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  1. Archery Thread

    That went way above my head In other news: simulations seem to show that steel limbs are shit, but it's hard to get a good answer because the dynamic sim wigs out and doesn't provide usable results for arrow velocity. Static sim seems to show that there's no way to get a steel limb close to it's tensile limit and still have a bow usable by humans, which leaves a lot of wasted mass in the limbs. Simulated crossbow limbs do better, but are realistically inefficient.
  2. He has statues? Also; aren't the tublr left supposed to be famous for eating their own?
  3. Considering how many hits I get for 'different kinds of racism' on google, I suspect you might owe me R1317.27 in today's money . Then again; a lot of the hits are from .co.za addresses, so maybe it's just more acceptable to discuss this stuff here? I like this as a concept though - because we need more terms for stuff. I'm going to think a bit and maybe make an 'add to the English language' thread. And if we have legit new users coming over specifically shout at me then I'll donate $100 to SH.
  4. Might it not be a chicken-and-egg issue? IE: having only one word is why there's usable confusion that can be politicised? Related: I also wonder a lot about how English has only one word for love - as that's a word that's pulling way too much conceptual weight as well.
  5. I really hope that that's not an accurate summary of what got taught.
  6. My limited experience is that politicians can multitask ITO things to make political hay out of.
  7. That's sort of a weird tangent to go on, unless the stated purpose of the statue removal was to lower the murder rate.
  8. I'll start carving epicanthic folds on the figures who make up the base mound.
  9. Slipping back into something approaching seriousness: this might actually be a good prediction to bookmark. I know that, on our side, Rhodes must fall begat fees must fall begat increasingly destructive action by an ever-smaller minority. So it's plausible. Edit: each cycle took about a year, so this might perhaps be a good timeline to string the predictions on.
  10. Trust me, the glorious conquest of your homeland will be significant. Plus the robes took forever to get right.
  11. Is this a universal urge? Can I finally find a safe place for my statue celebrating the conquest of America by the noble pan-African empire on your lawn? Cos, with Gaddafi gone, I'm really struggling to find a buyer. And this thing taking up most of my yard.
  12. Australian accent = mood killer for me. Caribbean accent, on the other hand...
  13. True, but... Coming from a country which was deeply and intentionally racist; I can't say that that's the only way to make a Nazi. Our way was (sort of still is, in some places) to seperate people of different races (however you want to define them that day) and then make damn sure that the 'lower' race is only allowed to exist in the most degraded, servile state you can achieve and only interacts with the 'higher' race on that basis. Then point to the kids in your group (ignore the fact that your policy is effectively a massive affirmative action and government welfare campaign for them) and tell them that they're special, better and deserve their station in life. Racism-racism (ie: the kind that almost everyone can agree on is racist) breeds where people of different creeds and cultures don't live amongst each other and never interact except at the end of weird power dynamics. Which is why gated communities, upmarket suburbs and the fucking EU have produced some of the most genuinely racist people I know. Worse; many of them are convinced that they have no racial issues, for the simple reason that they've never had their beliefs challenged. My $0.0014 (R0.02), of course.
  14. Archery Thread

    Anyone up for writing an optimisation program to work with this? https://bow-simulator.gitlab.io/
  15. Nice explanation - it's always much more useful to get something like a taxonomic approach rather than lumping everything into one basket. Though, as you say, it's anyone's guess as to what groups there are and what they believe. Fractal subcultures being one of the hallmarks of the internet age, after all.