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  1. Priory_of_Sion

    General news thread

    Assassination(?) attempt on Zimbabwe’s new president
  2. Priory_of_Sion

    Syrian conflict.

    I think they’ve used Iranian model TOWs before
  3. Priory_of_Sion

    Syrian conflict.

    $5 on Turkey
  4. The right political establishment's support (along with some left support) for the drug war, which is the cause of most gun crimes, is, in my opinion, to blame for most of the violence we see. Crazed gunmen, wether politically active or not, are a statistical anomaly. Maybe getting stoned would help a lot of those freaks out too? Sounds like there are structural problems in the capitalist-controlled silicon valley that is rewarding left-wing views in order to pander to a certain market over another. The only president that probably never got death threats was Old Tippecanoe because he had the sense to give himself pneumonia and die immediately after winning his election.
  5. Really weird article, but I wouldn't call it pro-pedophilia per se (I also agree Salon deleting it is scumy and, to agree with Bele, Salon shouldn't really be read with anymore conviction than The Federalist) and isn't Milo still around too despite him being, you know, a pedo?
  6. For the record, the right only probably has like 5 people that still want mass conversion therapy as a govt policy. We like to make strawmen out of our political opponents, it is fun and easy to do. Don't?
  7. Where has the left, beyond like 5 crazy people, come out to support pedophilia?
  8. Yeah, the Skokie Affair is an interesting event that saw Jewish lawyers defend neo-Nazis. Also, I'd imagine if a neo-Nazi led state fought a new war against the US that we'd consider swastikas "fighting words" and thus illegal until they became irrelevant again.
  9. The public rally part is the important bit here regarding the FoS. I assume Canada voted for the same reason. Ukraine on the other hand, well.
  10. Libya 7 years ago was mainly French & British strikes at first
  11. Priory_of_Sion

    Syrian conflict.

    Probably the French if this is true Edit: Or: