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  1. So, WoT/WoW vs WT/WTGF... I know it's been hashed out before, but I'd kind of like to discuss it from a design/play perspective instead a whine/wish-fulfilment fantasy one (background reading). For my money, WT is enjoyable but commits some of the cardinal sins of the Free-to-play/pay-to-win model. There is an obscene level of grinding, along with ridiculous advantages for the lucky few who can afford to sink a fortune into it. Don't even get me started on premium vehicles. On the other hand; it's hella pretty, realistic/simulation battles are my thing and the pacing is slow enough so that my ridiculous lag doesn't make me too uncompetitive. WoT, on the other hand, is a more polished online game; with better balance (yes really) and more tactical play than 'point at thing, click button'. Additionally, I feel that WoT is the better model for free-to-play: less pandering to whales and less obvious money-sinks means that the player base is likely to remain bigger and more active than WT. I'd value your thoughts here, on the strict basis that this doesn't generate into another whine/gloat thread.
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    General AFV Thread

    I took a few, but it's nothing particularly new.
  3. Toxn

    General AFV Thread

    Thanks! I was actually at AAD this year - I just never got around to posting photos.
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    Archery Thread

    It turns out that the answer to 'how do you tiller reflex recurve bows?' is 'very carefully'.
  5. I dunno, man. One of the weird hallmarks of full-on communism is that their technical education and healthcare is good. So you have people with PhDs in otherwise good health queing up for bread and toilet paper. By contrast; I haven't heard anything about that part of the US producing great scientists, engineers or composers in the last while. And my understanding is that the healthcare system is about as (dys)functional there as anywhere.
  6. See, I never considered that. Other people from the US can weigh in about whether that was the message they recieved, since I'm not primed to pick up the signals and all politics is local.
  7. That's fine. I mean, I am curious but this is a public forum and you may have NDAs etc to think about in addition to not wanting to talk about your former employer.
  8. Thanks. So I'm correct in thinking that he wasn't threatening to veto it because he had grave concerns about military spending being unsustainable and out of control? Edit: the quotes are to provide some context.
  9. So I'm loathe to jump into the cesspit of US politics any more than I need to (I have my own cesspit to play in, thank you very much), but this just seems... confusing: http://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/25269/trump-is-alarmed-by-his-own-defense-spending-and-he-should-be Where do you get to the point where you're bemoaning a policy you yourself instituted a short while prior? I mean; besides they strange optics and how it feeds into the 'Trump is senile' narrative, it just seems weird on a human level not to at least acknowledge your decision by justification (eg: "I thought it was a great idea but it went wrong/the bad people ruined it"), even if you can't own up to making a mistake directly.
  10. This forum is for terrible movies; reviews and discussion thereof. As 'terrible' is a bit subjective, I urge all posters not to be big whiny babies just because somebody insulted your favourite bad movie. Instead, let's celebrate that such ungainly creatures can exist at all and then dissect and eat them for our collective pleasure.
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    General news thread

    That's starting to look a lot like two seperate nations...
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    Competition Suggestions

    So this suggestion comes from my dad, who avidly followed the last competition: Wheeled Death Traps 1943 Tanks are expensive and complex (not to mention slow and fuel-hogs), so why not try to do more with less? The competition would be to design a wheeled or half-track vehicle (the latter with the correct justifications obviously) to replace light and medium tanks in some roles. The design must include a fully fleshed-out APC variant, with other variants (command vehicles, recovery vehicles, SPGs, SPAAGs) being a welcome bonus. The criteria are as follows: - Maximum weight: 30 tonnes - Protection: armour at least 50mm RHA equivalent LoS across the frontal arc and 15mm across sides and rear. Armour of greater than 75mm LoS across frontal arc and 20mm across sides and rear preferred. - Firepower: cannon of at least 40mm in calibre, at least 1 machinegun. Main weapon system must at least be capable of accurately engaging and penetrating medium tanks fielded by enemy nations at a 30' angle from the side. Suggested values are at least 60mm RHA LoS at combat ranges (~500m). The preferred level of penetration is ~100mm @ 500m. - Mobility: power/weight ratio of at least 10kW/t. Speeds of at least 60km/h (on road) and 30km/h (off road). Ground clearance of at least 40cm. Range of at least 200km. Ground pressure must be less than 200kPa with penetration of at most half the wheels into the mud/sand/snow. Ground pressures of less than 150kPa with penetration of less than 1/4 of the wheels preferred. - Tactical: vehicle should be easy to service and maintain. Special features to increase the reliability of the vehicle or allow servicing using a minimum of specialised equipment would be highly favoured. - Strategic: vehicle should use a minimum of strategically valuable resources (copper, aluminium, rubber) and be designed for mass production. Features which simplify production or replace complex/rare components with simple/common ones would be highly favoured. - Technological: technology is limited to that available (or in development) in 1943. Speculative technology (eg: the development of a new gun or engine for the project) can be employed where suitable justifications are given. - Timeline: the vehicle must be developed with an eye towards full-scale production by mid-1944. Justifications should be given as to how production would be achieved in the nation chosen. Variants other than the base vehicle and APC can be produced after full production has started. - Other: must include a capable radio set. APC variant must be able to carry at least 8 soldiers (+kit) in addition to the crew. Crew comfort features (especially those enabling long-duration missions in very cold or very hot climates) would be highly favoured. Judging can be as normal, or according to any of the schemes advanced above.
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    Directed Energy Weapons Repository

