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  1. Thread fro discussing the less glamorous aspects of infantry warfare. Helmets, night vision, backpacks and other assorted oddities. And for the first post, Canadian military is apparently testing a spring loaded knee brace to assist carrying heavy loads with less damage to knees. http://www.defensetech.org/2016/07/22/canadian-military-testing-bionic-knee-brace-for-troops/ Should also be useful for rehab after injuries. They are selling a commercial version for $1750
  2. Random Space Exploration Dump Thread

    It's almost routine at this point.
  3. Bash the F-35 thred.

    http://foxtrotalpha.jalopnik.com/the-f-35-cant-beat-the-plane-its-replacing-in-a-dogfigh-1714712248 With the advancing of IRST tech and the proliferation of steath tech, I don't think dogfighting is going away anytime soon.
  4. Kentucky making the Canadian mainstream news. http://www.cbc.ca/news/world/kentucky-dan-johnson-sex-assault-apparent-suicide-1.4447882
  5. Bash the F-35 thred.

  6. General news thread

    There are certain contexts where I'm not a fan of armored tac'd out cops. Like for example, as a school resource officer. Now, checking my privilege, I realize that's in a Canadian context. Our gun crime and prevalence of violence is significantly lower than y'alls.
  7. Offhand opportunity shooting is understood. I know someone who decapitated a partridge with a .308 while deer hunting. But .308 is generally too much round when you are purpose hunting rabbits.
  8. Using .50 BMG for whitetail is kinda like using .308 to hunt rabbits IMO. YMMV.
  9. If you are using .50 BMG to hunt whitetail deer you are part of the fucking problem.
  10. This thread is for random aerospace and Ordnance news that doesn't merit it's own thread. Anyhow, the US is deploying an upgrade to the JSOW that makes it capable against moving ships, as well as changing targets mid flight. The JSOW C-1 variant is network enabled, meaning it can be used against moving targets such as ships/boats. The big upgrade to it is Link 16 Data link, enabling targeting updates several times mid course. http://www.scout.com/military/warrior/story/1647495-navy-to-deploy-new-fighter-launched-weapon
  11. General news thread

    Getting shot is also pretty distrustful.
  12. Thread for naval warfare technology and general naval weapons and ships discussion. "Keel laying ceremony of Borei-A-class nuclear submarine Emperor Alexander III is will take place in Severodvinsk on December 18." http://mil.today/2015/Navy7/
  13. Grap some xanax and popcorn and go read the comments on this thread.
  14. General AFV Thread

    The Saudis can't fight for shit with the best equipment money can buy. I don't expect anyone that would be willing to work for them to fight much better.
  15. General AFV Thread

    If they bulk up their air force, I wouldn't bet against mercenary pilots at all. Tho the African Mercs in Yemen haven't been doing all that great from what I've seen.
  16. General AFV Thread

    I personally think they are planning for an expanded military and war in the middle east. The winds seem to be blowing that way. EFTs, Rafales and advanced F-15 models put them on par or better than most of their potential adversaries.
  17. More Canadian Procurement Fail.

    FIcanteri's outside the process bid has been officially turned down. https://www.navyrecognition.com/index.php/news/defence-news/2017/december-2017-navy-naval-forces-defense-industry-technology-maritime-security-global-news/5789-canada-turns-down-fremm-bid-for-csc-while-naval-group-fincantieri-stick-to-their-guns.html Overpriced Type 26s go.
  18. http://www.defensenews.com/story/defense/naval/ships/2015/07/11/canada-renting-resupply-ships-from-chile-spain/29869123/ One more reason for me to hate on the Conservatives and their ongoing and massive defense procurement fuckups.
  19. Bash the F-35 thred.

    F-35I declared operational by the Israelis https://www.airrecognition.com/index.php/archive-world-worldwide-news-air-force-aviation-aerospace-air-military-defence-industry/global-defense-security-news/global-news-2017/december/3917-israeli-air-force-declares-adir-f-35i-operational.html
  20. General AFV Thread

    Qatar is spending all sorts of $. They just bought another dozen Rafales too. Curious as to why they are mixing so many different jet types though. Wondering if they are worried about timelines for delivery?