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  1. TO: Sen. Chaska Brown, New Capitol Building, cnr Railroad ave and Market str Aberdeen Dakota Union Chas, I've had my boys working on the damn mess that your pet attorney in Sioux Falls sent our way, and they've managed to reconstruct the cartridge. Remember that you owe me one for this, and that RCUAP is getting the manufacturing contract no matter who wins. And if this one wins we're getting all the rights, damn what the will says. We did the family a favour just by naming it. Looking forward to seeing your family in the fall, and my regards to Macha. - Art ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TO: THE SECOND JOINT COMMITTEE FOR CARTRIDGE DEVELOPMENT, RAPID CITY, DAKOTA UNION Dear Sirs, We have now completed work on the improvements to the cartridge design provided by your attorney, and attach the results hereto. We trust that the improvements we've made to the deceased Mr Taylor's work will earn your consideration for future production contracts regardless of the outcome of your present deliberations, and look forward to your further correspondence in this regard. With kind regards, Arthur Q. Lewis, Director of Production, Rapid City Union Ammunition Plant (Dictated but not read) Encl. Dossier on cartridge design and construction (5 pgs) Summary of test results (7 pgs) Photographic prints of cartridge Blueprints of cartridge, bullet ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOSSIER: CARTRIDGE, 0.283 CALIBRE, "FUDD" INTRODUCTION: The new cartridge, developed by the RCUAP, has been provided the provisional name of "Fudd" after the deceased Fudd Taylor, who performed valuable preliminary work on the design. DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION: Our design combines a low-drag, 122gn monolithic bullet formed from low-hardness drawing steel with a low-cost, lacquered steel case to produce an effective, expedient cartridge for use by our Sioux Scout corps in field operations. The use of lathe-turned drawing steel in the construction of the bullet is expected to reduce barrel wear while retaining a high degree of accuracy. Differential annealing after turning allows for a harder tip, improving penetration of the basic bullet design. A semi-armor piercing bullet is also provided, which makes use of RCUAPs expertise in induction heating technology to case harden the tip. The hardened tip is then quenched while allowing the driving surface to anneal. This results in superior penetration performance against armoured targets and vehicles. Further specialty loads (armour piercing, incendiary, tracer) have also been developed for the cartridge by making use of a deep-drawing steel jacket and a lead plug to adjust the weight of the bullet. This eases the issue of ballistic matching for non-standard loads. The cost of the current design is outstanding, with good penetration and recoil characteristics... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. TO: THE SECOND JOINT COMMITTEE FOR CARTRIDGE DEVELOPMENT, RAPID CITY, DAKOTA UNION Dear sirs, We are saddened to confirm the death of Fudd 'Bigbore' Taylor, whose body was discovered in an apartment in Sioux Falls last week when we attempted to reach him for comment regarding forthcoming improvements to his recent submission to the committee according to your previous instructions. Here we should note that the circumstances of his death are still being investigated, although the initial police report has the cause of death as "self inflicted from siting (sic) on a big bullet". We will, of course, contact you immediately in this regard should any further relevant information come to light. Regarding your other instructions; we were fortunately able to gather enough of his latest work to recreate the fundamentals of his design, and have sent the same to the Rapid City Union Ammunition Plant ("RCUAP") for further analysis and development. Copies of the photographs and transcripts of the blueprints will be duly sent to you by post, as the original blueprints are unfortunately not in a format suitable for transport by virtue of being written on the apartment walls. Test samples of the projectiles and cartridges developed by Mr Taylor will be delivered to the committee by courier at the earliest possible convenience. Further; given the urgency of the work being undertaken by Mr Taylor on behalf of the Committee, as well as the nature of the agreement entered into by virtue of his submissions to yourselves, we believe that there are no legal impediments to continuing his work while the process of winding up his estate continues. We have accordingly instructed the engineers at the RCUAP on your behalf to begin work on the improvement and finalisation