    So a completely frivolous example, but I was quite pleased to run the numbers on optically-pumped lasers and realise that your average solar-thermal tower setup could conceivably be converted into a megawatt-class laser. I feel like this would be a form of solar power that everyone could get behind.
  14. Toxn

    Directed Energy Weapons Repository

    We'll leave it to the admins, but for my money atomic rockets is great as an introduction to a fairly arcane field. Ironically; I relied on it (and Luke Campbell's site) for my game-related stuff.
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    UAV thread

    I don't know how we don't have a UAV thread already, but here we are. Post pictures, news etc about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to your heart's content.
  16. Toxn

    Directed Energy Weapons Repository

    http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/spacegunconvent.php Read the whole thing because it's gold, but go to 'laser cannon' for the laser stuff. http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/sidearmenergy.php Laser sidearms.
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    UAV thread

    Not strictly speaking UAVs, but interesting nonetheless.
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    Competition: Tank Design 2239

    So as a side project, I kept working on a vehicle which was capable of fulfilling all the requirements at once. This is what I came up with: Note: some of the detailing is missing. Specifically the turret lift eyes and ventilation port. The rear hull also needs a bit of a rework to be more accessible for maintenance. XM20 “Twenty tonner” General Length: 5.8m (hull) 8.00m or 9.25m (gun forward) Width: 1.675m (hull), 3.18m (total) Height: 1m (hull), 0.75 (turret), 2.2m (to top of commander's hatch), 2.4m to top of commander's periscope Turret ring diameter: 160cm Ground clearance: 0.46m Weight: 20 tonnes combat loaded Crew: 4 (commander, gunner, loader, driver) Armour Upper hull front: 104mm LoS (55mm RHA @ 58’) Lower hull front: 96mm LoS (55mm RHA @ 53’) Hull side forward: 75mm Hull side rear: 45mm Hull rear: 25mm Hull roof: 20mm Hull floor: 15mm Turret front: 115mm LoS (100mm RHA @ 30’) Internal mantlet: 100mm Turret side forward: 76mm LoS (75mm RHA @ 10') Turret side rear: 76mm LoS (75mm RHA @ 10') Turret rear: 50mm Turret roof forward: 117mm LoS (40mm RHA @ 70’) Turret roof rear: 20mm Weapons 65mm L/50 cannon: Cartridge dimensions: 65x595mm, 94mm at base APHE: 4.3kg @ 940m/s, ~130mm @ 500m APCR: 2.4kg @ 1260m/s, ~190mm @ 500m HE: 4.2kg @ 700m/s ME: 1.95MJ Vertical movement: -12’/+30’ 60 rounds stowed (30 in blow-off storage in turret, 30 in blow-off storage in hull left of driver) M240 machinegun (coaxial, 1200 rounds stored) Automotive Engine: 32.3l, 430HP/308kW V10 diesel (V-2-34 derivative) Internal fuel tanks: 450l stored in tank on driver's left External fuel tanks: 130l stored in tanks on hull rear Power/weight: 16kW/t Max speed: 70km/h on road, 45km/h off road Range: 580km on road, 300km on road Misc: Commander's transistor radio in turret bustle. Loader and commander's hatch are rotatable and have 3 periscopes. The front periscope can be trained up and down +/-30'. The hatches include azimuth indicators to simplify guidance to targets. The gunner's main sight is stabilised in one axis and comprises a unity sight and magnified sight component. The sight can move as far as the gun in the vertical. The magnified sight has multiple reticles (mounted in a revolver-style arrangement) which can be moved into position to provide the correct reticle for a given shell type. The gunner's secondary sight is a telescopic sight mounted next to the gun. It has a combination reticle with markers for the APHE and HE shell types only. The gun is stabilised in one axis. The gun includes an azimuth and elevation indicator to simplify gun laying. The gun mount can accept a gunner's quadrant for indirect fire. The turret is electrically traversed and can attain speeds of up to 30 degrees per second. The traverse mechanism includes a low-speed setting, high-speed setting