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  1. This isn't at all surprising but some researchers have discovered incidences of PTSD in the Bronze and early Iron Age including examples in Ancient Greece and the Assyrian Empire. Except back then the disorders were blamed on the spirits of the dead. http://ww2.anglia.ac.uk/ruskin/en/home/news/research_detects-ptsd_3000_years_ago.html http://www.nepft.nhs.uk/_uploads/documents/esm_019_06_549-557_abdul-hamid_hughes_off.pdf The second link details rituals used to ease the distress of individuals afflicted.
  2. Yeah. Although the horror stories with the lead poisoning via the shoddy HVAC system has scared me off.
  3. None of the gun stores have .22 LR and you have to wait in line once a week and hope you get you daily allotment of two 50 round boxes. Or I can go to Wades Eastside Guns and get all I care to buy for $8.99-12.99 a box and suffer through the sales guy's bullshit about how the rounds I'm buying are "more accurate" than the old .22 that used to get sold. The percussion caps just flabbergast me but that was just at a couple of the rinkydink places I went to at the last minute on New Years.
  4. Not to be Mister Grumpy McSoggypants here, but we can't even get decent amounts of .22 Long Rifle ammunition or percussion caps for black powder shooters in this country let alone DU rounds.
  5. Donward

    I Learned Something Today

    Yes. But I just can't come out and say that. I must allude to it in a circular way and round-about way.
  6. It varies I suppose. If the seal pulls the whole fish out and eats it, I wouldn't know because it's gone (other than the suspicious hole ripped in the net). But they do seem to prefer the heads because that's where all the crunchy nutrition is, Omega oils and what not. If you watch a bear on the beach eat a dead salmon, they'll crunch off the head, then eat the guts and eggs, then they'll strip off the skin and fat. Only then will they eat the meat. Whereas humans cut off the head, chuck the guts, get rid of the skin and eat the meat.
  7. Reading it now. In Alaska, a certain number of fish are partially eaten out of our nets, usually the heads are just crunched off. During the peak of the run when their are hundreds of nets and hundreds of thousands of fish, this isn't a worry. It does get a bit disheartening when you're one of the few scratch fishing at the start or end of the season and you see a half-dozen black heads bobbing around your net. We never saw anything wrong with grabbing a "seal hit" fish, cutting off the part that was gnawed on an eating the rest. But we came to learn that the natives would never eat that fish because of the germs that live in the mouth of a seal and the diseases that can get transferred. Which is kind of funny since they do eat rendered seal meat and seal oil. So I imagine the TB getting transferred this way from stuff that the seals partially eat to that of the Peruvian fishermen. Or from eating the seal itself. Assuming this theory is correct. Little do we know that George R.R. Martin just found some Roman manuscripts and changed the names to get "Game of Thrones". That's probably the aggravating thing for classicists knowing that there is so much work out there, knowing the names of the work and knowing that you'll never get to read it because it's lost. Also we know that a lot of our favorite classical historians were every bit as biased as we are today. It would be nice to get some second and third sources about historical events and people rather than assuming that a scribe is exaggerating the flaws of Nero, Caesar, Augustus, etc.
  8. It wouldn't be the worst bet on the Internet. But I'm hoping that old Lucius Calpurnius Piso Caesoninus (or whoever the actual owner of the library was) had a taste in literature and ancient (contemporary?) history. Curious about the seal/sea lion theory. Particularly since I interact with seals every summer. I'm a believer that the ancient and medieval world was more interconnected than we give them credit for. (No, the Lost Tribe of Israel didn't journey to America and hang out with the Cherokee).
  9. And to get the topic rolling, I read last week that technology called "X-ray phase-contrast imaging" is being used and might someday enable scientists to read the contents of the Herculaneum papyri scrolls. http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/01/150122114405.htm http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-25106956 These scrolls are sort of a "lost ark" of classical literature which were buried and carbonized during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD and its hoped that they might contain new works or more faithful translations of original classical literature and history. On the other hand, the library could be the equivalent of a Daniel Steele/Tom Clancy/Stephen King collection. Ever the optimist, I'm hoping for the former.
  10. Donward

    I Learned Something Today

    This didn't happen today, but I learned that the precursors to the famous British SMLE rifles - or at least the bolt and magazine - were originally chambered in 45-70 "Government". Now if only I can remember where I heard that from...
  11. Donward

    Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread

    I have to be the one to say it. But Frank Zappa is kind of overrated.
  12. For the price of barrel conversion kits, I don't know why you just wouldn't get two guns.
  13. Donward

    Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread

    For modern popular music, I really, really dig Bruno Mars and his recent collaboration with Mark Ronson. I only began paying attention to Mars last year after I found that he was headlining the Super Bowl Halftime Show (Go Hawks) and was suitably impressed with his retro sound and James Brown-like performance. I dig MoTown and Funk, having spent hours of my youth listening to used vinyls that my dad bought and resold in his junk business. I long for the days when African Americans artists produced innovative music with a big sound like the Temptations, Earth Wind and Fire or The Supremes. Now Mars and Crew haven't reached those lofty heights yet but I'm more than happy to support musicians who can actually play an instrument and lay down a funky beat without having to sample other musicians or bray into an Auto-Tune. If it takes a Puerto Rican/Filipino/Ashkenazi Jew and an Englishman who can lay down a slick tune like this when contemporary artists are producing lyrics like "eenie meenie, minie moe, I wreck da mic like a pimp pimps hoes" the so be it. I look forward to a future where rap is regarded as an embarrassing epoch in American culture.
  14. I'll leave that for the more knowledgable. All I know is that it's remarkable what they're doing with bullet and powder design.
  15. Bows are also effective if you're a pair of fun-loving good, ol' boys driving a Dodge Charger or a tortured, world-weary Vietnam War vet fighting Commies in Afghanistan. But yes, what makes something a good hunting round doesn't always make it a good military cartridge. For the former, you're wanting something that kills the critter in one shot, cleanly so you don't have to track it down through the brush while not ruining too much meat. Also deer rarely wear body armor.
  16. Donward

    Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread

    Colli needs more culture. And I'm not talking yogurt.
  17. Donward

    Collimatrix's Terrible Music Thread

    Cross-dressing you say? A lot of old musicals had instances of cross-dressing. For "comedic" effect to be sure...
  18. Donward

    Scale Models Megathread

    Just junk-I-fy them and pretend they're the deteriorated remains of US armor museums.
  19. Indeed. The appeal of John McClane is that he is the common, everyman put into an unusual situation who prevails and overcomes. Riggs is... well... Riggs is just Mel Gibson acting crazy.
  20. It depends on what you're trying to do with the cartridge. There's a place for good old-fashioned slow-moving school bus bullets. Although with the advent of newer and better bullet technology, that niche is getting smaller and smaller.
  21. It's just an unrealistic expectation of what handguns are for and what they're meant to do and what they can do. In my mind, they're like wearing a Personal Flotation Device when working on a boat. They'll keep you afloat for a little while but you'll have to be either rescued at some point or swim to shore.
  22. Donward

    Zaloga Interview

    Zaloga talked about the cost of the Tiger versus its contemporaries in Reichsmarks (which we all have hashed over as being a very ineffective way to accurately measure the cost of the vehicle). I wish we'd all just agree to use man-hours as the accepted norm.
  23. From my fairly limited experience and interaction with guys who went over and came back, my conclusion is that the majority of the problems was stuff they brought with them. It's just the unusual circumstances and pressures of combat that causes the problems to manifest more noticeably.