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  1. Donward

    General news thread

    No longer a rumor. https://mobile.twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1088146315979251717
  2. So this guy claims to have a copy of Chief Baby Boomer Banging Drum Loudly's military DD 214 showing that he wasn't a Vietnam War veteran and was in fact a refrigerator mechanic in the Corp, never leaving stateside and who was discharged after 4 years at the rank of private with three AWOLs.
  3. And the best Designated Hitter in history has finally been voted in. http://sports.mynorthwest.com/591892/2019-hall-of-fame-edgar-martinez/
  4. Do eeeet!!! How Bloomberg plans to create his own lane in 2020 ‘Bloomberg’s kind of money buys a lot of loyalty — or at least silence. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/01/21/michael-bloomberg-2020-election-1116071 White. Male. Old. A Wall Street billionaire. At first glance, Michael Bloomberg would seem to have zero appeal in a Democratic Party where progressive populism is on the rise and activists and elites say it’s time for a woman or a person of color to win the White House ... No successful presidential campaign has ever been anchored to those issues. But the politics surrounding climate change and gun control have changed dramatically in recent years, and nowhere more than in the Democratic Party.
  5. Based Lindsey Graham 2.0 is back https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/426249-graham-angers-dems-by-digging-into-clinton-obama-controversies And the Dems keeping it classy. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), another member of the panel, said maybe Graham should “investigate Benghazi some more too” — an apparent reference to a years-long House probe that Democrats considered a political stunt.
  6. Donward

    The UK Brave Space For Shitposting and Other Opinions Thread

    Oh... YEEEEE-AAAAAHHH, BITCHES!!! YouTube's most knowledgeable Communist frog puppet military theorist weighs in on the subject we've all been thinking about .
  7. O'Rourke’s strategy: Show Americans the real Beto https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/426107-orourkes-strategy-show-americans-the-real-beto It’s a new strategy: Connect with voters by providing minute-to-minute glimpses of daily life, and show authenticity in the process. O'Rourke has taken his supporters along with him to a trip to the dentist for a routine clearning, shared diary-like entries about his life and talked of being in a “funk” after leaving his job as a Texas congressman. In previous posts, O’Rourke documented his solo cross-country road trip. He ate blueberry cobbler at a stop along Route 66, and asked a waitress what he should see in Tucumcari, N.M.
  8. Donward

    General news thread

    And meanwhile, if you went ANYWHERE in Portland this week, you probably were exposed to measles. https://www.portlandmercury.com/blogtown/2019/01/18/25553745/someone-with-measles-came-to-a-blazers-game-but-still-no-reported-cases-in-oregon https://multco.us/health-officer/measles-outbreak-winter-2019-oregon-exposures The likely culprits appear to be Washingtonians living across the river from Portland in Clark County, which has 19 confirmed cases. https://www.clark.wa.gov/public-health/measles-investigation Here are the details of the confirmed cases: • Age • 1 to 10 years: 15 cases • 11 to 18 years: three cases • 19 to 29 years: one case • Immunization status • Unverified: three cases • Unimmunized: 16 cases
  9. Donward

    Non-exploding infantry hardware thread.

    Russia's efforts at addressing its military manpower shortage by giving patients dying of tuberculosis exoskeletons is coming right along.
  10. Living in Washington State, I love the fact that my Drivers License is not considered a valid form of ID because our state hands them out, willy-nilly to illegals, thus forcing me to carry a different form of ID should I want to be able to fly domestically or enter a Federal building. But illegal immigration is a victimless crime...
  11. I'm a Unificator. Not a Divider-Upper. Let's bring the differing political factions of SH together again to all laugh at how Ben Shapiro, who is so much smarter and intellectually gifted than everyone else, thought it was a good idea to talk about Baby Hitler during the Right to Life rally in DC. Ben Shapiro at March For Life rally: 'No pro-life person would kill baby Hitler' https://thehill.com/homenews/media/426100-ben-shapiro-at-march-for-life-rally-no-pro-life-person-would-kill-baby-hitler And THIS is how he defended himself. The Twatter comments are gold.
  12. you say that like having our fascist pet in Brazil invading Venezuela like somehow it's a BAD thing! ... Screw it. I've been looking at wars in South America and those lazy bastards haven't had any interesting war down there between South American nation states since practically the 19th Century!