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  1. Belesarius

    Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    https://www.cp24.com/news/two-suspects-seen-running-from-mississauga-restaurant-explosion-15-injured-1.3944657 15 injured in a bombing just north of Toronto.
  2. Belesarius

    General news thread

    My initial reaction from the age and aggressiveness of the animal is it's a young male wanderer looking for a territory. Possibly injured.
  3. Belesarius

    General news thread

    Sometimes Humans aren't the top of the food chain in the short term. somewhat scary when it happens.
  4. Belesarius

    General news thread

    I'm kinda not really on Zuk's side here, but I will say let's keep arguments factual and try our best to dial back on the emotional parts.
  5. Belesarius

    Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    At least it's not an AR-15.
  6. Belesarius

    Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/texas-high-school-gunman-report-1.4668686 CBC saying 8-10 dead, suspect in custody.
  7. Owie. No. I have friends near there. Definitely one to keep an eye on tho.
  8. Think of it as it basically being a way to drain off hard currency in the form of guided missiles, Ballistic and AAA missile sales. Cynical, who me?
  9. Accurate summation. Saudis are terribbad at ground war and only marginally competent at air war, but have American backing, and probably some not so clandestine Israeli backing. Iranian forces are marginally competent at ground war, and have Russian weapons and probably, in the long term, Russian strategic backing.
  10. Belesarius

    What is this thing?

    When one of us is drunk anything can get randomly necro'd, if we're being honest. /sips weird local coffee infused whiskey calmly.
  11. Belesarius

    General news thread

    Wrong thread. We have a huge Syria discussion thread ongoing
  12. Belesarius

    Syrian conflict.

    There are forces on both sides that have been pushing for war between Iran and Israel/Saudi Arabia for a while now. I've been saying that for months and months.
  13. Belesarius

    Panem et Circenses Thread

    Yeah, by all account the guy threw one hell of a game.