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  1. LoooSeR

    What are we playing?

    Ohh, and old gag.
  2. LoooSeR

    Bash the F-35 thred.

    IIRC they just repost what Wael posted on his twitter account. There are no other sources and no other reports that i saw. And Wael is not reliable source of info.
  3. LoooSeR

    What are we playing?

    SCC deleted, so no more screenshot spamming from it. Although i still have plenty for a review. After that i will try to do Metro:LL Depo level short comparison with... FEAR. Yes. And AI of bad guys (predictably).
  4. Heh, Pussy Riot, political hipster whores. After first scandal about them IIRC Yandex (popular search site in Russia, biggest Google competitor here) highest search option about Pussy Riot was "what it means", lol.
  5. LoooSeR

    Syrian conflict.

    Jordan, bought probably by Saudis for their Syrian clients.
  6. LoooSeR

    Syrian conflict.

    Deraa-Idlib bus line is opened for all FSA trash Don't forget to leave all heavy weapons to SAA personal before using GreenBus Bashar lines Ltd.
  7. https://vk.com/kalashism?w=wall-160278262_1083 Only 1 prototype made, but there was problems with mags and Chinese AK were probably cheaper to buy.
  8. https://vk.com/kalashism?w=wall-160278262_1072 Weapon made in some Pakistan village, based on Sten
  9. http://zakupki.gov.ru/223/purchase/public/purchase/contractInfo/view-documents.html?contractInfoId=729953&purchaseId=2356767 From official docs - Kornet ATGM carrier/launcer vehicle is in development on BMD-4 chassis, very likely for VDV. System called "Kornet-D1-BMGSh"
  10. LoooSeR

    General AFV Thread

    https://andrei-bt.livejournal.com/896287.html Kaplan chassis for medium tank being tested vs mines
  11. Pantsir-S1 of the armed forces of Algeria.
  12. LoooSeR

    Syrian conflict.

  13. Near Nassib Syria-Jordan border crossing point, SAA captured AMB-S that was filled with anti-tank mines and was to be used as VBIED
  14. LoooSeR

    Syrian conflict.