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  1. I would ask what is the overriding purpose for the weapon? What is it designed for? Once you know that, then you know what to build. As opposed to the 16 pound monstrosities that you see on the range which are intended for 800-yard shots that can stop a bull elephant and then be used for suppressing fire, clearing rooms and a marital aid.
  2. Wholesale killing of Russians is silly since we need to keep some to work the wheat fields and be used as mail order brides.... I mean... How Terrible!
  3. Donward

    A Terrible Thing Has Happened

    Relevant. https://youtu.be/I_oaTP_oRsc Welcome Hognose. It's always good to have someone here that makes Collimatrix's legs turn rubbery. Please don't take away my obsolete iron sights! They're all I've got!
  4. I'm surprised he hasn't been shot while attempting to escape yet, after leaving a fully notarized confession.
  5. Where we fish, most of the travelling done by setnetters is via ATV (although we now have a full-size pickup truck). We call ourselves "meals on wheels". Although, to be honest, most bears run when they hear any sort of wheeled vehicle coming along the beach. Most.
  6. So that's what happens when you let a bullpup rifle mate with a Waterfall Dresser.
  7. Donward

    A Quick Explanation of Forward Swept Wings

    Meh... Planes. Planes. Planes. Planes. Wait a tick... Is that a redhead? Or a faded photo. Doesn't matter to me. Planes and redheads. Don's interested is suddenly piqued.
  8. Donward

    The Suppressive Effect of Small Arms

    First was a family affair and I'll leave it at that. Second was more interesting. Around Eatonville WA where I lived there's a place called "Box Car" which is a neat box canyon traversed by an old railroad tressle with the Mashell River flowing through. It had some great scenic beauty. Sadly it was easily accessed by vehicle and was a favorite spot to party, ditch stolen cars and transact drug deals or poach wildlife. That never deterred me and since my mom had never been there, we drove up the logging access road on a whim in the snow because the scenery should have been spectacular despite the human rubbish. We walked down the tracks from where we parked to the tressle. A hundred yards in, three shots were fired from above and to the left down in front of us, strike the snow covered blackberry bushes 10 feet in front of us. We both did the natural thing and hit the deck. After five or ten seconds of looking around we slowly got up and made a hunched run back to the car. For some reason I stopped, tried to look where the shots came from and backtracked a few feet when three more shots fired right in front of me persuaded me that this wasn't a good idea. So we got in the car and left. I figured we were being warned off. For what reason, who knows? Until then I only ever carried my Buck knife on my adventures. But that was the moment where I'd start carrying a handgun with me whenever I could.
  9. Donward

    The Suppressive Effect of Small Arms

    The two times I've been shot at were with a shotgun using birdshot which made an interesting "wooshing" sound like wind as the pellets went through the tall grass around me. The other was a 22 rifle and it was kind of harder to describe. Like a fizzlely thing going through the air. I don't know. The sound and sight of the rounds hitting and knocking snow off of dead blackberry bushes in front of me was what was more noticeable. Never have had centerfire rifle rounds fired at or over me.
  10. Donward

    Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    EIGHT other planets besides Earth. Just saying... *grumble, grumble*
  11. Donward

    Lets talk TV Shows

    Check list of awesomeness. Awesome theme song. Check. Exotic location? Check. Helicopters. Check. Footage of exotic location from Helicopter. Check. Fast cars. Check. Guns. Check. Mustache. Check. Cars exploding. Check. 1980s babes in bikinis. Check. Tom Selleck mugging for the camera. Check. Eccentric foreigner. Check. Eccentric foreigner abusing Americans. Check. Eccentric foreigner in a greenhouse showing how American the protagonist is. Check. More helicopter footage. Check. Cool black sidekick. Check. 1980s camera technology. Check. White, playboy sidekick. Check. 1980s fashion. Check. Underwater scuba fight. Check. Even more helicopter footage. Check. Humor. Check. Tom Selleck mugging for the camera again. Check. The fact that I had the most awesome mom in the world who let me stay up to watch Magnum P.I. when I was in elementary school. Check!!!!!!!
  12. Donward

