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  1. Weird that the more we all agree on this, the more I suspect that it will get heaped with praise come release.
  2. Killing Pluto

    It was supposed to fly very low to the ground - well within gun range. So radar-guided flak is perfectly suited to the task and fits the time period. It was also perfectly capable of providing a lethal dose just by flying over you, so you might want your gunners to write letters home before taking up positions.
  3. I finally got around to watching Black Panther. It's not terrible*, but is weird to see a movie set in Africa but told almost wholly through an African-American lens. For instance; there's a scene where Killmonger is having this argument with T'challa about why Wakanda wasn't helping all the dispossessed people 'like us', and it's meant to be this gotcha that the African super-science kingdom is only looking after its own. But I kept thinking, who the fuck is 'us' here? I mean, I know pan-africanism is a thing. But I don't see too many South Africans (or Kenyans, or Nigerians) looking across the ocean and saying 'there are our people, suffering'. We honestly just don't give that much of a fuck about the plight of African-Americans (sorry guys, but its true) to spend much time worrying about whether we should set up an outreach program in Chicago or something. The sight of folk getting off the plane, kissing the ground and talking about 'coming home' is more likely to make us embarrassed than proud (especially since ORT is fucking far away from West Africa). Oh, and the CGI rhinos were terrible. For some reason hollywood just cannot get rhinos to look and move right. And watching a movie about a central African supersociety where they all speak Xhosa always tickles me. *Edit: I should not make this too negative, since I liked the movie fine. So, as a counterbalance, here are some of the things I enjoyed: - Decent, consistent characterisation on the part of the supporting cast - The wakandan city scenes (although gtfo with the dust roads) - The tech sat in a very nice spot in terms of looks - Andy Serkis almost nailed a Seff Effrican accent - A few Seff Effrican actors getting a paycheck. Although not the one guy playing one. Figures - The leader of the Jabari tribe was entertaining as a side character (and his office looked great. Lots of time to prepare for a meeting, I guess)
  4. Killing Pluto

    My understanding is that ICBMs killed SLAM by being faster, equally hard to intercept and much, much less ridiculous. In terms of actually targeting one: the calculations I've seen show that its producing measurable levels of ionizing radiation out to the horizon. So all you do is loft an array of balloons with directional radiation detection gear, triangulate the approach path and tell your AAA gunners to expect cancer in their futures.
  5. Mine was similar. "Oh hey, I see that my kindle keeps pushing this thing at me. And the reviews seem pretty positive. Maybe its decent?" Edit: the part where I'm going to become apoplectic is where everyone keeps pretending that this thing is some sort of amazing, groundbreaking experience for the next few years, before quietly 'recontextualising' it once the shine wears off. I'm expecting lots of humblebrags about how the writer overlooked the book/film's obvious flaws at the time because of some vaguely-explained zeitgeist-related thing; but have now come the mature conclusion that, upon reflection, it was more of a mixed bag than they remember. As if you couldn't see from space just how crap and pandering this thing is, and how blatantly it thinks it can buy our favour by throwing us 'I get that reference!' ego boosts the whole time.
  6. Yup. God damn but this book* deserves to be mocked as mercilessly as Twilight was. * I'm hoping the movie is a loose adaption, although chances are low in this case.
  7. Aerospace and Ordnance discussion/news.

    Fuck yes. Kinzhal is an even more baller name, though. The thing is, Ivan is a fucking genius. Can you imagine how hard the America-rah-rah crowd would be creaming their pants if a video came out showing a Standard missile hanging off of an F-15?
  8. I Learned Something Today

    TIL that some people think that the majority of black South Africans are descended from slaves brought in by the Dutch colonists...
  9. Yup, although there was a cost component as well. Pistol proofed half plate was totally a thing for a while.
  10. To be fair, that is about the most well-armoured spot on the whole cuirass. But that's also against a musket rather than a pistol.
  11. Have some respect. It's clearly post-post modernist, from the functionalist school.
  12. The difference between sharp and blunt weapons when dealing with fabric armours:
  13. How did this research turn into this headline?
  14. The Great War

    He'll have fun with some of the grotesque and gory special effects though.
  15. A really good summary article of mail development and effectiveness: https://myarmoury.com/feature_mail.html