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  1. But Bubba did not get the majority of the vote. Far from it in fact. The argument is that more people voted AGAINST Bubba than for. And the conventional wisdom at the time was that Bubba was the LEAST favorite choice of the three candidates. If Ranked choice voting was a thing, therefore, Bubba would have lost (or so the theory went). The main point being, we didn't change the rules THEN to mollycoddle a bunch of losers. I see no reason to change the accepted rules NOW just to placate a bunch of losers who actually voted for a creature like Clinton. Particularly when Hillary has a WORSE approval rating than the President now.
  2. In actuality, I can remember the wailing and gnashing of teeth by a certain number of Repubican/conservative intellectuals/media types in 1992 and 1996 about Bubba Clinton winning the election with only a plurality of the vote and not the majority; more people voted for Bush the Elder and H. Ross Perot, and how it wasn't fair because supporters of those two candidates like Bubba the least out of the three major candidates. And all we got from the Democrats and media at the time was "Too bad! Them's the rules!".
  3. The only reason the Left hates the Electoral College is because they lost two Presidential elections in the last two decades, running terrible human beings as their candidate. If the roles were reversed and two Republican candidates won the popular vote, and lost the electoral college, this wouldn't be an issue.
  4. The issue with this nonsensical - and no doubt Unconstitutional - legislation is that it is symbolic at best and downright dangerous to the Republic and the notion of universal suffrage and state's rights at its worst. Let's look at the past races. 2016: Colorado went for Hillary. Hillary got pop vote = No change Trump won anyway. 2012: Colorado went for Obama. Obama got pop vote = No change 2008: Colorado went for Obama. Obama got pop vote = No change 2004: Colorado went for Dubya. Dubya got pop vote = No change 2000: Colorado went for Dubya. Algore got pop vote = Algore would have won the Presidency if he carried Colorado despite its citizens voting against him!!!!!!! 1996: Colorado went for Bobdole. Bubba got pop vote = Bubba would have won anyway. 1992: Colorado went for Bubba. Bubba got pop vote = No change (skipping a lot of races where it wouldn't matter and focusing on these key races) 1960: Colorado went for Tricky Dick. Jack Kennedy got the pop vote = JFK would have won anyway. 1944: Colorado went for Thomas Dewey. FDR got the pop vote = FDR won anyway 1940: Colorado went for Wendell Wilkie. FDR got the pop vote = FDR won anyway 1908: Colorado went for William Jennings Bryant. Howard Taft won pop vote = Taft won anyway 1900: Colorado went for William Jennings Bryant. McKinley won the pop vote = He won anyway. 1896: Colorado went for William Jennings Bryant. McKinley won the pop vote= He won anyway 1892: Colorado went for Populist candidate James B Weaver. Grover Cleveland won the pop vote= He would have won anyway. 1888: Colorado went for Benjamin Harrison. Grover Cleveland won the pop vote= Harrison would have won anyway 1884: Colorado went for James Blaine. Grover Cleveland won the pop vote = Cleveland would have won anyway. 1876: Colorado went for Rutherford B Hayes. Samuel Tilden won the pop vote = Samuel Tilden would have won the Presidency if he carried Colorado despite its citizens voting against him!!!!!!!!!!!! And before that, Colorado was a US territory. So looking at the past 112 years of US presidential elections, this legislation would have TWICE upset the result of a Presidential election, disenfranchising the citizens of Colorado and would have 12 times changed the votes of Colorado's Electors. Edit: Corrections hopefully updated
  5. Yeah. If this legislation passes, the voters of the State of Colorado have essentially been disenfranchised. Also, I can't see how that would pass Constitutional muster at least at the State constitutional level.
  6. In the other hand, a turtle's penis can be one-half the length of its body... https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/tetrapod-zoology/terrifying-sex-organs-of-male-turtles/#googDisableSync
  7. https://arstechnica.com/science/2019/01/oxford-scientists-successfully-recreated-a-famous-rogue-wave-in-the-lab/ In this latest experiment, the Oxford scientists generated two sets of waves in a circular water tank at the University of Edinburgh and made sure they crossed each other at various angles, the better to recreate the conditions under which the Draupner wave had formed. In these conditions, the wave doesn't break like you'd normally expect. Wave breaking usually serves to limit a wave's maximum height, but that limiting factor doesn't occur when waves cross each other at large angles. The sweet spot turned out to be an angle of 120 degrees: when the groups of waves crossed at that angle, they formed a wave that scaled neatly with the height and length of the Draupner wave (albeit at 1/35th the size of the original). ... Despite numerous anecdotal eyewitness accounts about rogue waves, there wasn't any hard scientific evidence for them, so such claims were dismissed as myths or legends. In fact, a French naval officer in 1826, Jules Dumont d'Urville, reported seeing a 108-foot-high wave in the Indian Ocean and was roundly ridiculed by physicist François Arago for his trouble. At the time, scientists didn't think waves could be higher than 30 feet. ... In 1995, a powerful rogue wave slammed into an offshore gas pipeline platform operated by Statoil in the southern tip of Norway. Dubbed the "Draupner wave," it generated intense interest among scientists, since the platform's various sensors and instruments provided precise details about the wave's dynamics. Rogue waves had long been considered a myth, so those readings—combined with damage to the platform consistent with a wave some 84 feet high—provided crucial evidence for the phenomenon
  8. I'm confused. So there was a black guy... being arrested by white cops with guns... and he complied with police orders... and wasn't shot dead for sport? I thought this was America!