of the design. Here we are given to understand that slight adjustments to the dimensions of the projectile have already been done in accordance with your instructions, and that these adjustments have yielded "a small projected decrease in drag (0.260 G7 BC), along with a small drop in weight (121.7gn)". The plant engineers have further confirmed that they will communicate directly with you on this matter in future. We should note, however, that they have categorically refused to reduce the calibre of the projectile as you requested, with the explanation for the aforesaid refusal being that the spirit of the deceased "invades their collective dreams" whenever they attempt to do so. Given all of the above, we trust that the present matter is finalised for the moment, and accordingly attach our invoice for your further consideration. With kind regards, Chayton Jones Smith, Jones and Wambleeska Sioux Falls Dakota Union
  3. Friends, rejoice! After a long stint at the Dakota Union reeducation camp I have returned. There the evil blackguards who preach the word of small, weak bullets tried to convert me to their blasphemy. But I was too cunning for them - I learned their ways and have returned to turn their secret fires against them! Here is my creation, the shining spawn of my mind. Behold, the 7x48mm FGM2! Although still a bit petite for those amongst us who still follow the true creed of big, girthy, manly-man bullets, it shall serve as a dagger thrust into the heart of the snake that is the second joint committee for cartridge development. For it meets, nay exceeds the requirements of their grotesque mockery of a competition. Now, truly, the scales will fall from the eyes of the people as they are forced to test it and admit its might! And here is the proof: And even at lower velocities, it still almost very nearly juuuuuuuust doesn't make the requirements: And the news only gets better from here! The recoil is low enough even for the atrophied shoulders of the testing committee (10.49 ft-lb). The penetration into pine boards easily exceeds requirements even at the lower velocities (26 pine boards at 600y at the lower test velocity, 29 at the higher velocity). And the cost is fantastically cheap (5.63c) thanks to the use of an annealed, copper-washed mild steel mono-bullet and a lacquered steel case. Truly this is an expedient cartridge that every soldier can take into battle aplenty, to distribute to his foes liberally. And best of all, the use of a long, finely-profiled bullet (OOC note: dimensions taken from here and properly adjusted this time) means that there is plenty of volume for specialty loads (incendiary, armour piercing and so on) that can be ballistically matched to the standard round. My friends, it truly feels good to be able to say this: our great Dakota Union now has a cartridge fit for a man. Edit (OOC note): so I'm a dumb-dumb in more ways than one, and needed a lot of background assistance from @Sturgeon to put together something that actually made requirements (kinda, sorta, almost). So a big thanks to him for taking the time to answer all my questions and provide feedback.
  4. Small boolit too small for wind catch so bal...balleee...bee-see no matter
  5. Having now delved into this issue a bit, the bias of the judging committee becomes clear. They are determined to snuff out the manly, big bore cartridge and replace everything with weak, womanly micro-bullets! Well, two can play at that game. Here is the 5x58mm PoS (Poodle Shooter); a cartridge designed specifically to wound small animals and burn up barrels: We considered other names: the 5x58mm WaNK (Wound and Not Kill), the .197 StFU (Stupid-small, Fast and Useless), the 19-55 Shamebringer and so on. We would be happy to elaborate on these monikers further should the committee so require. The bullet (barely more than a pellet) is turned brass, because we cannot imagine anyone wanting to make the fiddly tooling to jacket it. The case is lacquer-coated steel, so that soldiers can waste ammunition more easily without so much as having to stoop to pick up expensive brass. Proof that it fulfils the despicable requirements of the biased commitee is provided below (OOC note: the BC is based on the Berger 6.5mm 140gn VLD bullet, using 0.307 G7 BC): This includes the lower-velocity requirements: I think we scarcely need to provide proof that such a pathetic round meets the recoil requirements - simply give weapons to women and children and ask them for their opinion (OOC note: 3.8186). Penetration is... uh, acceptable (OOC note: 27 1/2" pine boards, stopping in the 28th at 600y using the lower-velocity test cartridge). Moving on: as to the economy of the round, the calculated value is 8.77 cents. This