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  1. This thread will be dedicated to BS news articles about historic, scientific, and military topics. Most journalists don't seem to be too worried about reporting facts and findings, but rather cherry-picking statements in order to get the most views. Recently a lot of news sites have been reporting on a new "mini ice age" that scientists are predicting. That isn't really what they seem to be what Prof Zharkova's research suggests, it is that the sun has two dynamos which is interesting in its own right. They then suggest that the solar activity(sunspots, which have very little to do with solar output) will be low like during the "Little Ice Age"(which is itself a complex topic that most journalists don't understand), it is not suggested that temperatures will drop.
  2. (Washington, DC) -- Today, the Saudi Ambassador to the United States Adel bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir hosted a press conference at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia and issued the following statement: “Saudi Arabia has launched military operations in Yemen, as part of a coalition of over ten countries in response to a direct request from the legitimate government of Yemen. The operation will be limited in nature, and designed to protect the people of Yemen and its legitimate government from a takeover by the Houthis. A violent extremist militia. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries tried to facilitate a peaceful transition of government in Yemen, but the Houthis have continuously undercut the process by occupying territory and seizing weapons belonging to the government. In spite of repeated efforts by the GCC, G10 countries and the Special Representative of the U.N. Secretary General to seek a peaceful way to implement the GCC initiatives and the outcomes of the national dialogue that define the political transition in Yemen, the Houthis have reneged on every single agreement they have made and continue their quest to take over the country by violent means. They captured the capital city of Sana’a, they placed the legitimate president, prime minister and cabinet members under house arrest, they seized the security services and they continue to expand their occupation of the country.” “In a letter dated March 7, 2015, President Hadi of Yemen made a request of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz to convene a conference under the auspices of the GCC to which all Yemeni political factions seeking to preserve security and stability in Yemen would be invited. The Houthis rejected this invitation and continued their violent onslaught in Yemen to the point where they were threatening to occupy the city of Aden, which had become the temporary capital for the legitimate government of President Hadi after he was able to escape from Sana’a. In a letter, dated March 24, 2015, President Hadi requested, based on the principle of self-defense, enshrined in Article 51 of the U.N. Charter, as well as in the Arab League charter’s collective defense mechanism, a request for immediate support – by all means necessary – including military intervention to protect Yemen and its people from the continued Houthi aggression and to support it in fighting al Qaeda and ISIL.” “Based on the appeal from President Hadi, and based on the Kingdom’s responsibility to Yemen and its people, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, along with its allies within the GCC and outside the GCC, launched military operations in support of the people of Yemen and their legitimate government.” “May God Almighty protect the brave soldiers and may He grant them success in their noble mission.” Source
  3. Priory_of_Sion

    Syrian conflict.

    I think they’ve used Iranian model TOWs before
  4. Priory_of_Sion

    Syrian conflict.

    $5 on Turkey
  5. The right political establishment's support (along with some left support) for the drug war, which is the cause of most gun crimes, is, in my opinion, to blame for most of the violence we see. Crazed gunmen, wether politically active or not, are a statistical anomaly. Maybe getting stoned would help a lot of those freaks out too? Sounds like there are structural problems in the capitalist-controlled silicon valley that is rewarding left-wing views in order to pander to a certain market over another. The only president that probably never got death threats was Old Tippecanoe because he had the sense to give himself pneumonia and die immediately after winning his election.
  6. Really weird article, but I wouldn't call it pro-pedophilia per se (I also agree Salon deleting it is scumy and, to agree with Bele, Salon shouldn't really be read with anymore conviction than The Federalist) and isn't Milo still around too despite him being, you know, a pedo?
  7. For the record, the right only probably has like 5 people that still want mass conversion therapy as a govt policy. We like to make strawmen out of our political opponents, it is fun and easy to do. Don't?
  8. Where has the left, beyond like 5 crazy people, come out to support pedophilia?
  9. Yeah, the Skokie Affair is an interesting event that saw Jewish lawyers defend neo-Nazis. Also, I'd imagine if a neo-Nazi led state fought a new war against the US that we'd consider swastikas "fighting words" and thus illegal until they became irrelevant again.
  10. The public rally part is the important bit here regarding the FoS. I assume Canada voted for the same reason. Ukraine on the other hand, well.
  11. Libya 7 years ago was mainly French & British strikes at first
  12. Priory_of_Sion

    Syrian conflict.

    Probably the French if this is true Edit: Or:
  13. Priory_of_Sion

    The Worm Thread (For Actual Worms)

    I thought this was going to be about actual worms and I'm now disappointed. I just came across this paper on the intestinal worms of a German soldier in France during WW1, yeah worms are cool
  14. Priory_of_Sion

    Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    Afghanistan using their Supe Tuces
  15. Priory_of_Sion

    Saudi Arabia to begin operations in Yemen

    Houthis launched another salvo of scuds at Riyadh. Conflicting reports wether Saudi Patriot batteries seemed to have actually downed the scuds, but there’s video of a Patriot malfunctioning and hitting the city itself.
  16. Priory_of_Sion

    The Whirlybird Thread

  17. Priory_of_Sion

    General AFV Thread

    They had somewhat less width than the Centurion and Leopard 1, apparently good for going through alpine tunnels.
  18. Priory_of_Sion

    General AFV Thread

    Wasn't the Chinese ZTQ designed for this (I see Serge posted about it before I finished typing)? I also believe much of Japan's modern AFVs considered the country's hilly terrain in their development. Wouldn't be surprised if the Swiss Panzer 61 and 68 also took this into account
  19. Priory_of_Sion

    General AFV Thread

    Yep, but at least the white kinda works with the leo in the snow
  20. Priory_of_Sion

    General AFV Thread

    UN-white Leclercs just look off