  9. I've pulled stumps with trucks before. *Shrug* Edit: Now the dude trying to pull an old growth stump with a Landcruiser was special... Edit Edit: Also fuckers are standing too close to the tow chains/straps...
  10. The First Lady sued the UK Telegraph for Libel... And won. https://nypost.com/2019/01/26/uk-paper-apologizes-and-pays-damages-to-melania-trump-over-false-report/ It’s the second time the first lady has fought and won a defamation battle with a publication in the UK, where the libel laws are notoriously strict. She wrung a $2.9 million settlement from the Daily Mail in 2017 after the tabloid published scandalous allegations about her modeling career.
  11. Russia.gif https://www.reuters.com/article/us-venezuela-politics-russia-exclusive/exclusive-kremlin-linked-contractors-help-guard-venezuelas-maduro-sources-idUSKCN1PJ22M Private military contractors who do secret missions for Russia flew into Venezuela in the past few days to beef up security for President Nicolas Maduro in the face of U.S.-backed opposition protests, according to two people close to them.
  12. It's a way to kick the can down the road for three weeks. And after a month or so, it's time for the federal workers to get a paycheck since both sides are still trying to outbluff the other. A neutral play on both sides.
  13. No longer a rumor. https://mobile.twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1088146315979251717
  14. So this guy claims to have a copy of Chief Baby Boomer Banging Drum Loudly's military DD 214 showing that he wasn't a Vietnam War veteran and was in fact a refrigerator mechanic in the Corp, never leaving stateside and who was discharged after 4 years at the rank of private with three AWOLs.
  15. And the best Designated Hitter in history has finally been voted in. http://sports.mynorthwest.com/591892/2019-hall-of-fame-edgar-martinez/
  16. Do eeeet!!! How Bloomberg plans to create his own lane in 2020 ‘Bloomberg’s kind of money buys a lot of loyalty — or at least silence. https://www.politico.com/story/2019/01/21/michael-bloomberg-2020-election-1116071 White. Male. Old. A Wall Street billionaire. At first glance, Michael Bloomberg would seem to have zero appeal in a Democratic Party where progressive populism is on the rise and activists and elites say it’s time for a woman or a person of color to win the White House ... No successful presidential campaign has ever been anchored to those issues. But the politics surrounding climate change and gun control have changed dramatically in recent years, and nowhere more than in the Democratic Party.
  17. Based Lindsey Graham 2.0 is back https://thehill.com/homenews/senate/426249-graham-angers-dems-by-digging-into-clinton-obama-controversies And the Dems keeping it classy. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.), another member of the panel, said maybe Graham should “investigate Benghazi some more too” — an apparent reference to a years-long House probe that Democrats considered a political stunt.
  18. Oh... YEEEEE-AAAAAHHH, BITCHES!!! YouTube's most knowledgeable Communist frog puppet military theorist weighs in on the subject we've all been thinking about .
  19. O'Rourke’s strategy: Show Americans the real Beto https://thehill.com/homenews/campaign/426107-orourkes-strategy-show-americans-the-real-beto It’s a new strategy: Connect with voters by providing minute-to-minute glimpses of daily life, and show authenticity in the process. O'Rourke has taken his supporters along with him to a trip to the dentist for a routine clearning, shared diary-like entries about his life and talked of being in a “funk” after leaving his job as a Texas congressman. In previous posts, O’Rourke documented his solo cross-country road trip. He ate blueberry cobbler at a stop along Route 66, and asked a waitress what he should see in Tucumcari, N.M.
  20. And meanwhile, if you went ANYWHERE in Portland this week, you probably were exposed to measles. https://www.portlandmercury.com/blogtown/2019/01/18/25553745/someone-with-measles-came-to-a-blazers-game-but-still-no-reported-cases-in-oregon https://multco.us/health-officer/measles-outbreak-winter-2019-oregon-exposures The likely culprits appear to be Washingtonians living across the river from Portland in Clark County, which has 19 confirmed cases. https://www.clark.wa.gov/public-health/measles-investigation Here are the details of the confirmed cases: • Age • 1 to 10 years: 15 cases • 11 to 18 years: three cases • 19 to 29 years: one case • Immunization status • Unverified: three cases • Unimmunized: 16 cases
  21. Russia's efforts at addressing its military manpower shortage by giving patients dying of tuberculosis exoskeletons is coming right along.
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