and manual traverse for fine gun laying. The main gun is rifled and has a thermal sleeve and bore evacuator. The suspension is of the torsion bar type. The LRS-2 laser rangefinder (described earlier) can be mounted to the gun. The TBC-3A electronic ballistic computer and associated IAPO-3 sight (described earlier) can be retrofitted to the vehicle. The IAPO-3 sight replaces the magnified primary sight. Description The twenty tonner is the result of ruthless weight-saving and component optimisation in order to fulfil both the light and medium tank requirements. It is designed around the concept of long-range patrols, deep strike operations and offensive sweeps, and is built to be fast, reliable and economic. The twenty tonner achieves some of its light weight by restricting crew dimensions. Drivers cannot be taller than 1.68m; while loaders and commanders cannot be taller than 1.75m. The hull and drivetrain components are mainly derived from the T-55 series of vehicles, with the hull shortened by ~160mm and considerably narrowed in order to accommodate the smaller turret ring. The engine is a diesel V10 unit whose starting point was a V-2-34 engine with the first two cylinders removed. All of the automotive components are designed around a maximum weight of 30 tonnes to provide a generous margin for upgrades. The turret is of welded construction, and has spare capacity to fit a weapon in the 3MJ class if needed. The 65mm gun is a high-velocity weapon selected for its compact dimensions, compact ammunition, rapid fire rate and good performance. The standard APHE is capable of dealing with all commonly-encountered threats at combat ranges, while the APDS presently in development is expected to provide penetration performance of ~200mm RHA at range. This level of performance should ensure that the 65mm remains viable against even heavy tanks for the foreseeable future. The armour package of the twenty tonner is designed to provide protection against the most commonly-encountered threats on the the battlefield. Although it cannot go toe-to-toe with heavier vehicles directly, its potent gun allows it to penetrate most enemies frontally at combat ranges. The optics and fire control arrangements are expected to aid target acquisition and improve first-round hit probability - allowing the twenty tonner to win engagements by fixing and destroying enemies rather than trying to slug it out directly. To this end crews should be selected for initiative, independence of thought, aggression and good technical competence. All in all, the twenty tonner is expected to be able to fulfil multiple roles in the battlefield, allowing many different types of vehicle (scout vehicles, light tanks and medium tanks) to be combined into a 'universal' design.
  19. So there's been this sudden spate of marxist and pseudo-marxist op-eds that kind of capture something real and generally unspoken about some big phenomena, but then either fumble the insight by cramming it into the standard problems of marxist thought or wrap it up in obnoxious language that seems designed to drive away anyone who hasn't absorbed their particular and obtruse phraseology (or create gaping holes in peripheral arguments that allow any critics able to so much as read to dismiss the correct/interesting insight by its proximity to the faulty/stupid stuff). This is one on why the Saudis keep getting away with things: https://warisboring.com/theres-one-reason-america-refuses-to-hold-saudi-arabia-responsible-for-murder/
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    This thread is dedicated to interesting zoological oddballs and, both past and present.
  21. I made a model of the T-34M: Astute viewers will notice that the commander's cupola is wrong - it's supposed to be a T-50 cupola rather than the T-34/85 model I stuck on. Rivet counters will notice that the exhausts don't have the crazy bolt arrangement they should have (and are kind of the wrong shape), the front hooks are missing, the radio antenna is missing, the hull periscopes are missing, and that the turret periscopes are of the wrong type.
  22. 4D guns would be nuts: