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  1. M777ER supposedly tested. Article is buzzword central and doesn't say much. https://www.armyrecognition.com/september_2018_global_defense_security_army_news_industry/us_army_doubles_m777_howitzer_range_in_prototype_demo.html M777A2 and M777ER side by side.
  2. Belesarius

    Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    Interesting that it already has a designation. AGM-183A. Mach 20~!!!! terminal vehicle. Geez.
  3. Belesarius

    Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    Apparently a Reaper shot down another drone in a test, sounds like with an AIM-9 or Stinger. https://theaviationgeekclub.com/mq-9-reaper-drone-gets-first-air-to-air-kill/
  4. Belesarius

    The interesting ship photos/art thread.

    WAT? Nuclear powered vertical launch submarine aircraft carrier. "Boeing AN-1 Submarine Aircraft Cold War Concept 1958 NROs have also received several studies of nuclear aircraft flying submarines. The most ambitious proposal was submitted by Boeing, which designed a giant submarine vessel AN 1 with a length of 152 meters and a delivery rate of 9260 tonnes (below the water level of 14 700 tonnes) as part of a secret Flying Carpet project. It had two separate hangars for a total of eight aircraft, derived from the Halibut submarine hangar. The power supply was provided by one S5W nuclear reactor, with most of its power consuming two turbines with a power of 15,000 horsepower. With them it was possible to reach underwater the speed of 16 knots. The crew, including twelve pilots and two flight specialists, consisted of 163 men. The submarine was initially equipped with modified Grumman F 11F Tiger fighters. In addition to the folding wings, they could also be provided with tipping tail surfaces and an Flying Carpet. After the aircraft had been unloaded, the discharge device had to be rotated 90 ° upside down. Of course, the pilots would already be in the hangar in their machines. The reality of the idea was tested by placing two F 11F aircraft in the SSG 574 Grayback submarine hangar." - Tommy Wu, GPNW.
  5. Belesarius

    Designing A Rifle From Scratch(ish)

    How hard to take it from Solidworks to a working prototype? And what kind of cost?
  6. Belesarius

    Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    I'm betting something for the "Prompt Strike" ability/doctrine. Hypersonic and huuuuge.
  7. That is a pretty widely agreed with opinion on this forum.
  8. Belesarius

    The Whirlybird Thread

    Now here's one I wouldn't have called. Boeing/Leonardo won the Huey Replacement contract with the AW139. MH-139 will be the designation for it, apparently. https://www.defensenews.com/breaking-news/2018/09/24/the-air-force-picks-a-winner-for-its-huey-replacement-helicopter-contract/
  9. Belesarius

    Designing A Rifle From Scratch(ish)

    Not offended. Bullpups generally being shit is a long standing in joke amongst much of the crowd here.
  10. 4 hurt after a stryker went over a 25 foot cliff during exercises. https://www.armytimes.com/news/your-army/2018/09/23/stryker-vehicle-goes-over-cliff-during-military-exercise-4-hurt/?utm_campaign=Socialflow+ARM&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social
  11. This was posted on my FB feed. Not making any claims as to veracity, or providence. I'll say this though... if he was involved in that kind of conduct he has no business being a Judge, let alone being on the highest court in the US.
  12. Light anti drone system for the Marines. https://www.marinecorpstimes.com/news/2018/09/19/the-corps-just-slapped-a-counter-drone-system-on-an-mrzr-all-terrain-vehicle/?utm_campaign=Socialflow+MIL&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_medium=social
  13. https://www.newsandguts.com/link/new-yorker-senate-democrats-investigate-new-allegation-sexual-misconduct-supreme-court-nominee-brett-kavanaughs-college-years/ Link for the above mention.