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  1. Funny how total free market advocates, once in power, always end up balls deep in authoritarian corruption and anti-competitive oligarchy. I imagine that plasmodia have similar problems every time they try to end up in non-resistant hosts.
  2. Toxn

    Human genetics

    I find your lack of engagement with the content of the thread disturbing.
  3. Forwarding "We will fight until the last American" as the new NATO motto.
  4. Toxn

    Human genetics

    More on genetic research into intelligence: https://www.nature.com/articles/s41588-018-0152-6 This one is behind a paywall, so I can't say much about the methodology used (specifically; how diverse the sample population was and what metrics were used to determine intelligence). But a ~270 000 individual sample size is certainly a good start. Expect screening kits for the ~1000 genes identified in the study during your lifetime. In very similar news, a GWAS looking at educational attainment was done for a fairly diverse population (~20 000 individuals, all of european descent), and found some useful information: http://www.pnas.org/content/early/2018/07/03/1801238115 The first thing is that there do seem to be genes for success (the paper does not specify which genes, however), and they do measurably affect your overall success in life. The second is that your mom has a massive effect on your success - her polygenic score does more to determine your fate than yours does (probably due to environmental factors rather than epigenetic ones). So choose your mates wisely. All in all, its looking like we're rapidly entering an era where questions of nature/nurture shift again to more nature-based explanations. Which is where the local idiots (many of whom will, in fact, be well-educated and powerful) will start believing that genes are destiny again. Expect your local trust fund baby to bore you with talk about his superior genetics a decade from now.
  5. Toxn

    Human genetics

    The first humans probably arose from a whole cluster of interacting african populations: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2018/07/180711114544.htm
  6. Is it weird that the more he acts contrarian about traditional US foreign policy, the more I like him? Maybe he can tell Israel and the Saudis to fuck off, then start a tradition of treating every nation as having its own national interest rather than being divided into the immaculately good and the irredeemably bad.
  7. Best possible suspension system: hydropneumatic suspension coupled to a hydraulic transmission and hydraulic turret drive. The interior of the tank is a maze of high-pressure lines, and a leak anywhere stops the entire thing from working. Perfecting a system such as this could keep a large team of engineers safely away from the eastern front gainfully employed for years.
  8. This is looking a lot mors like local sunni-shia tensions becoming toxic, but honestly nobody knows whats happening yet.
  9. Things keep getting weirder: https://www.dailymaverick.co.za/article/2018-07-11-why-the-durban-explosions-should-be-taken-very-seriously/#.W0XPk7Dr3IU
  10. Toxn

    Britons are in trouble

    When you see the UK slowly reverting to a normal, peripheral middle power while still in denial about it:
  11. As someone trained extensively in the dark arts (ie: evolutionary theory), the above holds no terror for me. There are reasons why life didn't end the second parasitoid wasps evolved (awful though they are), and these will hold true for evolutionary algorithm-generated ads as well. More than that, all human-implemented evolutionary algorithms suffer from issues that the real thing doesn't, and I expect these to work against the aipocalypse as well.
  12. Toxn

    The UK Brave Space For Shitposting and Other Opinions Thread

    As someone who works in IP, I agree wholeheartedly.