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  1. Is this not the same muzzle break on this L/43 armed Pz IV? Small differences in shape(if there are any visible to eyes better than mine) may just be due to inferior German production being unable to produce uniformed pieces of technology with each piece being slightly off from whatever holotype is considered the norm.
  2. India also seems to be claiming to have shot down a Paki F-16, but almost nothing is verified at this moment. The sky may be raining aircraft debris over Kashmir right now if these claims are true.
  3. India has claimed it killed ~350 militants in their strike while Pakistan claims that the strikes resulted in 0 casualties. It is hard to decide if the Indian military is just as incompetent as they've always been or if the Pakistanis are just lying as usual.
  4. Horseshoe Crabs are now nested within Arachnida and therefore there must have been either A) multiple terrestrial invasions by stem arachnids or B) horseshoe crabs went back into the ocean.
  5. By far the most integral part of the BE was India and the path from London to Bombay ran through the Mediterranean where the Brits were probably the most vulnerable. Still, US carriers >UK carriers
  6. I'd assume you'd want manned tanks + infantry in places where you want to hold territory and use unmanned ground vehicles to be used in high risk situations where the destruction of such a vehicle is likely even if you armor the thing heavily. Therefore, I'd think most UGVs would use the most economic chassis as possible (so things like M113s would be great). If we are starting from scratch, I'd still think M113-like UGVs would be prefered by most nations looking at the current trend towards designing vehicles for urban and COIN warfare. Major powers may still want some faster UGVs too play a role in a conventional role and I'd think they look like a slimmed down M8 AGS/2S25 Sprut as you'd make the silhouettes smaller by getting rid of crew space .
  7. Why have I never known the the Saddam Fedayeen wore darth vader helmets?
  8. Found some Upper Cambrian trilobites for the folks for Christmas
  9. I found this amusing tank story from the Battle of Massawa(1990) during the Eritrean War of Independence :
  10. Some French blueprints from the immediate pre-war and post-war era
  11. ARL Char C or something like that
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