    Lets talk TV Shows

    Nah. Never was a big fan. I didn't like Seinfeld or Friends either. However, I try not to be obnoxious when I dislike a choice mad by the majority of Americans. The wife and I are catching up on a number of series on Netflix and Hulu. But in terms of our live (or mostly live) television viewing, Grimm is our must-see TV. This is followed by Sleepy Hollow which has sadly deteriorated mid-season after they inexplicably had the season finale halfway through the season.
  13. Donward

    Lets talk TV Shows

    The best part of MASH was that the final episode had a happy ending. Not a big fan.
  14. Donward

    The Suppressive Effect of Small Arms

    I didn't know that Jazz fusion drummer Tony Williams had much to say about suppressing fire.
  15. So this is what happens when an assault rifle and a nightstick fall in love, mate and have children.
  16. Donward

    11900 Brass Cocks

    I'd let her NOKOPNM my KOCMOC!
  17. No rush. Just making conversation. Do important stuff. I'm guessing there was a logical incentive to keep churning out Msusers. Or a bat-shit crazy Nazi corporate greed reason coupled with incompetence.
  18. Any numbers on the man hours to produce a Mauser 98 vs a MP-44? Bolt action rifles are pretty basic, especially if you are using machines already built.
  19. Paul Allen has all kinds of neat toys, his warbirds museum in Everett, WA. is worth the visit.
  20. That video is a classic for all the mistakes - which is most of the clip. Not that the Sturmgewehr isn't an OK weapon, it was retained postwar by various Warsaw Pact countries. But I'm wondering if ol' Hitler might have been right after all by initially spiking the design given the concerns with ammo. And did we ever find any after action reports where the MP-44 was a deciding factor in anything?
  21. Donward

    The Great Actors Thread

    I would say yes. Very much so. Jimmy Stewart was fortunate in that he drew the attention of several very notable directors throughout his career, casting him the archetypal role of the American Everyman who finds himself in an unusual occasion and overcomes it while still maintaining the morality one would expect from small town American from the Midwest. This character worked with Frank Capra in Mister Smith Goes to Washington and It's a Wonderful Life. It worked with Alfred Hitchcock in Vertigo, The Man Who Knew Too Much and Rear Window. His collaborations with Western director Alfred Mann allowed him to display a little more violence such as Winchester 73 but most of the films he is Jimmy Stewart. And there's nothing wrong with it. The mark of a great actor would be if he could carry a role and a movie even if it is a pedestrian outing and Stewart was able to achieve this making vehicles like Strategic Air Command, Carbine Williams, The Cheyenne Country Club or even Airport '77 watchable for his performance alone.
  22. Donward

    The Great Actors Thread

    I thought this was the GREAT actors thread? Back in the days when motion picture actors were able to deliver their lines and hold an emotion for ten seconds, twenty seconds or up to a minute or more in a single take. Also, back in the days when those same said great actors would be mocked in cartoons with firearms and violence... http://youtu.be/PPlCVWG-Be0
  23. That certainly looks like a weapon that would be carried by an anonymous henchman standing around in the background of a super villain's top secret lair. It's the sort of gun that says "I'm wearing a bright blue contractors helmet and silver coveralls but I'm not supposed to look directly at the camera while I shuffle around in front of this forklift". It's the sort of gun that is so imposing, a guy with a toupee and tuxedo armed only with a .32 caliber pistol can shoot me from the distance of most cricket pitches while I spray the Spectre sub-machine gun futilely from the hip causing sparks to fly from the sheet metal siding the hero is hiding behind. It's the sort of weapon that the aforementioned hero wouldn't even deign to pick up as he escorts the buxom love interest through the hanger vault of the top secret lair while he attempts to track down the aforementioned super villain, before an elaborate countdown sequence blows up a recognizable World Heritage Site with a stolen nuclear device. Cool find though!
  24. Donward

    Current Reads Thread

    So let me guess. Jack Ryan goes back in time to stop a Russian nationalist from planting a nuclear device at the 1985 Geneva Summit, blowing up Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. There he teams up with Captain Marko Ramius who was attached as a liaison for the Red Fleet. And yes, god damnit, this plot works and will bring the series full circle and it makes more sense than Debt of Honor.
  25. We are getting lost with the tall vs squat argument. It is pretentious looking. We need a scale for determining what is a pretentious looking tank.