proves that, even when shooting such microscopic bullets, there is simply no value for money over the venerable M80! Given how expediently we intend our offering to be produced (because we intend to warn our government, not rob it), we cannot imagine that our competitors will do anything more than burn through tax-payer's money in their feckless pursuit of speed over power. A final word: know that we, the designers, have seen through this comical charade and are one step ahead! We have now bought into a barrel making and rifling tooling company, in the expectation of making a fortune on future government contracts for worn-out barrels when this contract is inevitably handed to one of the small-bore "iconoclasts" that litter this great city. In conclusion; we hope that the government of our great Dakota Union soon sees the light and kicks out the charlatans running this rigged competition out. Until then, we offer the 5x58mm PoS as a warning, and a plea to return to a more sensible procurement approach based on the stopping power of big bullets. Edit: so, as @Sturgeon pointed out, I done goofed up with the bullet's BC. When you use something more appropriate, the bullet actually fails on the energy requirement. Which is just more proof of the inferiority of micro bullets! Etc etc.
  6. Is this going to be one of those ones where, if you follow the requirements dilligently, you end up with something fast, in the 5-6mm range, shooting a long, skinny bullet? Because I've already specced out a 10mm fat fuck bullet based on an elongated 9x39mm, and I'm going to complain mightily to the board if my MANSTOPPER BIG BORE MAGNUM doesn't get the nod
  7. https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/a32369359/us-army-mmo-war-thunder/
  8. You build a small shrine to the crewmen of late-war German tanks and then get to work taking the outer suspension units off. Edit: I should say inner suspension units. Taking the outer units off would certainly make it easier though. This is made more complex by the fact that each swing arm actually has hydraulic cabling running through it, so you'd probably want to just run on flats until you can get back to depot and change out there. Sort of the same principle as modern MBTs and their torsion bars - if one breaks the most common thing is just to run on it until you have the option of going back in to have it properly looked at.
  9. A more aesthetic picture of my creation: I'm imagining shitty 90s toy commercial faux-rock playing in the background. Edit: here are some of the vital stats: Length: 26'3" (hull), 41'6" (gun forward) Width: 16'5" Height: 13'2" (top of commander’s cupola) Engine: 3 12-cylinder liquid-cooled turbodiesel, 2,368 ci displacement each, 2520hp total Transmission: hydraulic drive system, 120hp motors on each wheel Suspension: swing-arm, torsion bars/geared torsion bars PWR: 32.1hp/st loaded (note: due to inefficiencies, only around 25-26hp/st makes it to the ground) Ground clearance: 4'2" Max road speed: 56mph Max recommended offroad speed: 22mph Operational range (on road/offroad): 435mi/170mi Base hull thickness: Hull front: 2" sloped at 60' from the vertical Hull sides, rear, bottom, inner compartments: 1.5" Turret front: 5.9" sloped at 20' Turret sides: 1.5" sloped at 20' Mantlet: 6.1" Turret floor, roof: 0.8" Protection (ERA fitted, no fuel, KE/CE): Upper hull front: 12"/>39" RHA equivalent Upper hull sides (30’ arc): 14"/>39" RHA equivalent Upper hull sides (60’ arc): 5.9"/8.7" RHA equivalent Upper hull sides (90’): 4.9"/6.3" RHA equivalent Turret front: 10.6"/12.9" RHA equivalent Turret 30’ arc: 10.2"/29.5" RHA equivalent Turret sides (90’): 4.3"/4.3" RHA equivalent Turret ring diameter: 98.4" Main gun: 120mm L/60 medium-pressure gun Ammunition stowage: 52 rnds complete +22/-6 degree elevation (-12 if not facing forwards). Ammunition: 4.7x34.6" propellant charge (56.7lb max weight) AP (M358): 50.9lb, 3480ft/s, 11.8" RHA penetration at 110yd, 10.6" RHA penetration at 1090yd HEAT-FS (M469): 31lb, 3480ft/s, 15" RHA penetration (reduced charge propellant case) HEAT-FS (advanced): 31lb, 3480ft/s, 17.3" RHA penetration (reduced charge propellant case) HE (M356): 50.3lb (10.25lb fill), 2490ft/s, 1.8" RHA penetration (normal or reduced charge propellant case) APDS (tungsten core): 16.8lb, 4890ft/s, 14.2" RHA penetration at 110yd, 13.8" RHA penetration at 1090yd Secondary weapons: .50 cal coaxial MG (800 rnds) .50 cal loader’s MG (600 rnds) .50 cal commander’s MG (600 rnds)
  10. There's the option to build a wheeled death trap and I'm taking it. Don't worry though - I'm sure I'll get bored in a week's time and try to design a half-track that can do highway speeds or something. Edit: or a 60-tonne convertible drive tank.
