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  1. This is also supposedly how Islamic terror gets some of its recruits too. Having read the Turner Diaries, there are connections between the Neo-Nazis and the more cultural conservative types on the right but there are some major hoops someone has to go through to actually start believing in the crap. I think the problem lies with the fact that there isn't really any intellectual right movement that is worth shit and the same goes to the left as well. How many of the statues that venerate the CSA actually have important historical information on them that isn't whitewashed? I don't think America is losing anything by taking down cheap and useless statues as compared to the iconoclasms under wahhabist rule. I do worry about the mob's mentality to go on to another target that is actually important, but statues of the CSA isn't going to be my hill to die on.
  2. North Korea's ICBMs and You

    The 2013 test and the 2016 tests both had an estimated 10-20 kt TNT yield, so their weapons are more or less as deadly as Fat Man. The Norks would need to have 3 direct hits on Guam to put the two airports and naval out of action if we assume that they don't have hydrogen weapons. NUKEMAP would put the fatalities of such a strike at 15,000+ on Guam. A 20 kt strike in downtown Tokyo kills 130,000+, but I don't know why the Norks would hit downtown Tokyo instead of JASDF/USAF bases first.
  3. Snakes! The Best Squamates

    Darn species/subspecies concepts making everyone confused, at least they aren't salamanders though
  4. Venomous Frogs

    Mutualism between frogs and buffalo
  5. General news thread

    President of Turkmenistan
  6. I Learned Something Today

    TIL about the Ugandan-Tanzanian War of 1978/9 including this on Libyan airstrikes on Tanzania*:
  7. PLA Parade(going on live as of posting)
  8. Egregious Aviation Safety Violations

    Wehraboos in my backyard
  9. It is either a replica or dummy turret, I thought it looked off when I saw it so I took a pic of it.
  10. Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

  11. Some, I didn't take a whole lot but here's what I got Some observations Most of the M4s were in rough shape besides one A3 and a Canadian Firefly. I didn't see the following that I thought would be there: T28/T95, T29, Tiger II, Su-100 I caught a glimpse inside the warehouse they restoration team works and could see some of the old Mark V tanks and I suspect the missing tanks are also deep within it as well. Many of the cold war era vehicles had tarps over them, so you couldn't fully see some of the things like the M8 Buford, Chieftain, Leopard, AMX-13, or M60A2 Starships. They had a couple of modern MRAPs there that dwarf everything but the WWII LVTs.
  12. They let me in the tank restoration yard at Ft Benning earlier today
  13. General AFV Thread