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  1. According to this thing, South Africa is going to be the well into the Mad Max universe by 2100.
  2. Swords And Their Historical Context

    I can't remember where we put all the iron making links, so this goes here:
  3. WoT v WT effort-thread

    You're an optimistic soul. Then again; I've been having fun with realistic air battles again - early-model IL-2 relieve you of the burden of worrying whether you'll make it back home (you won't) and P-40s and P-39s relieve you of the burden of climb meta.
  4. My only contribution to the field of electric motors was the suggestion that you put a lot of DC through a bar spinning between two circular plates after getting it up to speed to prevent arc welding. Unfortunately; my plans for a simple railgun electric motor have not been picked up by major electronics companies as of yet. Edit: note that, for the purposes of cooling, my idea nicely dodges around the issue entirely by having the plates ablate into hot plasma after a short while.
  5. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Wait, there are not-shitty tiers?
  6. WoT v WT effort-thread

    Funny, I've been playing a bit for the first time in a while as well. I'm so glad to see that P-40E doesn't suck as much anymore.
  7. Not so fast you Zoomie bastards...

    Looks like my view on things is doing the rounds: https://warisboring.com/the-american-military-uncontained/
  8. Archery Thread

    So basically the stuff you want for a wooden crossbow limb is: - The longest limb length you can get - The widest limb possible - A roughly triangular/pyramidal profile - A draw length equal to your limb length - The shortest possible brace height and/or some deflex in the limb Edit - one output: - 30cm working limb length (ie: not too difficult to wander through doors etc), 4cm stock width. - made of yew - Width: from 10cm at the stock to 2cm at the tips - Profile: 3.5cm of deflex at the tips - Thickness/Height: 9cm all the way through - Brace height: 7cm - Draw length: 30cm (ie: stroke is 27cm) - Bolt weight: 40g (historical crossbow bolt with fine armour-piercing tip) - Estimated draw weight: 645N (145 pounds) - well within the range that most people can pull. - Estimated bolt speed: 55 m/s (probably a bit of an overestimate) - Estimated bolt energy: 62J A less chubby limb (7.5cm) gets you a 500N draw and 49m/s bolt speed. Perversely, lowering the draw length to 20cm actually does very little to your performance here, apart from making the draw weight skyrocket to 900N. This holds even when your effective draw length is 10cm - which seems to validate the principle that medieval crossbows worked on (massive draw weights, tiddly draw lengths).
  9. Archery Thread

    As promised: Material: Pacific Yew - Density: 705 kg/m3 - MoE: 9.31 GPa - MoR: 104.8 MPa (stress target: 104 MPa) Base Proportions: - Limb length: 0.4 m - Width: 0(0.1); 0.4(0.02) - Profile: 0(0); 0.4(0) - Height: 0(0.009); 0.4(0.009) - Brace height: 0.1 m - Draw length: 0.4 m - Arrow mass: 0.04 kg Base performance: - Final draw force: 507N (114 lb) - Estimated arrow velocity: 58m/s Sweep 1: draw length (adjust height) 0.2m - Height: 0(0.015); 0.4(0.015) - Final draw force: 799N - Estimated arrow velocity: 39.5m/s 0.3m - Height: 0(0.012); 0.4(0.012) - Final draw force: 761N - Estimated arrow velocity: 57m/s 0.4m - Height: 0(0.009); 0.4(0.009) - Final draw force: 507N (114 lb) - Estimated arrow velocity: 58m/s 0.5m - Height: 0(0.0065); 0.4(0.0065) - Final draw force: 306N - Estimated arrow velocity: 49m/s Sweep 2: draw limb length (adjust height) 0.35m - Height: 0(0.009); 0.4(0.009) - Final draw force: 331N - Estimated arrow velocity: 47m/s 0.4m - Height: 0(0.009); 0.4(0.009) - Final draw force: 507N - Estimated arrow velocity: 58m/s 0.45m - Height: 0(0.0115); 0.4(0.0115) - Final draw force: 679N - Estimated arrow velocity: 64m/s Sweep 3: reflex/deflex (adjust height) 0(0); 0.4(0.5) - Height: 0(0.011); 0.4(0.011) - Final draw force: 751N - Estimated arrow velocity: 68m/s 0(0); 0.4(0) - Height: 0(0.009); 0.4(0.009) - Final draw force: 507N - Estimated arrow velocity: 58m/s 0(0); 0.4(-0.5) - Height: 0(0.0075); 0.4(0.0075) - Final draw force: 347N - Estimated arrow velocity: 50m/s
  10. Just laying out the mooted options. My personal bet would be hydrocarbon synthesis, because if it ain't broke...
  11. Our government agrees. Pity they scrapped our local nuclear capability in the early 2000s and now want to lease a bunch of plants from the Russians.
  12. We use a pretty extensive pumped storage scheme (~1600 MW total) here to balance out load and take over if a plant goes down. Unfortunately; being a semi-arid country means that your dams are always going to be at risk, so I don't think we'll ride that wave much further. Others think differently: http://www.microhydropower.net/rsa/
  13. There's also thermal storage, mass storage (pump water back up into dams during off-peak time) and gigantic lithium ion battery banks. Solving the storage issue will make a lot of alternative energy sources much more viable.
  14. Archery Thread

    I just ran a sweep through Bowsim to look at wooden crossbows. So far, it looks like designing to a maximum stress level means that your crossbow limbs should be as long as you can make them, as wide as you can make them and have approximately a pyramid shape. Not exactly a revelation. The surprising result was that, for a given configuration of crossbow, there is an optimal draw distance over/under which you start losing arrow speed for a given level of limb stress. I'll edit in some roughly optimal results later.
  15. North Korea's ICBMs and You

    There have been a lot of these sorts of articles going around: https://warontherocks.com/2017/09/the-abcs-of-deterring-north-korea/ Funnily, one of the major things that all of them advocate in terms of de-escalation is a carrot and stick approach: use nukes and we destroy you, stop/limit your program and we give you the promise of better relations and peace. Unfortunately, the latter requires that any of the actors involved actually believe what you're saying - which in the NK/US scenario is impossible after things like Iraq and Libya. This might be a good place to bash Bush II and Obama.