  11. Tandem charges are tricky. The Mormon weapon sneaks through from the front (0.63"/16mm residual penetration into the fighting compartment) if shot at a very specific point on the upper hull. However, adding another 1.5"/38mm RHA spaced armour layer midway down the tunnels on either side of the driver (the most vulnerable area of the upper hull front) allows it to defeat the tandem HEAT pretty effectively across the entire 30' aspect. There's also a bit of growth potential in the design - around 9.7st (8.8mt) before the vehicle bumps over the loaded ground pressure requirement, with generous space in the hull front, hull sides, turret interior front and turret exterior sides for NERA. The final thing to note is that the dimensions of this thing are simply hilarious: 26'/2.9" (8m) long without the gun, 41'/6" (12.65m) with, 16'/4.9" (5m) wide and 13'/1.9" (4.01m) high. The Maxcat is house-sized, yet cramped. Edit: the turret is very tricky to work out, as the ERA is arranged at two angles and there's a lot of ways it can get hit. As near as I can tell a shot from the 2"/4" directly from the front and hitting the side panel ERA, turret skirt, air gap and front armour still gets in.
  12. While waiting for the competitors to continue their work, I got bored and decided to produce a design at the other end of the scale: This is the Maxcat, an experimental heavy wheeled AFV which uses a rather insane hydraulic drive system which uses three engines to power the 14 individually-articulating road wheels (each provided with hydraulic motor). The drive system is a power hog, and requires the use of an elaborate hydraulic control system to make it all work. The final wrinkle is that the inner set of wheels need a complex geared torsion bar system to provide the correct amount of travel using stubby torsion bars. The results are impressive, however: the Maxcat sports a 120mm/L60 gun with the same ballistics as the pre-war M58 (including a useful APDS round based on the one used in the old British L1A2), and has impressive survivability thanks to the large distances between the outer hull and the major components. The hull front has respectable KE resistance (260-350mm RHA equivalent depending on the angle and the region targeted) and frankly insane CE resistance (well over 1000mm of RHA equivalent in some places). The turret front is actually less protected over all, but still manages up to 270mm/750mm KE/CE resistance depending on the angle and area hit. The brow armour is also notable, and gets around 300mm/>1000mm KE/CE resistance against attacks from the front. The Maxcat weighs in at just under 70st unloaded, and hits the minimum range requirement by dint of six massive fuel tanks with a maximum capacity of just over 1150 gal. It hits 90km/h on roads, and will try to do the same offroad if the driver is foolish enough to open the throttle. With all of the above, the Maxcat is designed to be an MBT in all but name - meant to take on all comers head-on and win. It would probably be an expensive, resource-devouring maintenance queen at base, but while out in the field it would be an unholy terror to anything foolish enough to get in its way.
  13. Agreed. It would peel off HHS plates, but leave the base armour relatively unmolested.
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