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  1. Toxn

    European Union common defense thread

    I still haven't forgiven the French for being such cocks about regional wine trademarks (still better than the Australians, though). Bring it on, I say.
  2. Toxn

    European Union common defense thread

    Actually engaging with this thing for a bit, my take is that this is one of the situations where analogising nations as (utterly selfish) individuals works fine for understanding the dynamics at play. What the US 'wants' is an opponent (Russia) contained, an ally (the EU) pliant and not to bear any burden for either. So the US is pushed towards the logical but mutually contradictory position of wanting NATO to up funding without giving up any control. What France 'wants', by contrast, is a dangerous opponent (Russia) contained, political freedom of action and someone else (the US) paying for it all. Which is again mutually contradictory. Both have a mutual goal (contain Russia) but both are pushed by their wants to act in mutually contradictory and opposed ways. So the spat spins out in a fairly game theory-esque manner as they haggle towards the impossible. So I don't see either side as being illogical or acting stupidly here. They're being leaders in the intended sense of expressing their nation's desires and acting in it's self-interest.
  3. Toxn

    European Union common defense thread

    Like, they don't get any from the other side or they don't have the capacity for nuance?
  4. Toxn

    European Union common defense thread

    "Stop trying to wriggle out from under our thumb!"
  5. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/08/us/shooting-california-thousand-oaks.html Ex-marine, apparently.
  6. Toxn

    Bash the J-20 thread.

    The Chinese seem to be producing good-looking birds lately.
  7. Is that a stepped hull? What is this, 1936?
  8. Toxn

    I Learned Something Today

    Farming is a hell of a drug. Also, life was apparently pretty miserable in the bronze age, then actually got better around the collapse.
  9. Toxn

    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    Agreed and seconded. I think this puts an entirely new spin on being
  10. I thought not being on social media was a sign that you weren't a degenerate millenial. So perhaps it's a requirement for ownership? With the exception of Facebook, of course, because your gramma and grampa are on there so of course it's wholesome.
  11. Because the average American voter would rather drink their own piss than vote anothet Clinton or Bush into office?
  12. Maybe he's a confused time traveller come to see the waning days of the Trump monarchy?
  13. Toxn

    NODS are bad, urrrgh

    Sophisticated "telescopic sights" allow you to see a target over a kilometre away.