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  1. So, WoT/WoW vs WT/WTGF... I know it's been hashed out before, but I'd kind of like to discuss it from a design/play perspective instead a whine/wish-fulfilment fantasy one (background reading). For my money, WT is enjoyable but commits some of the cardinal sins of the Free-to-play/pay-to-win model. There is an obscene level of grinding, along with ridiculous advantages for the lucky few who can afford to sink a fortune into it. Don't even get me started on premium vehicles. On the other hand; it's hella pretty, realistic/simulation battles are my thing and the pacing is slow enough so that my ridiculous lag doesn't make me too uncompetitive. WoT, on the other hand, is a more polished online game; with better balance (yes really) and more tactical play than 'point at thing, click button'. Additionally, I feel that WoT is the better model for free-to-play: less pandering to whales and less obvious money-sinks means that the player base is likely to remain bigger and more active than WT. I'd value your thoughts here, on the strict basis that this doesn't generate into another whine/gloat thread.
  2. Toxn

    Bash the F-35 thred.

    Innovative production process for the X-32: https://imgur.com/gallery/Gl8Bo
  3. Toxn

    Bash the F-35 thred.

    Guppy plane best plane.
  4. This forum is for terrible movies; reviews and discussion thereof. As 'terrible' is a bit subjective, I urge all posters not to be big whiny babies just because somebody insulted your favourite bad movie. Instead, let's celebrate that such ungainly creatures can exist at all and then dissect and eat them for our collective pleasure.
  5. Toxn

    Tank Layout

    It should be a bit better than improvised solid armour, because it won't transmit the shock wave very well and uses up a significant amount of energy in dispersion. If you mean instead that its mainly a psychological comfort rather than something practical, I think you should remember that explosive injuries are less all-or-nothing than kinetic ones. Anything you do to disperse or redirect the blast and associated shockwave results in less injuries. Sling seats, for instance, have been shown to have a measurable effect in reducing blast injuries despite doing very little to directly protect the occupants of the vehicle. Instead they function by providing a few more centimetres of standoff and lowering transmission of the shockwave through the body.
  6. Toxn

    Tank Layout

    If you run over a mine, the wheel is the first thing that gets blown up by it. Filling the tire with water means that part of the explosion's energy is spent in moving all that water mass out of the way before it gets to the hull. So, uh, sacrificial dampening I guess.
  7. Toxn

    Tank Layout

    I know that it was/is common practice to fill the tires of vehicles with water and stack sandbags on the hull floor specifically to act as shock absorbtion.
  8. I dunno about brighter futures, although I agree that we seem to have gotten the cyberpunk future without any of the cool neural interfaces. My abiding impression was that the thesis if cyberpunk (beyond its fascination with cool setpieces) is that people are pretty much scum and the future is just the worst aspects of the past plus dangerously powerful technologies that its users barely control. From memory: Snow crash ended with a meme virus almost killing off humanity and a major american city almost getting nuked because a crazy pedo russian gangster somehow had access to one. The diamond age ended with a random white kid leading the second boxer rebellion because one guy fucked with the programming of a super-advanced educational computer. Also, nano-pollution is so bad that anyone not living under a dome dies at 30. Humanity also splits into hereditary ethnic enclaves. Finally; neuromancer has a future dominated by a really grody version of hereditary aristocratics, and ends with a super-advanced AI being born and essentially overtaking humanity as the dominant species on the planet.
  9. Toxn

    Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    I thought that one of the reasons for prop seaplanes was that the engines did not like seawater and tended to break if they got hit by too much spray. Prop clearance was also an issue where waves were concerned.
  10. Superceramics in high strength polymer matrix, against a carbon fibre/graphene composite hull, with a kevlar spall liner. Or, you know, layers of rubber and steel.
  11. Toxn

    Bash the F-35 thred.

    I shall be released?
  12. Horses are effort though. Horse and carriage uber I can totally see working. Edit: I'm actually remarkably okay with this - I think that building a city around rail and mostly non-ic transport would honestly be a step forward for urban spaces. And it would make for charming cities, since I'll only ever come to costa rica as a tourist.
  13. Toxn

    I Learned Something Today

    The boring practical issue with no yaw control (for me, at least) is that your landing approach becomes an all-or-nothing affair. Better hope your approach is perfect or you get to play a rousing game of dip the wing into the tarmac. For most other purposes bank-and-yank seems to work fine for me.
  14. Toxn

    North Korea, you so crazy!

    Wait, how are they dismantling their nuke program?
  15. Part 6 of a multi-part series. Some kind of goofy mutant and an America-mobile. A duck and a ferret. Saracen Ratel 20. Eland 90, aka the Noddy car. Eland 60, sans 60mm mortar. Crazypants Italian armoured car. I honestly have no idea which end is the front and which end is the back. Granddaddy armoured car. Our first attempt at a locally-made armoured car. This is where we caught the wheeled death trap bug. Attempt the second. The Boys anti-tank rifle is missing. Attempt the third. The Brits had finally gotten tired of the 2 pounder, so of course we snapped them up and stuck them into our wheeled death traps. Attempt 4. Now we're really getting into it. I think that that's a 6-pounder, but I could be wrong. The G6. This is what happens if you let us work on the same thing for too long. Eventually you end up with a house-sized monster armed with a howitzer.
  16. A pretty good channel:
  17. Toxn

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    Chafee really is good for its tier. Pity that I suck with it. I have more luck with Cromwells, though. Lord knows why.
  18. Toxn

    I Learned Something Today

    TIL that the 'pitching wunderwaffe to Hitler to stay away from the Eastern front' joke was real: https://boingboing.net/2018/05/03/secret-nazi-experimental-plane.html Edit: it gets even better when I think about how many people wet themselves over the 'stealth characteristics' of the Horten. I wish my bullshit projects could get such adoration!
  19. Toxn

    Explosive Reactive Armor

    I also realised that the simple countermeasure to both the jet precursor and hyperjet is an actively triggered ERA tile, which just isn't the hardest thing to do anymore. My thinking would be that you'd have a sensor plate in front of the main ERA assembly, seperated by an air gap. The sensor plate would trigger the ERA (with an appropriate delay) when penetrated. Use two sensor plates, and you can also set a velocity threshold below which the ERA will not be triggered. Use a small radar system and you can dispense with the sensor plate/s.
  20. Toxn

    Explosive Reactive Armor

    Interesting, although I see that the designs that they tested seem to have had issues with the secondary jet turning into hot plasma and not doing too much actual penetration. I suspect a more modern simulation regime could optimise the design a lot, though.
  21. Now that would be a YouTube video worth watching...
  22. Part 3 in a multi-part series. Anglo-zulu era Boer war era. Assegais and throwing spears. African and Indian weapons jumbled together. African daggers and knives. San arrows. WW1. The ballistic vest on the top left actually caught one in combat. Percussion brown bess! This has been C&Rsenal - South Africa edition. This has been Forgotten Weapons - South Africa edition. A bunch of kids here were excited to see the 'sniper guns' and talked about how far they could shoot. Italian stuff. The cadet rifle and the swishy thing are the most interesting to me.
  23. Part 5 of a multi-part series. This one's got the goods. Sherman and firefly. Early crusader. Early Valentine. The British really went through a phase where they slapped 2 pounders onto everything. Father. Son. Holy ghost. Comet, aka Hipster Centurion. Centurion, aka The entire History of South African tanks post-WW2. T-shirt cannon Churchill. Combat engineers get no respect. This thing is tiny and has an insane steering system. Somehow this thing is even smaller. Those twin barrels are for a flamethrower of some sort, because the Italians were world-class optimists.