arabia would probably have used their own mercenaries in an invasion of Qatar just like they've done in Yemen.
  3. Wins Above Replacement

    Pretty sure if you double the amount of battles Price fought in, then he'd be ranked behind Lee who has about twice as much battles. As Sturg points out, the major problem with this is the number of battles thing.
  4. Wins Above Replacement

    Someone took sabermetrics and applied it to generals and their success at warfare. Napoleon is currently the most successful by far with Caesar being a distant 2nd. The author left out a good deal of the Mongols conquests, so hopefully the data gets updated soon. Zhukov seems to be the best modern general in the data set. Unsurprisingly, Robert E. Lee, Patton, and Rommel are all vastly overrated. Here's a link to a visualization https://ethanarsht.github.io/military_rankings/
  5. Saudi Arabia vs Iran thread.

    Yep, Yemen has been a rather low-cost endeavor for Iran too. As long as the Saudis don't starve every Zaidi Shia in Yemen to death, the Houthis are going to bleed them. And hell, I'd say that Iran has already basically won its proxy war against Saudi Arabia in Syria.
  6. Saudi Arabia vs Iran thread.

    FTFY I don't think the Saudis & Gulf Friends will directly fight the Iranians as long as the US and Israel don't join along. I have some questions that I've been trying to answer regarding this hypothetical war: Where would you invade Iran from? Southern Iraq into Khuzestan seems like the easiest route if you were to ignore that Southern Iraq would likely be filled with Iraqi Shia militias aligned with Iran. Crossing the Persian Gulf seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Using Afghanistan as a staging ground for invading Iran sounds like a bad idea, but is probably the best. I doubt you could use Turkmenistan, Turkey, or Azerbaijan as staging areas. In the same vein, how are you going to get from Iran's borders to Tehran which is kinda in the middle of the country? Afghanistan has similar geography, but the Taliban didn't have S-300s. How willing are the Saudis/Israelis/Americans willing to take casualties? The Saudis have mostly been using mercenaries in Yemen, but a war with Iran will likely need them to actually send its own soldiers onto the battlefield. Israel fought Hezbollah in 2006 and took relatively heavy casualties before deciding that it was going to be a lot bloodier than they originally thought, and Hezbollah is an even better fighting force now than it was in 2006. If America was to invade Iran, I think it would make Iraq look like a cakewalk. Iran doesn't seem to have the offensive capabilities to conventionally invade another country, but is it possible for them to try to turn Bahraini and Eastern Saudi Arabian Shia into some sort of Hezbollah-like group and get a foothold on the other side of the Gulf? Would the Saudis & friends actually be ok with a near useless war that shuts down the Persian Gulf and thus their economies? I'm more optimistic about reform in Iran once Khamenei dies in a year or so. Rafsanjani should've been Ayatollah instead fwiw.
  7. General news thread

    Why would China want a regime change (from a Chinese-friendly one to another Chinese-friendly one) in Zimbabwe in exchange for potentially destabilizing a nuclear-armed state on their border? OTOH, a deal concerning the US conceding the South China Sea dispute would probably get the Chinese to put more pressure on NK. Though the notion that China can magically deal with the North Koreans is wrongheaded in my opinion. From my read of NK-Chinese relations, the North Koreans are just as paranoid of this scenario as they are from a potential US/SK attack and rightfully so. The Chinese loath the North Korean leadership and vice-versa. So, the North Koreans have probably already purged anyone that would be in charge of a successful Chinese-backed coup.
  8. General news thread

    Pretty sure the AFVs are Chinese-made ZSD-89-IIs
  9. General news thread

    Possible coup attempt going on in Zimbabwe against Mugabe
  10. Trade-offs in WWII Fighter Design

    I'm personally curious about trade-offs concerning range and loitering times against other characteristics. I don't know quite as much about planes as I do armored vehicles, but having aircraft in the air longer or have them being able to go farther seems like it would be just as important as its dogfighting capabilities.
  11. General news thread

  12. Syrian conflict.

    Raqqa, Deir Ezzor, & Mosul probably was the graves of most of ISIS's fighters if we assume they had fighting strength around 15,000 max at the start of 2017 and haven't been able to replenish with foreign fighters. A good bit might have trickled into Idlib too. It is a remarkable collapse nonetheless.
  13. Bash the ATD-X thread

    HaVE yUo forgEt INDIA ? DRDO ?