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  1. Syrian conflict.

    small advances in Jobar
  2. Syrian conflict.

  3. Syrian conflict.

  4. Don't know if it should be posted in Jihad design burear thread or Airsapce part of forum... ISIS-made drone with aiming cameras and bombs landed/was landed in Deir EzZor
  5. Syrian conflict.

    Different footage, including MP working in de-escalation zones
  6. Documents Confirm The US Already Delivered Lethal Weapons To Ukraine (Exclusive) .... Basically an RPG-7 clones. Are Ukrainian in such condition that they can't make RPG-7 by themselfs?
  7. Non-exploding infantry hardware thread.

    China also jumping on 4 eyed SFs train.
  8. Syrian conflict.

    Shoigu said that de-blockade of Deir EzZor is going to be a point of no-return for ISIS and essentially a victory over it.
  9. Syrian conflict.

    gonna catch them all Arrows in the center shows active advances, Tiger forces pushed from the north today and took Al-Koum.