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  1. I think the Marauder is in game, but none of the others. I know that a lot of the unseen mechs eventually became reseen after some careful copyright-circumventing redesigns a few years back. On another note: I finally managed to get a Kintaro put together. Although I don't like how it looks aesthetically, it's just really hard to argue against 4xSRM6 plus full armour...
  2. So I've been playing the recent Battletech game a bit, and I have thoughts. Background: I've played quite a bit of Megamech (no tabletop, sadly - not enough folk doing tabletop games in general around here) and generally go for no-mech builds because fuck your giant robots. The game disappoints me by having a 4-mech lance limit, so lights are even more useless than normal. This is made even worse by every scenario involving you being outnumbered. So no mass tactics or manoeuvre tactics for you, mechwarrior. So you're all but doomed to having big, heavy, slow, armour-bas
  3. Go wild - there is no limit on entries (beyond my patience and the bounds of good taste), so put your sensible idea up with your wacky one.
  4. This is the competition entry thread. Please submit your complete entries here (all entries will be judged complete when judging begins in the first week of November) and keep the other competition thread for discussion and chatter. Once judging is complete I will make a post here to discuss the entries and announce a winner. Best of luck!
  5. I think we have enough to get this train wreck arolling... Good luck gents - I'll leave this thread open for discussion/WIP entries and make a thread for final entries. Judging will happen on the first week of November, and any entries you have in the final entry thread will count so don't be shy to put something up there.
  6. Don't forget Italian equipment in general. You are allowed to use your own guns, after all...
  7. I think production only re-started in 1943 (only around 1000 were produced before then), and it's too obviously useful for the Germans to just sell off captured stock. Same goes for the 76mm M1936, the reworked version thereof (7.62 cm FK 36(r)) and and the ZIS-3. The meta reason, of course, is that I don't want you all to have access to an 'easy' upgunning option . Edit: and before anyone asks, Pak 40, KwK 40 and up are off limits as being "too modern" to either sell or licence, although you are welcome to the ammo designs.
  8. Licenced production yes, sale no. Production licences are also available for all ammunition currently in German use (ie: non-experimental), although no strategic materials (copper, tungsten) or products will be sold to Italy.
  9. Under the clarified criteria, the tank to beat is now the M3 Stuart and the role is shifted towards a light tank rather than a tank hunter. The weapons to defend against are principally the 37mm guns M3 and M6, M1 Bazooka, M2 Browning and M1 75mm Pack Howitzer. Edit: I do expect anyone ballsy enough to pick the T-28 to make a Sherman-equivalent though.
  10. This isn't intended to be a days-long exercise. You should be able to knock together a quick picture (even just a rough shoop) and description within an hour or two.
  11. These are all good comments, so I've had the a think on the underlying purpose of the competition. The inspiration was the battle of Gela, where R35s were pressed into Italian service and, used quickly and en mass, managed to punch well above their weight. Partly this was because the heavy stuff wasn't available to the allies - the counter-attack was launched quickly enough so that the Renaults were facing 37mm guns and bazookas. And partly it was due to the sheer balls-to-the wall bravery of the tank crews, who drove unsupported through naval gunfire and into the town armed with h
  12. Any info on the A11? Mass, dimensions, performance, pictures and the like?
  13. As mentioned in the suggestion thread: when considering armament (or other components) you can choose from those provided weapons, plus any Italian equipment you want (so long as there's enough of it to go around) and anything else you can justify. Note that the further you get from off the shelf and commonly available, the more convincing the justification needs to be.
  14. You can choose from these, plus any Italian weapons you want (so long as there's enough of them) and anything else you can justify. Note that the further you get from off the shelf, the more convincing the justification needs to be.
  15. You are an engineer at an Italian locomotive and tractor-making company in early 1943. The writing is on the wall for the Italian army in North Africa, with a lot of equipment having been lost and the enemy on the brink of kicking the axis out of Tunisia and then heading across the Mediterranean. In short, things are looking more than a little desperate. However, all is not lost. Il Duce himself has stepped in and, with the assistance of the Germans, procured both some of their finest captured vehicles for use in the upcoming defense of the homeland. Since many of these vehicles h
  16. Indeed. How about this: I'll put up the detailed post as a seperate topic and include a voting option to gauge interest (eg: if x number of people respond with a grapefruit then it's on). I'm happy to pull the trigger on a mini-comp so long as I know it'll have at least three finalised entries (which means you need something like a minimum of 5-6 participants).
  17. There definitely has to be a French Panthers iteration.
  18. So I'm planning to kill this thing in the crib and have the first iteration be: "You're an Italian company in WW2 and, since the Germans just dumped a bunch of captured French tanks and equipment on Il Duce and all the bigger (by Italian standards anyway) manufacturers are busy, you get picked to fix the foreign stuff up for use in the field. Pick one of the tanks provided and fix it to suck less, bearing in mind that you have limited production capacity and cannot propose major new components without explaining where they'll come from. Also this is 1943, so your tanks
  19. Mini-competition suggestion: fix-a-tank Contestants will be given an existing, flawed AFV design (or a selection to choose from), as well as a country and a time period. They will then be asked to propose modifications, reworks, conversions or fixes to improve the design or modify it for a specific task. The submission should include one or more drawings or blueprints, a description of the modified vehicle and a description of how the modifications would be accomplished.
  20. I can't remember if I've posted these already. Still good though...
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDLEgELhK6I
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