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  1. Back-Breeding Therocephalians

    These are the oldest images of dogs being used to hunt https://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/11/ancient-dog-rock-art-arabian-desert-cliff-images-spd/
  2. Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread

    In the wake of this evening's news, relevant...
  3. General news thread

    Charles Manson is now burning in hell. Pity the bastard wasn't sent to the gas chambers 45 years ago.
  4. Saudi Arabia vs Iran thread.

    Like in the Iran-Iraq War, you just wish that both sides will lose. Although with the Saudis, I guess you're betting on the come - to use gamblers parlance - that the Crown Prince will be able to turn around the country culturally. The Iranians on the other hand are irredeemable until you have regime change ousting the 12th Imam fellating mullahs in charge. The Saudis are snakes but I guess they're OUR snakes...
  5. Hans, now laugh maniacally. Maniacally!
  6. Youtube general?

    Looking at his website and... only one post in the past year. 3 if you count the past 13 months including a "Hurr hurr, I'm running for President". Some folks should have just stuck to writing about pirates beating up ninjas.
  7. *Seen On Drudge So It Gotsta Be True* Saudi King To Step Down, Hands Crown To 32 Year Old Son http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5089229/Saudi-Arabia-king-set-hand-crown-son.html
  8. *Don Ward bleerily wakes up after a 4 hour drive last night, staggers out into the kitchen for some coffee, and turns on the computer to scan the headlines* Sen. Al Franken Kissed And Groped
  9. Lets talk TV Shows

    On the road but Man In The High Castle is good, yo. If only for the sets, costumes, and props which are used. Look at all of the appliances in the Smith household for instance. Mrs. The Captain and I both dig it.
  10. It seems the tack being taken by the Moore campaign/attorneys is that the signature was lifted from the divorce paper work that Judge Moore presided over in 1999. And rather than the "D.A." standing for "District Attorney" the initials instead belong to the law clerk who handled his paper work who would - presumably - sign them with a stamp or Auto-pen and add her initials after. honestly? I buy it.
  11. Oh Yeah. Moore was a Democrat at the time which shows just how upside down and backwards electoral politics has transformed the country since the Clintons in the 1990s.
  12. Well he basically admitted that he "courted" 16-18 year old high school girls with the parents consent which - it being the 1970s in the Deep South - was legal and "normal". Hell, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis did the same. I just assume its a southern Christian thing like handling snakes and getting attacked by swamp rabbits. As for the supposed Yearbook signature, that thing looks sketchy the more time goes by. And given Gloria Alred is involved I have zero trust in its veracity. That Republican Establishment types are so willing to buy into a G Alred photo OP is telling.
  13. The "Toxn Is Wrong About Hog Hunting" Thread

    That's what SHE said!!!
  14. The "Toxn Is Wrong About Hog Hunting" Thread

    The Fairfax County Police Department is putting residents at risk by culling white tail deer with pea-shooter AR-15s. I can only think of the carnage which will ensue when enraged white tail deer go on a rampage after being wounded by a round that is basically just a .22 plinker. https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Residents-Concerned-About-Fairfax-Countys-Plan-Use-AR-15s-Control-Deer-Population-456541813.html "Even though the police say they shoot down as it’s supposed to be safe, we just feel that you can’t ever rule out weapons malfunction or human error," Alexandria resident Nancy Schoenig told News4. "Would you want somebody firing an AR-15 near your house? I mean think about it." ... Police said they do not shoot in the direction of homes.
  15. The worst thing about the Biden "buy a shotgun" meme is all the tactitard guys going around drooling, "Hurr, hurr, look how bad shotties are at everything" see this video of girls being made to do stupid shit with their boyfriend's pistol grip piece of garbage firing 3 inch magnum shells. Wen, no, buying a shotgun is actually a great idea. Get one with an actual stock and a practical length barrel and you can use it for just about anything including deer hunting, bird hunting, trap shooting, or sending some gangbanger screaming to hell. Not meaning this as a complaint against you Legion. Just saying... Edit: This rant of mine probably is better served for the gonz section of the forum though...