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  1. Social Darwinism was a big thing late 19th-early 20th Century Colli.
  2. The Confederacy wasn't killed 100 percent dead in that the Confederate widows survived who more than any group is responsible for romanticizing the Lost Cause. Men as different as George S. Patton and Teddy Roosevelt were influenced by strong Southern women.
  3. At this point it is more than abundantly clear - although it's been obvious to me since November - that the Left, the media, and various lobbyist, business and political groups are using any and every tactic just short of armed insurrection to undo the results of the Presidential election. And the only reason they aren't doing the latter is because they think they can remove Trump via impeachment or getting him to resign via scandal.
  4. I heard some news clips of him taking both sides to task today at Trump Tower and blaming the clounterprotrsters for ravel sting the event. It was awesome.
  5. Well fuck. Better buy one of those shitty Mitchell Mausers...
  6. I've already seen this on FB with comparable videos of ISIS smashing statuary in Palmyra and the scum tearing down public statues. Im listening to Rush Limbaugh on the radio as I type and the callers are already making the ISIS comparison. Considering what we do to ISIS, it doesn't take too many jumps to conclusion for certain people to treat the Antifa/BLM/BlackBloc protestors the same way.
  7. So when do we get to be worked up and offended over and irrelevant incident that has absolutely zero bearing in any of our lives (99.999 percent of us at least) which can be blown out of proportion and used as a wedge issue to beat our political opponents to death? I'm already bored of Charlottesville.
  8. General news thread

    As someone who has written headlines for a living and had to do so under the constraints of actually trying to fit them in one column or two columns or three columns depending on the newspaper layout, there is a certain style that you need to use in order to actually make readers notice the story. Then your lede (the first sentence has to grab them) and if you haven't kept their attention by the second paragraph, you have failed as a writer. Also, and I've mentioned this before, for actual newspapers, the people writing the headlines aren't the ones generally writing the stories. They're editors or copy editors/layout design folks. Worse, on websites, the guy writing the headlines is some computer slob.
  9. The Best of Craigslist

    Typical fucking Californian, moving to Oregon so he can sire demonic spawn during the eclipse when there are already enough local cultists wanting to do the same thing. Californians are all the same.
  10. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Hey! I still play Tonks. In fact, I am now the owner of the Weeb Tiger which WoT is basically giving away in one of their missions. You have to get 50,000 XP while being the top scoring player on your team, win or lose.
  11. I've been aware of Ben Shapiro and his schtick now for a few years ever since he passed himself off as a "local" Seattle talk show host when he was still living in California and phoning in the show. The guy thinks that the best way to defeat liberals is getting more offended over nonsense on college campuses and the Internet than the Left.
  12. I've written this before and I'll repeat it again. Ben Shapiro is a limp-wristed, little twerp who is still frosty because his career got ruined because he white knighted for some bimbo who lied about getting viciously assaulted by a Trump campaign staffer and who now works for HuffingtonPost whereupon Shapiro got fired from his gig at Breitbart and has spent the last 18 months just waiting for the opportunity to say "SEE? I TOLD you so!!!". Plus he lacks the sophistication to know when he is being trolled on social media and actually thinks he can win a debate on Twitter with people sporting Frog avatars. Fuck that guy.
  13. General AFV Thread

    But the Crusader IS an inherently sexy looking tank, for all of its defects.
  14. DUCKs don't care if you use caution or not!